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Schizo:Geri's Exclusive biography of Geri Halliwell.

CHAPTER 1 "Here Comes 'Caquitas'"

Geraldine Estelle Halliwell was born on August 6th, 1972 in Watford, England. She was the youngest of 3 children. Her mother Ana Maria Hidalgo was Spanish, when she arrived in London she was just 21. She met Geri's father within days of stepping out of the boat. Laurence Francis Halliwell was a car dealer. Back then he was 44 years old. He got divorced once and had 2 children from his first marriage. Laurence told Ana Maria that his wife had tragically died in a car accident and he had to bring up his 2 children, Karen and Paul, Six months after they married the ex-wife came back from America, Ana Maria realized she hadn't married a rich man, . Their only asset was a house in Jubilee Road, Watford.

Geri was born at Watford's general hospital on August 6th 1972, Geri's arrive in Jubilee road wasn't a cause of wild celebrations . She was only considered another mouth to feed. When the little baby arrived Laurence was already 50. Ana Maria and Laurence had also 2 more children. Max, the oldest one and the only boy in the family and Natalie. Before Geri arrived, Max and Natalie used to play together and do everything together. Once Geri arrived they had to modify their games. They used to go and play around Geri telling her 'You're Adopted!'. Geri had the look of both of her parents. A mix between Swedish and Spanish.

As Geri was so small when she was a child, Her aunts in Spain called her 'La enana', which actually means the dwarf. Another of the nicknames that she was given was 'Caquitas' - Little poo..

Ana Maria used to work as a cleaner. Laurence usually didn't have a proper job. Geri didn't want her friends at school to realize how poor she was or how old her father was.

As the time passes by, Geri's parents began having differences. Geri's mother joined Jehovah's witnesses in order to avoid Laurence. Geri's life became very different. She didn't get presents on birthdays or things like that. As Geri was growing older she had all the dreams that a normal kid ahs. She wanted to go to ballet lessons or go horse back-riding but those things were to expensive for the Halliwells. Geri always knew she wanted to be famous.

Geri grew in a mixed culture. The food her mother cooked was too British to be Spanish and too Spanish to be British. At a very early age Geri began showing her artistic side and she occasionally sung for her parents in the living room. After that they all went to the sixth member of the family. The TV. Geri liked American soap operas like Dynasty.

Geri attended to Calloweland Infant School . In a big attempt to get people's attention Geri became a compulsive liar. She used to tell people that she was born on a plane and that she had sheep in her back garden. She also told once that she wore contact lenses and when her teacher couldn't see the lenses Geri said that those contact lenses covered the whole eyeball.

Geri didn't have many friends and she used to join Max (Her older brother) and his gang to play with them because she was small enough to fit into places they couldn't. During the holidays, Max, Natalie and Geri would usually go to Spain to stay with their grandmother.

Geri once performed in a school play where the only line she had was ' Has earth got a dark side like us, then?'. Geri's father once took her to an audition. The audition went pretty well. As soon as Ana Maria realized what was going on she got really angry and told Geri not to dream of stardom. " I don't want you to be the next Judy Garland" . Eventually Geri's mother let her participate in a concert called Stars of today and tomorrow. 

Some time after that, Geri's parents decided to separate. It was weird because they were divorced but Laurence would still stay at home laying in bed doing nothing. Geri was sent to live with her step-sister Karen. Geri didn't want to leave Karen's house when Ana Maria went to pick her up. Laurence had left the house in Jubilee Road by the time Geri arrived back.

Geri would visit her father once a week. The relations with her brother and sister were now closer. Geri wanted to be like Natalie and so she became like her shadow. When it was time to leave Junior School Geri demanded going to Grammar School . Geri's mother let her apply expecting Geri to fail. Instead Geri was accepted. In grammar school Geri felt like an outsider. However Geri always needed to show her artistic talents. Geri got a role in a school ply called A day in the mind of Titch Oldfield. 

The first time Geri dyed her hair was when she was 12. Her mother just arrived home and saw her with the bottle of peroxide in her hand. It somehow gave Geri some reputation at school. As Geri grew older she had more things in common to her sister Natalie. They were both huge Wham! Fans.

When Geri discovered Madonna in 1985 she really wanted to be like her. Madonna was starring in Desperately seeking Susan. Geri really wanted to see this movie so she managed to wear bra and big heels. When she got to the theatre she was asked how old she was. She said 'Fifteen'. Although the tickets girl didn't believe she let her go in. Mission accomplished.