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Schizo:Geri's Exclusive biography of Geri Halliwell.


 Geri was offered a job as a dancer in a club in Majorca. She flew to Majorca in March 1991. One of the dancers with Geri showed her the nude photo-shoot she had been in. Geri was impressed. It was not pornographic material but instead it was artistic. Geri decided to be in a photo-shoot with Sebastian Amengual. When Geri got back to London she decided to test the 'Glamour Modeling' and she went to an agency that a friend from Majorca recommended. Geri began attending to different kinds of castings... 

After that Geri decided to pose for the Page-3 in The Sun. She went to the Beverly Goodway studio. Geri was not featured in the Sun's page 3. Her agency told her that she was fat. Food became an issue in Geri Halliwell's life. Geri was always worrying about looking fat.

Geri traveled to Spain. When she was back in the UK she met a guy called Sean. Six months after that they were living together. Sean seemed to care about Geri and seemed not to be bothered by Geri's work as a model. AS Geri began feeling fat she became bulimic. She used to eat all she wanted and then go to the toilet and vomited. She was not happy with herself, She was not who she wanted to be. Her self-esteem was very low. 

In the meantime Geri was still working with the same agency. In 1992 the agency needed 6 models/dancers to open a nightclub in Patras, Greece. Geri was told that she was going to have a great accommodation and great payment. Nothing was true. As soon as they arrived in Greece they realized how cheap the place was, The boss wouldn't let them go back. Geri and her friends had to escape. They needed to get back to the UK before their boss realized they had escaped. They arrived in London in October 1992.

Geri was not happy anymore with Glamour Modeling, She decided to change and began going to other kinds of auditions. She went to The Kit Kat Club audition but she was not chosen. Meanwhile her agency found her a job in Turkey as a hostess in a show called 'Let's make a deal'. Geri's job consisted on opening doors for the contestants and saying 'A fridge, I love that fridge'. According to Geri the job was pretty easy you'd only have to love the things that appeared behind the doors like you've never loved anything before. Geri recorded a season of the show and then went back to the UK.

Back in the UK, Geri kept on looking for fantastic jobs opportunities. Once she read in the stage and advert about a new British film. They were looking for the main character. It turned out being a pervert man who only wanted to have girls to dance with him. Another of Geri's opportunities came soon after. Her agency had gotten her an interview with a TV boss called Hari. Geri and Hari began talking about business and Geri quite liked him. Hari was a very rich man and he wanted to marry Geri. Geri didn't love him but then all the things Geri's mother had said came to her head. "Geri marry a rich man". Geri didn't want to marry Hari though.

Sean and Geri were still living together. Geri convinced a gym manager to let her work as an aerobics instructor. Later on that year Geri saw an ad in The Stage looking for a hostess for the Disney Club. It later became a disaster and she was rejected... Still with the idea of being on TV Geri saw that channel 4 was about to launch a new programme called Trash talk. Geri had to send a video showing that she was the one. Later she received a letter from Channel 4 asking her if they could play her tape on the big breakfast. Geri couldn't watch the Big breakfast that day but her step-sister Karen taped it for her. When Geri saw it she felt completely disappointed and embarrassed. Her tape was one of the worst tapes that have been sent and all she was doing in the video was saying 'OK'.

Geri recorded a pilot for a new TV cable channel called LIVE! TV. She had to do a part called Fashion Police. The TV show in Turkey was being very successful. Geri was called to go back. But this time they wanted the show to be a 'live show' It meant that Geri had to flight every Friday to turkey and then on Monday she went back to the UK.

One morning max, Geri's brother, went to her literature class and told her that Laurence had died. Geri felt absolutely sad. Sadness fulfilled Geri. She had lost one of the things she loved the most.

After that Geri stopped eating. Karen and Natalie were pressuring her to eat more. Geri then became anorexic. She would eat just one or two apples a day.

Losing her father was one of the worst thing that could ahve ever happened to Geri Halliwell. AS time passed by Geri quit her job as a TV hostess in Turkey and went back to London. Geri felt so lonely and depressed all the time. She kept going to audition and kept getting rejections.... Until....