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Schizo:Geri's Exclusive biography of Geri Halliwell.


 As Geri grew older her dream of being famous grew stronger. Her new idol Madonna was the living prove that dreams come true. As Geri couldn't afford to buy the singles or albums she used to tape her favorite songs from the radio and sing along those songs using her hair brush as if it was the microphone. 

The teenage girl was becoming wilder and unstoppable. Geri used to lie to her mother on where she was going. She'd say she was at a friend's house but she was really hanging up in a park. Geri's mother would occasionally caught her. When Geri wasn't allowed to do what she wanted she'd just escape. Once her mother found her sneaking out of the window of brought her back in by grabbing her hair. Geri's mother wouldn't allow her to do the things she wanted, instead she'd say " Sorry Geri, You can do all that when you're sixteen".

Geri and Natalie used to have big fights as normal sister do. Their biggest fight was when Geri was 15 or 16. According to Natalie. It happened in Spain during a festival. Geri was uncontrollable then.

Money had become a big problem in Geri's life. She needed more money to buy clothes and the stuff she liked if she really wanted to be as the material girl. Geri's first job was the newspapers deliver. It ended up in disaster. In the summer Geri would sell ice cream in Covert Garden . She got great tips because people felt sorry for the little girl carrying the huge tray.

Boys were still a mystery to Geri at the age of 14. Geri had no breasts then and boys are always looking for women with big breasts. In The Grammar school Geri felt trapped and she wanted to release herself.

When Geri was 15 almost 15 she had to decide what to do with her life. The exams results arrived just days after Geri's sixteenth birthday. In Geri's family no one particularly had have great grades but Max. Natalie had gone to college. Geri didn't know what to do. Geri still had those thoughts of being famous and being discovered. She only wanted to live life.

Geri started college in 1988 but felt like wasting her own time. At sixteen Geri began having her first sexual contacts with men. Geri got a job at the reception of the Hilton. her mother was very proud of her but Geri was not really happy. She quit the job without telling Ana Maria. When she found out. She went absolutely mental according to Geri. They had a big fight and Geri decided that she was going to be someone. Geri left home to live with her dad.

Geri discovered then what she liked. At the age of 17 Geri went to a massive party. Geri told Natalie 'I've found my people'. Geri began partying all the time. She only needed the money for her tickets. She met many people. Geri was still a virgin and lots of thoughts came to her mind." 'What if the world ends tomorrow' I can't die a virgin".

Geri lost her virginity at a bedside in the back of the Olympia. The guy was called Toby. It was over in 5 minutes. Later the guy told Geri that he was in love with another girl.

After a wild summer, Geri decided not to go back to college, "Forget the future, enjoy the moment". Her mother didn't argue this time but Geri knew what she felt. Geri got a job at Video Collection in Watford. Geri bought her very first car, A Mini for only 70. It eventually broke down.

She quit Video Collection the may before she turned 18. Geri found her own little home at a little granny cottage in South Oxhey Council State. Geri participated in a TV show called Dance Energy. She just had to dance to the music that was playing.

One morning when she was putting her bra on, Geri noticed a small lump in her right breast. Geri immediately called the doctor and he said they had to make a minor operation. They were going to put the lump out and see what it was. Geri's mum drove her to the hospital. Geri was always thinking about losing a breast. The tests results were negative. Geri felt a big sense of relief.