31.10.01 GERI'S INTERVIEW FOR G-A-Y From G-A-Y /Worldpop

Jeremy: You rarely do interviews. Do you hate doing them?
Geri: Yes! I'm bored of talking about myself. There are some nice journalists but a lot of the time actions speak louder than words. 

Jeremy: With all the press coverage you get I sometimes think, 'Poor Geri, is she OK?' Are you happy?
Geri: I think so. I'm as happy as the next person. I think happiness is something you can't possess and it comes and goes. I find happiness by accepting where I am today and being grateful. Sometimes things aren't going to go your way but there's a lot to be happy about. I'm a pretty happy girl. 

Jeremy: You've achieved so much. Do you have a plan of action for you future and what you want to achieve from now on?
Geri: I do have certain dreams and ambitions but they're not the be all and end all. I like to take each day as it comes. I have a philosophy of least resistance, go with the flow of the universe and see where life is meant to take you because sometimes you can struggle to do things your way whereas actually you end up in the same place. Sometimes you can close yourself off by controlling things I think. 

Jeremy: Is there anything you really want to achieve?
Geri: Professionally I'd really like to do a big tour and it would be lovely to have a British No 1 album because it is my home country. Then again, getting to a No 1 doesn't actually say how many records you've sold these days because it depends on the week and who else is out. 

Jeremy: Why haven't you done a tour yet?
Geri: Because I wanted to make sure I could sell out a good capacity venue. I also want to be comfortable enough as a performer to do a show that's absolutely phenomenal rather than just OK. 

Jeremy: Tell us about your trip to Oman?
Geri: It was one of those moments I will never forget. It's up there with meeting Mandela. Every button as a human being was pushed, all my senses were heightened. Going to a different country where the culture's different, being in a military environment, performing in sweltering heat. It made war very real for me. When I watch TV I feel very disconnected from what I see but going to Oman made all those soldiers very real rather than just cartoon characters. I didn't realise how much the soldiers were in this state of fear; these are young boys possibly just about to go into ground force. It made me really grateful that they're prepared to give their lives for us. I felt very blessed to be able to give service in some sort of way. It was amazing the camaraderie I felt out there. Even Bobby Davro was fantastic! It's amazing what happened under times of pressure. 

Jeremy: Why have you started to perform Spice Girls songs again?
Geri: I helped create those songs and I feel they're as much mine as anybody else's. I know I left the band but I feel those songs belong to the whole world not just the five people who wrote them. 

Jeremy: Why did you decide to release Calling?
Geri: I feel this is the best song off the album and it was going to be the first single but I felt a little bit scared because it was a ballad. I think Calling is the best thing I've ever done as a writer. When I wrote this song I got tingles and it would be great if it touches other people like it's touched me. 

Jeremy: What attracts you to a man?
Geri: Besides a large ... heart! Kindness. I can't really put my finger on one thing, I think it's the all round. A good soul is the most important thing. Of occurs it's nice for to them to look good, have a good body and a beautiful face but after five minutes that doesn't last. It is that inside job thing, the cliché but it's true.

Jeremy: I'm giving you three wishes, a selfish wish, a wish for your career and a wish for the world. What do you choose?
Geri: My selfish wish is to really be content and accept where I am each moment. I'd like patience. The wish for my career is a No 1 album. For the world is something that's one everyone's mind at the moment, a lot of peace. A bit more peace and love towards each other.


Geri Halliwell got the Spice Girls back together – well, sort of – by performing with five male lookalikes. She had a dig at her old band mates by singing Spice hits with boy dancers dressed as Baby, Scary, Posh, Sporty – and even Ginger, complete with her famous Union Jack dress. Naughty Geri’s hilarious routine came at the London Astoria’s G.A.Y.night just a week after the four real remaining Spice Girls decided to split. I told you last week how the all-conquering girl group have decided to call it a day after months of bitter squabbling. Geri, who walked out on the band in 1998, used Saturday’s gig to pay her, er, respects to them. She put on a raunchy show, belting out a string of Spice Girl favourites including Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are? and 2 Become 1. It was during Who Do You Think You Are? that she was joined on stage by those familiar faces. One clubber said: “It was amazing when the lookalikes came on. The crowd went wild. It was very funny.”. Gyrating Geri got even naughtier when she sang her own solo material accompanied by near-naked hunks and sexy girl dancers. And those girls definitely were the real thing.


It's a bit of a drag being a Spice Girl these days. But Geri Halliwell was happy to go back to her roots to perform with this bunch of male look-a-likes. The former Ginger Spice joined drag act The Way Out Spice Girls at GAY at the London Astoria. Dressed in tight black hotpants and corset, Geri, 29, sang several Spice hits as well as her own tunes in the hour-long set on Saturday. A show organiser said: "It was a fantastic night. Geri could barely mask her delight when the drag queens came on.". It's the first time Geri has sang any Spice hits since she quit in 1998 .


In a suspension of pop hostilities, Geri Halliwell and chart-busters Steps joined forces to entertain our brave troops waiting for action in Oman. It was all smiles for the camera and platitudes galore from the spin-doctors. But what really happened in the Gulf can now be revealed - by 3am, naturally. And it's not a pretty story. Fuming kids' band Steps have launched an extraordinary attack on Geri. The squeaky-clean group expected the ex-Spice Girl to enter into the spirit of their "tonic for the troops" trip. But they ended up appalled by her prima-donna antics. Steps' H - real name Ian Watkins - stormed: "The soldiers out there are living in difficult conditions and I thought we owed them a bit more than acting like stupid, over-demanding pop stars. In my view, Geri Halliwell was out of order.I want you to put this in The Mirror because people should know the truth about her.". Even as she arrived in Oman, The Mirror revealed how she issued a long list of outlandish demands, including an air-conditioned tent and a computer with full internet access. She even demanded she stay in a different wing of the Hilton Salalah hotel so she didn't have to bump into Steps. "Geri insisted on being treated differently from us," says H. "She wanted to be on a much more elevated level. Her behaviour was uncalled for.". More than 7,000 British personnel endured an eight-hour journey through the desert to watch the live pop show. Steps also laid into Geri, 28, for frolicking on a beach while they were busy trying to boost the soldiers' morale. Steps beauty Claire Richards, 24, says: "She was lying on a beach being photographed in her bikini while we were in Chinooks meeting the most amazing military people. But then again, Geri is good at that sort of thing.".

30.10.01 GERI VIRGIN 'TILL 21? ARE YOU SURE? From Sunday People

The launch of a birth control website gave Geri Halliwell this week's chance to air her views on life. Among a host of of dull revelations in the singer's live chat on likeitis.org.uk was the news that she lost her virginity when she was 21. Now, there are two basic flaws in this statement. One is that contrary to what Geri thinks, you don't spell it "vaginity". The other is that in her unbearably bad autobiography, she told us that she lost her virginity to "an ex-public schoolboy called Toby" - two months after her 17th birthday. I'll leave you to decide which deflowering is the more likely. If either.

30.10.01 THE SPICE GIRL GUIDE From Sunday People

Geri Halliwell won a badge of approval from 10,000 screaming Girl Guides yesterday as she put on a special gig for them at London's Wembley Arena. Sporting a tiny pink tu-tu and "Guide Power" T-shirt, the former Spice Girl was greeted with roars of approval from the thrilled 10 to 14-year-olds. Later feisty Geri went on to star in another frock'n'roll gig - a G.A.Y. night at the capital's Astoria Theatre. But behind all the fun and frolics is a serious message - Geri is backing a sex education drive for under-16s.

30.10.01 AN OUTFIT JUST TUTU FAR GERI From Sunday Mirror

Proving that pop stars aren't always a guide to good fashion sense is Geri Halliwell, who topped the bill last night at the Guide Association Big Gig event in London. In addition to the saucy tutu the ex-Spice Girl wore a "Guide Power" T-shirt and told 10,000 young fans: "If this happened when I was a kid, I would have joined the Guides.".

30.10.01 GERI'S CAP-POOCHINO From Sunday Mirror

The love that Geri Halliwell has for her pampered pet shitzui Harry evidently knows no bounds. Onlookers at a recent photoshoot were surprised to see Geri offering her cappuccino to the tiny pooch so he could lick all the froth of the top, and lucky Harry was even allowed to eat food off her plate. Whether this was genuine affection or another of Geri's dieting ideas, who knows..


Geri Halliwell has been entertaining thousands of Girl Guides at Wembley Arena.
Ten thousand Guide Association youngsters screamed as she took the stage.
Louise, a former Guide and ambassador for the organisation, was also among those to appear at the annual Big Gig.
Geri said: "I'm really pleased to be here for the Guides. If this happened when I was a kid, I would have joined the Guides."
Before going on stage, Louise said: "Today's event sums up what being a Guide is all about. Being a Guide is great fun.
"I was one myself and the Big Gig is going to be a fantastic show."
BB Mak, A1, Liberty, allStars, Tymes4, Jamie Benson and Jo Breezer completed the line-up.
An event spokeswoman said afterwards: "There was screaming, screaming and more screaming, especially when Geri and Louise came on.
"People think the Guide Association is all about sewing badges on. They now learn things like how to throw a good party. It's moving with the times, like everything else". 

29.10.01 THE MAN WHO SCULPTED GERI'S NEW BODY From Now Magazine Thanks to Lydia

Italian choreographer Luca Tommassini has worked with some of showbiz's biggest stars, including Madonna, Michael Jackson and Kylie Minogue. But it's Geri Halliwell with whom he's become friends and , during their time together, he's helped her achieve the body she's always wanted. Luca rememebers chatting to Madonna about Geri long before he met her. ; We both thought she was fun and Madonna loved her, but I knew Geri could look better and I almost hated the way she was presenting herself', he says.In fact, he once described the old Geri as being a short, fat woman who couldn't sing or dance.But then he met her. ' We worked together on her Look At Me video in PRague, hit it off straightaway and started calling each other with ideas when we weren't together.'Then she invited me to be choreographer for her next single , Mi Chico Latino, and that's really when we started working heavily on her image. She wanted to wear a swimsuit for the video, but she wasn't happy with her body. 'It's depressing to see yourself overwieght, especially when you're a woman and in the papers all the time. So we decided it was time to start work.' Geri and Luca lcoked themselves away, she started on a new diet and they practised kick-boxing together.'At the time she was a different person,' says Luca. ' She was snappy, scared, insecure and frustrated because she was battling a weight problem. She lacked confidence after the whole Spice Girls experience. 'We started working out together in the gym and then added weights. But it wasn't easy. A transformation like Geri's doesn't happen overnight. 'She started The Atkins Diet to help her lose some weight and feel better about her body. It's a low-carbohydrate and low-starch regime, meaning more protein and less pasta and bread. She's still following the diet now, even though her favourite food is mashed potatoes. Geri eats meat and a lot of fish and veg, but she's cut down on starch . She also realised that her body reacted badly to sugar, so she stopped eating it. Simple as that.' But fine tuning her diet was just the start of the lengthy process that would eventually change Geri's body and mind. 'Working out was vital', says Luca. ' She works out for two to three hours a day now - running , weights, the gym - and that's apart from her rehearsals. 'She always says: ''Most people go to the office, but I work out. It's my job'' '
Luca was also responsible for introducing Geri to yoga'I spend a lot of time in LA and Geri liked to visit George Michael there, so we'd all hang out,' he says. ' LA is a very open-minded place and, when I suggested yoga to her, she really went for the idea and now does it for at least an hour every day. 'We're in constant contact about 10or 15 times a day on the phone, even in the middle of the night - and we see each other whenever we can. But she was determined and kew she had to keep going on he rown.'
'I always thought she was the best of the Spice Girls, but my vision of her was different. As her body changed, so did her overall appearance - new hair, new clothes, new sex appeal. If you compare her now to how she was, it's amazing . The new Geri is stunning.
'And you wouldn't believe how energetic she is now,' he adds. 'Contrary to popular belief ,she doesn't starve herself - she eats loads. We can sit down together and eat for two hours solid. But she works out loads, too. 'And with all the work she's done, she's become a nicer, more mature and confident person. Her effort has paid dividends. Her dancing, her look and her self-esteem have all improved because of the way she feels about herself now.
'Geri had bad times, but now it's just up and up for her. One of the nicest compliments I get is when she says ' I'm like a sculpture made by you.' But I just made the suggestions - it was Geri who worked hard to achieve what she did. And the merit is all hers.' Alec Marc.

29.10.01 AGONY AUNT GERI From Dotmusic

Geri Halliwell has been advising teenagers on the perils of underage sex. 
Answering questions on the Marie Stopes International site www.likeitis.org.uk, the former Spice Girl spoke about her battle with bulimia and gave advice to teenage girls who logged on. 
In reply to a question regarding virginity and peer pressure, Geri said: "Take some respect in yourself, feel proud that you're choosy, virginity is precious and a gift and is something to be proud of.
"It's not some villainous disease that you've got to get rid of as soon as possible. Feel proud to be a virgin."
Geri also warned about the dangers of dieting drawing on her own well-publicised problems.
"From my own experience I ended up in a mess when it came to dieting - I think the healthiest thing to do is not to diet, just try and eat healthily, it's balance and that's the hardest thing to achieve especially in this day and age.".


Geri Halliwell has told worldpop that entertaining the troops again would be a 'privilege'. 'For me personally going to Oman was one of those moments I'll never forget,' the former Spice Girl revealed, speaking for the first time about her recent concert in the Gulf state. 'It's up there with meeting Mandela. Every button as a human being was pushed, all my senses were heightened. If I was asked to do it again I think it would be a privilege. I felt very blessed to be able to give service in some sort of way.'. In the exclusive interview for worldpop G-A-Y with microsite, with G-A-Y promoter Jeremy Joseph, Geri said, 'It made war very real for me. When I watch TV I feel very disconnected from what I see but going to Oman made all those soldiers very real rather than just cartoon characters. These were young boys possibly just about to be part of the ground force,' she added. 'It made me really grateful that they're prepared to give their lives for us. The soldiers also work at a humanitarian level looking after people,' Geri continued. 'That for me as a civilian generally goes unnoticed.' The star even paid tribute to comedian Bobby Davro who performed alongside her. 'Even Bobby Davro was fantastic. It's amazing what happens at times of pressure,' she said. Geri's Oman concert included Spice Girls track Who Do You Think You Are? which she played for the first time since leaving the band. 'I helped write those songs so I fell that they're mine as much as anybody else's,' she explained. 'I know I left the band but I feel that those songs belong to the whole world.' Geri is expected to perform Who Do You Think You Are? and Wannabe at her G-A-Y show this Saturday night. Geri revealed to Jeremy that she is currently happy in her life but wishes the world could be at peace. The full interview will be on worldpop/g-a-y next week.


THE ONE person Katy Appleton wanted to teach when she started yoga classes a few years ago was Geri Halliwell. “Yoga is about progression, a journey and it’s hard work. I thought she’d be up for it,” Appleton said. Then in January, she was asked if she would. For an hour at least twice a week the two now get together for an hour of hatha, or physical, yoga. Having practised for a year before meeting her teacher the former Spice Girl had a good foundation so they now focus on breathing, meditation and visualisation. As well as a sleek and slender body Halliwell claims yoga has given her the contendedness fame never managed to deliver, and along with answering the many requests as to how she lost weight, is why she agreed to make the Geri Yoga video. “People today use external stimulus for happiness,” Appleton said. “Material objects make you happy for a moment, but after a while you forget you’re wearing those diamond earrings and the feeling disappears. If you look for that sensation from within, it stays with you and can be tapped into at any time.”. Having attended classes with her mother as a young child she rediscovered the benefits of yoga while working as a professional ballerina during the Nineties. Using books to teach herself breathing and meditation techniques to balance the graft of dancing with the English National Ballet, Appleton felt herself increasingly drawn to the discipline. She took a nine-month break from ballet five years ago to train and teach and was so inspired by the work that soon after decided to throw herself into yoga full-time. “It was then that I realised yoga was about more than breathing and exercise and started integrating it into my life; the way I am round other people and what I eat,” she said. “I feel privileged to be able to give people something that leaves them feeling fresh and calm and energised.”. Although most will buy the video out of a desire to replicate the Geri physique, yoga will at least be accessing hundreds of people who might otherwise never have tried it, Appleton believes. She makes it clear that achieving the kind of tone and poise now carried by Halliwell requires at least two years’ dedicated practice. “Yoga is very trendy at the moment. Lots of people are talking about it and buying mats, but not all of them are actually doing it,” she said. For those who are, the benefits are manifold. Improved stature, a sense of wellbeing and a calmer mind are among the experiences of those who commit to regular practice. “Life is short. You need to make sure the vehicle with which you live it is healthy,” Appleton said. “If you can support the physical and mental care yoga offers with nutritional and emotional care, the aesthetic benefits will follow.”. To those who say they have no time to exercise, Appleton insists that anyone can set aside ten minutes 3-4 times a week. The video has been made in sections, making it easy to switch into which ever part users think they need. The format fits in with Appleton’s description of yoga as a toolbox which can be dipped into according to the whim of the owner. Her most famous pupil has certainly taken this on board. Catch her ten minutes before an interview and you are likely to find Miss Halliwell preparing by standing on her head. Geri Yoga, £15.99 VHS and £19.99 DVD, is available from Monday October 29. The video includes a warning about precautions to be taken while following the 90-minute routine and is suitable for all levels of fitness; while Halliwell executes the advanced poses, teacher Tina Abby demonstrates the beginner version. The video and DVD also include an interview with Geri Halliwell about how yoga has changed her life. 

Katy Appleton runs yoga courses in Wimbledon, London, and also teaches privately. For details see www.appleyoga.com 

Fit to Play has 5 videos and 5 DVDs to give away. Send your answer to the question: What is the meaning of the word “yoga”? to Fit to Play, Sport, The Times, 1 Pennington Street, London E98 1TT or email it to: jennai.cox@thetimes.co.uk.


Geri Halliwell is one of a host of stars set to entertain thousands of Guides at a concert at Wembley Arena. The former Spice Girl will perform a sneak preview of her new single Calling, due out next month. Other acts expected to perform at the Big Gig include Louise, already an ambassador for the Guide Association. Boyband a1 are due to play, along with BB Mak, the UK's most successful boyband in America. Liberty, Allstars and Tymes4 plus Jo Breezer and Jamie Benson make up the rest of the bill. A Guide Association spokeswoman says around 10,000 of its members are expected at the event which is being held for the third year. She added: "The Big Gig is the ultimate activity for an organisation that is fun, modern and continually strives to bring its members ultimate experiences.".

27.10.01 GERI AND THE GIRL GUIDES Geri Italia Thanks to Klo.

Geri is joining the Girl Guides (the female version of the Scouts) at London's Wembley Arena tomorrow (October 27). A spokesperson for the Guide Association says: "This is a fantastic chance for our girls to see the UK's biggest female solo artist". It looks like Geri is happy too. "She can't wait," a friend says, "She's always loved the Guides - even when she was in the Spice Girls, she used to tell the others for a laugh that they should join...". She'll sing her new single Calling, and maybe it'll be a live performance (NOT CONFIRMED). After the Girl Guides' Big Gig she'll take the car to reach G.A.Y. for a stunning one-hour-long show.


WHO says Geri Halliwell isn’t very rock ’n’ roll? She was spotted in a trendy bar downing glasses of milk. The singer, who puts her super-slim figure down to yoga and strict dieting, was spotted at London’s posh Teatro bar with two minders who were knocking back cups of tea. An onlooker told me: “She sat in the corner and ordered glass after glass of milk, insisting it had to be skimmed. She must have had around ten glasses. It was very funny. You would think a pop star like her would drink wine and stumble out drunk. But not Geri.”. Perhaps she’ll call her next album Cream If You Wanna Go Faster ...


Geri Halliwell has bared her soul in an internet chatroom discussion warning teenagers about the dangers of underage sex. The ex-Spice Girl also talked frankly about the bulimia she battled with in her youth - and claims to still be a virgin. Geri was taking part in a 45-minute live web-chat to launch a new sexual health website for the under-16s, www.likeitis.org.uk. The site, developed by Marie Stopes International, aims to reduce the UK's rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection and promises youngsters information about sex. Asked what to do by a virgin girl feeling pressured into having sex by her school friends, Geri, 29, replied: "Take some respect in yourself, feel proud that you're choosy, vaginity(sic) is precious and a gift and is something to be proud of. "It's not some villanous(sic) disease that you've got to get rid of as soon as possible. Feel proud to be a virgin - I am!" Asked if it was healthy for young girls to diet, she replied: "From my own experience I ended up in a mess when it came to dieting - I think the healthiest thing to do is not to diet, just try and eat healthily, it's balance and that's the hardest thing to achieve especially in this day and age." The singer also reassured a 17-year-old Croatian girl called Antonia, who had not yet started her periods, that she did not start menstruating herself until the same age. She later hinted that far from being a virgin, she actually lost her virginity at 21, when she met her first serious boyfriend.

26.10.01 GERI CHAT TRANSCRIPT From Geri World

Geri says: Hello everybody it's me online with Sheila a family planning specialist. Hi welcome to our exciting new sex education website. To celebrate the launch, Geri Halliwell is here to chat LIVE to you TODAY. Geri will be here at 5.30pm, but if you're a bit early you can start sending in your questions to her, using the box below. See you at 5.30pm. 

Simon: Do blondes have more fun, Geri? 
->Geri replies: I've been every hair colour - I wouldn't say that people have more fun because of the colour of your hair but if you walk into a room automatically eyes go towards the light but from experience they go on to the brunette! It's all in the eyes. 

David: Who has been the most inspirational person in your life? 
->Geri replies: I don't think there's been one key person but I see everybody I meet as my teacher - whether it's somebody you meet on a bus or someone that's a prominent figure in the press or an older member of your family. You can learn from a baby - the honesty from a child so I find people inspiring for different reasons. 

Monica: Hi, I'm having a big problem!!!! My boyfriend Sean wants to have sex and i don't i think i'm not ready!!What should i do?? 
->Geri replies: She's answered her own question - if she's not ready she's not ready. If you people please you'll regret it. She can only decide for herself if he's a boyfriend who loves her he will honour that 

Anna_Moss: I'm a Huge Fan of you and really look up to you! What's your favourite colour and does it reflect your personality? 
->Geri replies: I like pink a lot - I like black, I quite like lilac - that's kind of peaceful 

vickie_ellis: since we first saw you in the spice girls all the way up to now , i think you have become a great inspiration to many young teenagers and adults even . By inspirating people all over the world more talented people want to go into the music business and be successful (as yourself) whats 3 pieces of advice what you give to someone who wants to achieve as much as you have? 
->Geri replies: Congratulations for winning the competition. I find it very flattering if people get inspired by what I do - there is not one set right or wrong way of doing things. You can take people's advice but just take bits of it. Some things that work for one doesn't work for another. Go with what feels right for you. Go where it feels warm and go with least resistance. Instinctively follow your heart - your instinct is your true navigator that's what I believe. Never be afraid of making mistakes they're just little lessons. It's not the most intelligent person that succeeds it's the one that persists - the one that keeps on chipping away, it's that hare and tortoise scenario. Well done Vicky Ellis. The only person you have to please is yourself don't do it for anyone else that's secondary. It's about progression not perfection. You're your own standard don't compare yourself to anyone else. 

Angharad: when u play monopoly, what board piece do u like to be? 
->Geri replies: I always used to play Monopoly - I always used to buy Park Lane and I'd always end up on Old Kent road and pay a silly amount of rent. I don't mind being the car or the boat. 

Stephanie: Geri , You have a totaly new gorgeous look and id like to know if u prefer Your new look or your old look? 
->Geri replies: I feel happier in where I am today you know if not I'd change it. I prefer the way I look today 

Michael: What's 'heaven and hell' about being Geri Halliwell? 
->Geri replies: I think it's appropriate to say it's heaven and hell because some of the extremeties that I live through go from one extreme hellish moment to complete heaven. One minute I feel completely grateful and love what I'm doing and then it can swing hourly and instead of enjoying it goes to enduring through tiredness or just things getting on top of me 

Andrea: How can you check your breasts (by yourself) for cancer? And how often should you be checking? Is there a specific age when you should be doing this? Love Andrea -x- 
->Geri replies: Sheila: The best thing you can do is go to a wellwoman clinic. You don't need to start checking your breasts until late teens early twenties. Geri adds you should get into practice in your teens 

Sammie-Jo: My mate thinks she might be pregnant, she is 14. And I would like to know what she should do and how I could help her. 
->Geri replies: 14 in our country is very young but in Africa it is different. If she is pregnant she needs to go to a doctor. Sheila adds it might be useful to see a counsellor or talk to a trusted friend to help her think through this unplanned pregancy. Geri adds either way she should be taking precautions. 

franki_ali: were u ever a victim of peer pressure? if so, how did u overcome it? 
->Geri replies: Whether it's where you come from or wearing the right kind of trainers, liking certain music and whether that involves if you're sexually experienced that's all part of being a teenager. I went to an all girls school and felt pressure to fit in it's very difficult. There's a huge amount of pressure, fitting in, "looking right" being cool and all those things. For a bit of hope from my own experience it's usually the ones who aren't fitting in and succumbing to peer pressure are the ones that don't peak and will go on to do more. 

Rainbow_Zanadar: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? 
->Geri replies: I really believe you have to be careful what you wish for. The power of the word is so strong for example the night before my flat got robbed I said I wish I could live in a hotel and when I got home it was trashed and that night I had to stay in a hotel so my wish came true so be careful. I wish for health and happiness, a life full of love, full of contentment and acceptance and on a more global wish for that feeling for the whole world to have peace and serenity. We loved each other back to life. My third wish would be.... i'm just going to think it it's far too explicit! 

Mark: What is it like being told that you are a role model to young people? Is it a burden having that responsibility? 
->Geri replies: I don't know what a role model is. We can all teach each other things, if people learn from what I do that's very exciting and I feel proud and priviledged to be in a position to inspire but equally I'm human and there's lots of places and people you can find inspiring - I am one of millions. It takes wisdom to learn from other's mistakes - I've made some and I'm sure I'll make more. 

Hanna: What to do with my shyness? I`m very shy. I hate it! I`m almost unsocial... I don`t know what to do about it... Do you have any advice? 
->Geri replies: I adore shy people. I used to mistake shyness for arrogance. It gets mistaken for being aloof - the people that are more reserved for whatever reason, it's more like unwrapping a gift, it's not obvious but you unwrap it and that personality comes through, it feels more precious. Sometimes when something comes too easy it feels like I don't appreciate it as much. 

June_S: Did you prefer being in the Spice Girls or doing your own solo work? 
->Geri replies: I really did enjoy being in the Spice Girls - it was such a mind blowing experience. It was a true ride, an emotional roller coaster and I am so grateful for everyone who bought a spice girl record, I'm grateful to the girls, I'm really proud of where I've come from, I've utmost gratitude. I don't believe I'd be where I am today, it's made me who I am today. You move on and this feels so right - where I am today. You can't compare it because it's different - I can't say one is better than the other. I'm enjoying being a solo artist, I'm finding confidence as a singer, I love doing what I do. Change is always scary particularly when you're used to being in a band then going solo but life is about change you have to go with the current and where it's meant to take you. 

Ken_Caldwell: Thanks for putting up the http://www.likeitis.org.uk website. It is excellent!! 
->Geri replies: Yes it's great isn't it. Really glad you like it. Make sure you keep coming back 

JennyBrandon-Cox18: Hello Geri!! I'm going to UK 2morrow! From Sweden! My Q: When did u have your first real boyfriend? 
->Geri replies: It depends what you define as real and what you define as a boyfriend. I've had a few friends that were boys and they were real. My first boyfriend when I was 8 - I thought he was real but the first serious one was when I was about 21 

Soxy_Sox: I think that Harry is gorgeous!!!!! Could you give him a massive hug and doggie treat from me plz?????? 
->Geri replies: ok ruuufff! 

joel: hi i'm just wondering if this is actuall geri?? 
->Geri replies: Me too! Interviewer adds: take a look at the web cam. 

Geri's: Who is your inspriration when u write your songs?? 
->Geri replies: I can get inspired by anything that's around me musically. Recently when I was in the middle East I thought it would be nice to put that kind of flavour into some new songs and then sometime it's just the way I'm feeling, I pour it into a song. 

Patrick: Hi I'm Patrick and i was part of the focus group that helped to develop this web site. I'm really proud of it because it's brilliant. My question for you, Geri, is what part of your work for the un do you most enjoy, and why? lots of love Patrick age 13 
->Geri replies: Well done and thanks for what you've done. I really prefer being out in the field with the people seeing the people for myself on a grass roots level that's where I feel most comfortable. 

Antonia: My name is Antonia and i am all the way from Croatia, i want to ask you this: i`m 17 years old and i still haven't get my "period" - and i am woried about that. Can you help me? Is this"out of this world" or does it happens to others as well? 
->Geri replies: No that's ok. Everybody's different. I was 17 when I got mine - when it comes you'll be grateful it didn't come earlier. Sheila adds: eventually your period will turn up as people develop at different rates. 

Melissa: Do you think it’s good for young girls to diet? 
->Geri replies: Diet means regime. When you're young your body is growing and developing. There's peer pressure to look a certain way. From my own experience I ended up in a mess when it came to dieting - I think the healthiest thing to do is not to diet, just try and eat healthily, it's balance and that's the hardest thing to achieve especially in this day and age. 

Arie: Geri I have an 11 yr old sister who seems to have turned into a wild child and dressing a bit too much for her age she is rebelling but I find it a bit early for her to be at that stage how was it for you at that age? 
->Geri replies: Well it's very easy to criticise. I can't see what your 11 year old sister is wearing. I don't think there's anything wrong with creative expression if she's not hurting anybody. 11 is slightly young to be provocative but it's not what you wear it's how you wear it and how you choose to behave. I find what works is get on her side, be her friend and be a pair of ears, that's what she needs more than anything. Sometimes we do thinks to seek approval or attention - maybe she just wants some attention from you 

jonathan: Geri you new single Calling is coming....will be that last single from your Album 
->Geri replies: It is my new single and it's coming out on the 26 November, I'm very excited by this song, I've got such an emotional attachment to this record I feel it's the best thing I've ever written. Even at a demo level I got goose bumps, it's such a personal record, people will identify it because it's so truthful and heartfelt. It's on MTV and you can dial up for it on the box. Let's do a single at a time. 

sam: hi geri, when was the last time you fell over or did something really embarassing? 
->Geri replies: Before I go on stage I get down on my knees and pray to god that I do not fall over. My show is like an assault course, when you see me perform Live and Let Die I do fall on my head. I do all the stunts in the show and by the end I'm so exhausted there's a good chance I'll land on my head. You don't trip over mount Everest it's the bump in the carpet that's going to get you! The other day I was walking down these stairs and I was on the phone, going on a date and I was so nervous I fell down the stairs - all I could was laugh, the waiter saw me and he smiled graciously. 

Steffi: Will you write another book? "If only" is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. 
->Geri replies: I'm so pleased that people got something out of it, it was such a hard book to write, it was so painful to get that honest but the point of it was so that people got identification from it. Yet I don't know if I could write another one, a sequel, I would have to be in the right place to do it and I'm not at the moment. 

Anne: geri i feel pressured all my friends have had sex they think i have 2, but i havnt got the guts to own up and say i havnt i feel ready but not found that right person 
->Geri replies: If your friend is talking about having sex it makes you question yourself if other people are doing it. I can understand why if you don't feel part of the gang but take some respect in yourself, feel proud that you're choosy, vaginity is precious and a gift and is something to be proud of. It's not some villanous desease that you've got to get rid of as soon as possible. When you first have sex it can be a loving delicate moment so you want to experience that first time in a safe environment. Feel proud to be a virgin - I am! 

jue: Whens your yoga video out? 
->Geri replies: My video is out on Monday. People have said to me I'm not in shape or bendy I can't do yoga. I wanted to make a video for that type of person, it's easy and will teach anyone how to do it. It's an easy instruction manual of how to get into yoga and takes away the myths. You don't have to be any size. It's available everywhere. Yoga for me - that philosophy of little and often, once you get into it you don't have to practice as much. I got very into and did it a hell of a lot. Yoga's meant to be a loving tool box you can do any time. It'll show you little things to do to live a pleasant day. Your body has memory muscle and all that you've learnt in six months is not wasted. It's not just a physical thing, it's emotional, I'm a nicer person when I've done yoga, it takes away anxiety. 

Kayleigh_Brown: Hi geri i want to know what has been the most challenge part of your life so far, and do you think you will face a harder task in the years to come. 
->Geri replies: Congratulations! I've had a lot of challenging things in my life, but I believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle and sometimes I think How do I deal with this? My recent trip to Oman was mind blowing on every level as a performer it was scary, as a civilian I found it very intense and as a human being I found it very challenging. It makes me think, I nearly drowned in Uganda, I've been on a rubbish tip in the Philippines, I've come to the point now that I think you never know what's round that corner. My fear still kicks in and wants to hold on to old ideas, my biggest challenge to date is letting go and embracing life - the good and the bad, love I think, that's a challenge for me. 

Geri says: Thanks everyone. A big kiss and it's lovely that you've taken the time out to come and meet me online. Stay safe and look after yourselves. I really enjoy my work with Marie Stopes International and make sure you check out the rest of the site www.likeitis.org.uk.

25.10.01 GERI LIVE! From Official Newsletter

The British troops have already had the full-on Geri live experience, now you too can check out what she does best. Our heroine has lined up a series of live performances throughout the coming weeks, and here’s where you can catch her in action…

27th October
Girl Guide Gig, Wembley Arena

30th November
Smash Hits T4 Tour, Newcastle

3rd December
Smash Hits T4 Tour, Nottingham

In addition to this Geri’s getting behind a brand new sex education website aimed at under 16s. Developed by Marie Stopes International, its aim is to reduce rates of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies in the UK. "This site gives frank information, but in a way that's appropriate and safe for young people," said Geri. "I fully support any initiative which improves knowledge and protects young people from crisis pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.". The site will launch on Thursday, 25th October and sees Geri taking part in a live webchat from 5.30 to 6.15pm. Check it out at http://www.likeitis.org.uk/ .


This will be GERI'S 4TH Appearance at G-A-Y, with The SPICE GIRLS you saw her at G-A-Y as GINGER SPICE, GERI returned to G-A-Y to launch her solo career, then she came back a chart topping superstar & now the wait is over as she returns for her biggest show yet at G-A-Y. Geri Halliwell is one of the most talked about recording artists and celebrities on the planet. She found fame as "Ginger Spice" in the archetypal British Girl-band The Spice Girls, and stayed with the girls through the recording of their first two albums Spice and Spice World. Geri had the highest profile of any of the Spice Girls, famously stealing the show at the Brit Awards with her ultra-mini union jack dress, and was regularly voted in the top ten of "worlds most beautiful/sexy" polls throughout her time with the group. A natural leader, Geri was the most outspoken Spice Girl and often appeared to be as much manager as a singer in the Group. In May 1998, after the release of the first single from the second album and at the start of the Spice World tour, Geri shocked the world by leaving the most successful British group since the Beatles. After splitting from the Spice Girls it would have been easy for Geri, a rich and already successful woman, to leave her music career behind and settle into a more relaxed life. Indeed, the first few months after the break up were her quietest for years, but gradually she began to carve out her own "post-Ginger" life. First was the charity work; she travelled to Uganda working for UK charity Comic Relief; then she was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. After nearly a year, Geri released her first solo album Schizophonic on Capitol Records. The album contained Geri's first single "LOOK AT ME" - an instant hit which was followed with more from the same album "LIFT ME UP", "MI CHICO LATINO" and "BAG IT UP". All of a sudden, a career that many so-called experts had written off was back, and bigger than ever. The solo career was not the only change for Geri in this time. She lost weight, took up yoga and emerged as a fitter more natural Geri than the one that had wowed audiences in the union jack dress a few years before. And the story is still not over for Geri, in 2001 she released "IT'S RAINING MEN" - a cover of the Weather Girls classic anthem, and part of the "Bridget Jones Diary" sound track. The single made number one, and was foolowed by "SCREAM IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER". Whatever the future holds for Geri, it certainly won't be dull!! So Are You Ready For Her Return? 4 number ones & 2 Top 10 hits, Which One Is Your Favourite? 

(Number 2)
(Number 1) which featured a song called G-A-Y, written and dedicated to GERI's favourite club
(Number 1)
(Number 1)
(Number 1)
(Number 8)

25.10.01 CALLING GERI FANS! From G.A.Y. Microsite

This afternoon I've got a meeting with Geri's choreographer and I can honestly say her performance is going to be the most spectacular show of the year. It will be just under an hour long and there are going to be loads of surprises. I'm not going to give anything away because I don't want to spoil it. There are a couple of things she's doing that will be real one-offs, they'll never ever be seen again. It's going to be very, very exciting!.

25.10.01 GERI HALLI-DWELL From The Sun

GERI HALLIWELL has moved into her dream home after eight months of living out of a suitcase. The star has splashed out £1.7million on a luxury penthouse on the Thames and has already installed a state-of-the-art security system. Geri has been searching for a home where she can feel safe since her flat in Notting Hill, West London was ransacked in March. She was too scared to return to the apartment after the break in — in which thieves made off with £80,000 worth of belongings and jewellery — and has been living in various London hotels while looking for a secure pad. But Geri and her pet dog Harry have now moved into the new three-bedroom designer flat. I know where the home is but have chosen not to reveal its location to protect her security. But I can tell you that Geri has employed a full time housekeeper to look after the property while she’s away. A source close to the singer said: “Geri’s been looking for the perfect home for ages and now she’s finally found it. Security was a big issue for her before she bought it but she feels very safe now. It’s a beautiful apartment with a stunning view of the city. Geri is relieved to finally have a place of her own and move out of her hotel room. She hated living out of a suitcase.”. News of Geri’s new home comes just days after estate agents trying to sell her Buckinghamshire mansion were forced to slash £1million off the £4.5million asking price. She decided to sell the six-bedroom country home near Slough, set in 17 acres, because she felt vulnerable — even though it was fitted with CCTV and patrolled by security guards.


Geri Halliwell is launching a sex education website. The site is called Like It Is and is aimed at under 16s. It aims to reduce the UK's rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection. It has been developed by Marie Stopes International. Geri will launch the site on Thursday by taking part in a live webchat with fans from 5.30pm to 6.15pm. She is assigned to Marie Stopes International in her role as UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador. "This site gives frank information, but in a way that's appropriate and safe for young people," said Geri. "I fully support any initiative which improves knowledge and protects young people from crisis pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.". You can post questions for Geri about her life, career and work for UNFPA and MSI in advance of Thursday's online chat by visiting the site. Geri will be joined for the webchat by a family planning specialist.

24.10.01 GERI BAD AT FRENCH From The Sun

SINGING in French reduced Geri Halliwell to tears when she recorded her new single, Calling. It tells the story of an English girl with a French lover and has her using both languages. Geri admitted: "I had a French girl helping me with her language but it was difficult and I got very frustrated and ended up crying.". Calling is out on November 13.


Geri Halliwell has become the chameleon of pop - her image changing as fast as her solo No 1 hits keep coming since leaving the Spice Girls three years ago. BUSOLA ODULATE spoke to four Geri doubles to find out what it's like keeping up with her to make a living as a lookalike... 

EMMA SIMMONDS, 23, is a dancer and model, who's single and lives in Worthing, West Sussex. She's 5ft 4ins and 34C-26-34. Emma is wearing a slit-thigh black dress like Geri wore to the MTV awards in November 1999. Emma says:
I have a bob now, but I used to wear long blonde extensions. A few people mentioned I looked like Geri but when she started wearing extensions too, I got more comments. They suited her personality. I thought dead straight hair on her was boring. My friends kept telling me to do something about it so, 18 months ago, I signed with a lookalike agency. Sometimes people really think I'm her. I was dancing in a club in Portugal and this guy was convinced. He was following me, trying to work up the courage to ask for my autograph. I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't her so I just signed it for him. I'm quite slim, though not as slim as Geri. I think she's a bit thin and I would struggle to keep my weight as low as hers. I had to lose a stone last year because I'd spent three months in Portugal working and eating fattening foods. I weighed over nine stone. When Geri was pictured looking tanned and slim in a bikini, I knew I had to lose some weight or I'd never get any more work. Now I'm eight stone and happy with that. I've been going out with my boyfriend, Simon, for six months. He was working as a DJ and I went up to him to request one of Geri's songs. He said I looked like her, but he's certainly not with me because of that. I don't want to carry on being a lookalike for ever, but at the moment I really am enjoying it much too much to give it all up. 

SARAH BELSEY, 21, from Nazeing, Herts, is a window dresser who's single. She's 5ft 2ins and 32B-26-34. Sarah is wearing a replica of the £3,000 Versace organza dress which Geri wore to a music ceremony in January 2000. Sarah says:
People always said I had a passing resemblance to Geri, but when she changed her look to straight, blonde extensions, it was obvious. I joined a lookalike agency that week and I got my first job the next day, appearing in Chrissy Hynde's pop video. I only had to spend a day filming and I got about £2,000 - more than I've ever earned in a month. Since then, I've done kids' parties, special events and photoshoots. The work fluctuates according to how much Geri's in the news. but in total I have made about £10,000. I always have to be up-to-date with Geri's looks and how she dresses. When she had curly extensions, I had to spend an hour and a half crimping my hair every day, which was a chore. Now she has a bob, but I'd never dream of cutting my hair so I use a good wig, which works very well. I still think she looked best with long hair because it made her look really sophisticated and glamorous. Geri and I are the same height, 5ft 2ins, and I'm naturally slim. I'm about a stone heavier than Geri, but I don't feel pressure to lose weight because she's a bit underweight and I'm hoping she'll get fatter. I met my boyfriend Paul a few weeks after I started doing lookalike work, but not because of it. He has no interest in her look, but I'm happy to change mine if Geri does, just so I can keep on working. 

KERRY MARTIN, 23, is a nightclub dancer who's single and lives in Ashford, Kent. She's 5ft 4ins and 34B-26-34. Kerry is wearing a beige butterfly top and white mini skirt - like Geri did at the Brit awards this February. Kerry says:
A few weeks ago, I was in Stringfellows nightclub in London and Robbie Williams walked in, saw me and did a double-take! It was only then I accepted that I must look quite like her and rang up an agency who took me on. For my first job I had some pictures taken for a magazine and got £500. I didn't even earn that in a week. I can sing as well, so I get booked as a soundalike, too, which boosts the money. The easiest job I've had was when I was booked to sing as Geri at a nightclub a couple of months ago. I was on stage for 10 minutes and I got £150. I know in time I could easily earn up to £1,000 a week. Geri is supposed to be a keep-fit fanatic, but luckily I don't have to work very hard to keep my figure in shape. Being a dancer makes it easier to stay trim and I weigh seven and a half stone. I think Geri looks fantastic at the moment and this is her best look by far. Her bob is a really nice classic style and she looks so relaxed and at ease with herself. I've been with my boyfriend Daz for two and a half years and my look doesn't bother him in the slightest. But if Geri changed her looks now, I would find it very hard to change mine. 

GEMMA TOWNSEND, 20, lives in Nottingham, is single and works as a waitress. She's 5ft 4ins and 34B-26-36. Gemma is wearing a replica of Geri's Union Flag mini dress which she wore to the Brits in February 1997. Gemma says:
I was nearly 16 and had almost finished my GCSEs when a friend told me about some auditions for a Spice Girls tribute band. People told me all the time that I looked like Geri and I could sing a bit, so I decided to go to the auditions for a laugh. I was so shocked when I was chosen from nearly 200 other people. I joined the band as soon as I left school and I was in it for nearly four years until last November. Even though my hair is still red, we do look extremely alike. Everyone I meet comments on it. Being in a tribute band meant I went to places like Portugal, Majorca, Egypt and Dubai. We were particularly popular in Norway and went there nine times. I was usually dressed in typical Ginger Spice style - lots of make-up, tight dresses and platform boots. That will always be my favourite image of Geri because she was so confident and feisty. When we started the band it was the height of the Spice Girl's popularity and we made nearly £10,000 a month. For a girl who'd just left school, it felt like winning the Lottery. But in my last year we didn't earn half as much and I was desperate for a break. Now I want to re-invent myself as solo Geri, dyeing my hair blonde and cutting it into a bob. It's exciting and I'm looking forward to a change of image. I'm lucky because I can eat what I want and stay slim. I weigh just under eight stone and don't feel under pressure to lose any more. I want to give up lookalike work in a year because I feel I have dedicated so many years to Geri. I want to be known as Gemma Townsend, not a Geri lookalike.

21.10.01 GERI IN TERROR ALERT From News of the world

SUPERSTAR Geri Halliwell and Steps have been ordered to increase their security since entertaining British troops in Oman. The pop favourites have been told their support for the servicemen could make them an extremist target. It is not known if Geri, 28, or Steps have received a specific terrorist threat. But Whitehall sources confirmed they HAD received anti-terror advice. It is part of an unprecedented tightening of security for people connected with the war on terror. Some troops on Exercise Safe Sword in Oman are set to be sent to Afghanistan. A source close to Steps said: "We have been advised to take security more seriously since the Oman trip. But you cannot live in fear—we were proud to be asked to entertain the troops.". Last night a senior Whitehall source said: "Entertainers who have such a high profile, already have extensive security arrangements. But it was felt there was no harm in reviewing them.". The stars were also given extensive security when they arrived in Oman two weeks ago. Geri and Steps band members H, Claire, Faye, Lee and Lisa were given a two hour Protection Briefing. High security will also be in place when starlets Atomic Kitten entertain the Royal Navy in the Arabian Gulf soon.


Here's your chance to bid for a unique memento of your favourite star! The NSPCC and GAP have been encouraging top celebrities to get their hands dirty, then donate their handprints for auction in aid of the FULL STOP Campaign. Ronan Keating, Westlife, S Club 7, 5ive, Steps, Ant and Dec, Victoria Beckham - to name just a few - have all 'given kids a hand' in this way. The celebrity handprints will be auctioned at Gap's store in Oxford Street, London in early November 2001. You can bid in person or via our Auction Hotline. Each successful bidder will receive the framed handprints and an accompanying photo of their star. What's more, those who make the top three bids nationwide will be invited to a gala fundraising event for the NSPCC later in the month! Geri Halliwell, who has donated her handprints to the auction, said "…In the UK each week at least one child dies and 600 are added to child protection registers. Support the NSPCC's FULL STOP Campaign and make a bid for your favourite celebs' handprints. Not only will you have an exclusive piece of memorabilia, you will have helped a great cause.". For more information, call our National Bidding Hotline at 0870 606 6004 (calls charged at National Rate). Or pick up a bidding form from Gap's flagship stores in Oxford Street, London; Manchester; Sheffield or Newcastle. The NSPCC would like to thank GAP and all our celebrity friends who have contributed to this fantastic auction. And very good luck to everyone who makes a bid in aid of our work to end cruelty to children. .


Madonna, Eminem, Destiny's Child and Geri Halliwell are all being immortalised as puppets in a new show for BBC Scotland. 'Top of the Poppets' is a controversial sketch show which transforms stars into string dolls. Producer Angus McIntyre said: "We handpicked a number of people from television who annoyed us.". This didn't work with Eminem though, who got his people to approach the programme-makers to ask if he could buy his puppet. 'Top Of The Poppets' will be featured on a new series of BBC2's regional music show 'The Beat Room'. It starts tonight (Fri) at 11:35pm .

19.10.01 GERI SIGNS UP! From Smash Hits

Geri Halliwell was confirmed today as headline act for the Smash Hits Poll Winners Tour in association with Woolworths. She'll be performing at the Newcastle Telewest Arena on 29 November and Nottingham Arena on 3 December. Geri joins A1, Liberty, allSTARS and chart topping dance acts Phats & Small, Pied Piper and Ian Van Dahl who have all been confirmed already. This is the icing on the cake for pop fans as Geri is guaranteed blow everyone away with one of her trademark show-stopping live performances. Since leaving the Spices behind Geri has built up an amazing pop career for herself. She's released two brilliant albums, 'Schizophonic' and 'Scream If You Want To Go Faster'. Both albums have generated No. 1 singles, her latest being 'Raining Men' which was taken from the Bridget Jones sound track. The Smash Hits Poll Winners Tour kicks off at Butlins Minehead (Nov 24) and will visit Hull (Nov 29), Newcastle (Nov 30), Manchester (Dec 1), Sheffield (Dec 2), Nottingham (Dec 3), Cardiff (Dec 4), Bournemouth (Dec 5) and will culminate in the Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party in association with Woolworths on December 9. The show will be broadcast live on Channel 4¹s T4 at 5.00pm. Doors at the Nottingham Arena and Telewest Arena, Newcastle open at 6.00pm. Tickets are priced at £15 per person plus booking fee and can be booked from the Smash Hits Ticket Hotline Number 0870 444 5556 and directly from the venues:

Venue Ticket Booking Line
Telewest Arena, Newcastle 0870 707 8000
Nottingham Arena 0115 853 3000.


Geri Halliwell with her kit off can mean only one thing – she’s got a single coming out. My exclusive snap shows the star baring all in the video for slushy ballad Calling. The vids for her last two singles, It’s Raining Men and Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, had the singer prancing about in next to nothing and it’s a recipe she repeats in the new promo. The song, out on November 26, is about “the simplicity and pureness of true love,” Geri said. A sentiment obviously best expressed in the buff.


Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is to be the headline act for the Smash Hits Poll Winners Tour when it comes to Newcastle Telewest Arena next month, it was revealed last night. The move is the second boost for the Arena within 24 hours. It follows the announcement that Kylie Minogue will play the venue for the first time next May. The Arena has been hit in recent weeks by a series of cancellations and postponements by US stars because of the international situation. Ms Halliwell was a recent hit entertaining troops in the desert in Oman but she has enjoyed a mixed reception to her career since leaving the Spice Girls in 1998. Her two solo albums, Schizophonic and this year's Scream If You Wanna Go Faster both sold well, but were slated by critics. She has also had a series of number one singles, including earlier this year, It's Raining Men, the theme tune to the Bridget Jones film. But her musical career has often had to take second place behind her celebrity status. She has attracted as much attention over her varying weight as she has for her music. Ms Halliwell has also been the topic of much speculation over the nature of her relationship with former Take That star Robbie Williams. Geri, though, remains one of the biggest names in pop and remains one of its most exciting live performers. She will join A1, Liberty, AllStars, BB Mak, Phats and Small, Pied Piper and Ian Van Dahl at the Smash Hits Event in Newcastle, with a number of other acts still to be confirmed. Tickets for the event on November 30 cost £15 and are available on 0870 444 5556 or directly from the Telewest Arena..

19.10.01 GERI HALLIWELL: POSH AND ME From Hit Thanks to SydnyeSpice!

Geri Halliwell tells Cameron Adams about her yoga video and that is all well between her and her former bandmates. 

Are you excited about coming to Australia for the Rumba festival?
I am, yeah. Well, I mean, you never know what might happen between now and then, but my intention is that I'm coming. 
You don't sound 100 per cent sure. You know you're being advertised as part of the bill...
Well, with the world the way it is, you really have to live day-to-day. 
OK. So assuming you do come, will you be singing live? You seem to mime It's Raining Men quite a lot...
Well, I can't sing when I'm being thrown upside down. When I sing It's Raining Men I've got to leave that one on (backing) track, but the rest I get quite excited doing live. 
You said your current album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster was the best you could do, and that if people didn't like it you didn't know what more you could do. Are you happy with its sales?
Yeah. I think the key is having no expectations. I went through a period of thinking it's the best thing I've done, but I've got no power over whether anyone else likes it. I really like it. I think Calling is the best thing I've done. I'm very attached to that one more than anything I've done. 
Were you disappointed when the title track peaked at No. 8 in the UK, after you'd had four No. 1's in a row?
I'd had a clean track record. Of course the ego and the perfectionist in me would always like to get the Grade-A. But in another way it's a blessing, and a relief in certain respects. Not everyone is going to like what I do and that song in particular is one of those records you either really like or really don't. I think intellectually and musically it's a really clever record. I had a lot of musos coming up to me saying they love it. It wasn't maybe everybody's cup of tea, but that's OK. My career can't always be about pleasing the masses. It taught me to really appreciate things, to remind me that No. 1's aren't always guaranteed. 
Your former bandmate Victoria Beckham told Hit she thought you copied her Not Such an Innocent Girl concept for your Scream If You Wanna Go Faster video.
She actually said that? 
She said it was too much of a coincidence...
Wow. All I can say is that great minds think alike. I can't speak on behalf of Victoria, but at the end of the day there's no truth in that. I don't think it benefits anyone to copy. People strive to find their own ideas, so I think that's the last thing I would do. 
In her book she basically blames you for her eating disorder. How did you react to that?
You know what, what goes on between me and Victoria is really not for public consumption. But what I will say is that if I caused anybody to go through any pain then that's really sad. But I don't think anybody's that powerful or influential on the next person. I have to take responsibility for my own behaviour. Obviously I do know eating disorders are a little bit contagious, but I think it should stay out of the public arena, really. 
How did it get so nasty between the two of you?
It hasn't got nasty between the two of us. Absolutely not. That's mediafuelled bulls... that makes interesting copy. We've been through far too much to have any negativity towards each other. I can only want the best for Victoria, she deserves all she's going to get: love, success.
There's another rumour that you and another ex-bandmate, Emma Bunton, have insisted you are kept away from each other when you both appear at Rumba.
That's bulls... 
OK, is it true you're doing a yoga video?
Now that's true. I finished that last week. It will be out before Christmas. 
Is it an instructional video?
Yeah, it's for beginners and people who want to know how to do yoga. It's for all ages, all shapes and sizes. 
And it'll discuss how you got to look like you do?
Were you flattered by all the fuss about your new body?
It's how you deal with it. It's nice to be complimented but it's not everything. I have to be very careful about all these compliments. A pat on the back is 10 inches away kick up the a.... But it's nice to get recognition because I've worked my butt off, doing all the sit-ups. 
Is it a struggle to maintain fame?
It's more a struggle coping with it. I'm coming around to understanding that it's not within my control, I don't decide, it's down to the public interest; it's none of my business whether I'm famous or not. I can only do my best. With my career, fame is a by-product of what I do. I create pop music for people's pleasure, fame comes from achievement and celebrity, that's a by-product. 
Have you started on a third album?
I have. I'm quite excited. My record company have picked up my option for my third album, which is nice. 
Is it true Robbie Williams wrote Eternity about you?
Um. I'm not going to confirm or deny. That's up to Rob, he wrote it. If someone might have written a song about me that's an absolutely beautiful thing to have happen, but I'm not in a position to talk about someone's personal creation like that. 
Are you two still friends?
Yep. I don't see him as much as I'd like to, but we're going all over the world. You have to do what you have to do.


Basketball star Dirk Nowitzki has denied he and Geri Halliwell are an item. The Dallas Mavericks player says he is not having an affair with the former Spice Girl. "We did occasionally go out for dinner or to the movies in Dallas," he told German Playboy magazine. But he insists nothing else went on between them. Nowitzki adds he wants to start a family and raise children. "But right now, that's too early. I'm still almost a child myself, after all," he said..


Look Out for Geri's third single from Scream If You Wanna Go Faster on 26 November. "Calling" is a mature ballad, which sees a different side to our heroine. Geri describes it like this: "I think it's some of the most mature writing I've done. The melody is really rich, I'm such a big romantic. I was looking at the moon in Ibiza, and I was thinking somewhere, someone is looking up at that moon, and my person is my soulmate, with the same will and desires. It's like a wish, an affirmation. I wrote this with Peter Vetesse, who is a genius on the piano.". The singles arrives on 2 CD formats. CD1 features 2 new tracks, "Getting Better" and "Destiny" plus the video, while CD" includes the remixes. Meanwhile, Geri recently shot the video to accompany the track in Barcelona, Spain's most happenin' city. Directed by the acclaimed Pierluca De Carlo, it's a pared down, simple but stylish affair. Shot entirely in black and white, it sees our heroine (in just a big sloppy jumper) making love to the camera. Stunning..


The past couple of weeks have seen Geri back in Italy where she perfomormed on the National Lottery Show in Rome . But she's also been in rehearsals for a couple of important dates... As you might have seen, Saturday saw her in Oman performing a 45-minutes set for the British Armed Forces stationed there. And she's making another Armed Forces gig on Tuesday, 9th October followed by two exclusive shows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this week. Go Geri!.


Hi there, Geri here. How are you doing?
I've had the busiest few months - I know I say that, but it's true!
There's been a bit of jetsettin', lots of performances and some of my more "official duties". One of the best thing was being involved in the Breast Cancer Care event at London Dorchester Hotel recently as it's a cause that has special meaning for me - but you probably knew that already!
I've also been doing some gigs in the Middle East for the British Armed Forces. It's good to be involved in that, but show me one woman who wouldn't like performing for a bunch of men in uniform!!
I also wanted to let you know about my new single, "Calling". I think you're going to be surprised as it's not like anything I've ever done before and it's about as far away as you can get from either "Scream..." or "It's Raining Men". And I must admit, without sounding big-headed or anything, I think it's one of the best songs I've ever written. It's a ballad all about that longing for romance - I know you know what I'm talking about! It's one of those songs that gives you goose bumps. Well, it does me anyway! It's hard to describe what a song sounds like - especially as I think it is pretty unique - but I hope you love it as much as I do. Let me know what you think.
It's not out until 26th November but you'll see the video before then. I'm not going to give too much away, but let's just say it's shot in black and white, it was filmed in Barcelona, and it's very simple. Oh, and there's a really great sweater in it! You'll know what I'm on about when you see it.
Anyway, that's enough of me for now. Nice to spend time with you again.
Take care.


Been wondering what the next battle of the pop charts will be? Well we can tell you that Westlife and Geri Halliwell will be going head to head soon when their new singles are released on November 5th. Westlife's come-back single is called 'Queen Of My Heart' and it certainly looks like the gloves are off with the 'Life's Bryan McFadden telling the News of the World: "Geri's good but she's had her 15 minutes. There's no way she's gonna be No.1." There might well be fireworks on the Guy Fawkes Day release, though because Geri is adamant that she's got the biggest hit with her single 'Calling'. "I think it's my best work to date, the best song I've ever written." she told us recently. Be prepared for a right ol' war of words over the coming weeks! .

16.10.01 WHEN GERI GOT ON TOP From Sunday Mirror

THE Royal Marine who stole Geri Halliwell's show last night said: "Thank God I haven't got a girlfriend - she'd kill me!". Private Nick Dargan, 20, is one of 23,000 British troops on exercise in the Oman desert. The elite force, getting ready for a mountain war against Taliban guerrillas, saw Geri, pop band Steps and comic Bobby Davro put on the second of two special shows. Nick, from Hastings, Sussex, was invited on stage. He said: "I jumped at the chance - Geri looked fantastic in skimpy hot pants. Then she started to do press-ups and told me to join in. As I was doing them she climbed on to my back. I must admit she was very light. I don't have a girlfriend -just as well if she had seen Geri cavorting on top of me!" .


GERI Halliwell last week joined the proud ranks of the Forces Sweethearts - glamorous women who over the years have boosted the morale of British troops in war. But the pampered singer's demands as she sang for the squaddies in Oman hit a sour note with some. The pop millionairess wanted an air-conditioned dressing room and fridge stocked with soya milk. The five-day trip - dubbed Operation Ginger - was in stark contrast to tours by previous sweethearts who put up with bucket showers and camp beds while they helped cheer the troops. Some of the best-known pin-ups told LOUISE HANCOCK what life was really like braving war zones to entertain our boys - and girls. 
SINGER and ex-Page 3 girl Sam Fox, 35, visited Bosnia in 1993. She is working on her autobiography. 'I WENT out to see the work the UN was doing in Bosnia - and ended up getting shot at. It was my first day and I was travelling between villages. When the bullets started flying I had no idea what was going on. I heard a loud buzzing noise. My first reaction was: "Someone kill that bumble-bee". The next thing I know the soldiers with me are telling me to get down on the floor. I spent four days out there in total. I don't mind roughing it sometimes but I drew the line at using one toilet along with 150 men! I told them: "No thanks, I'll go in the bushes." But I was flattered to be there. They voted for me ahead of Joan Collins, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.'
' I've been a forces pin-up since I was 16. Now it's probably those soldiers' sons who are my fans. If they asked me to go again, I'd jump at it. But there's no point going to Oman like Geri - I'd go where they really needed me. Look out Pakistan.' - DAME Vera Lynn, 84, was voted the first Forces Sweetheart in a poll in 1939 and went on to sing for British troops in Africa and the Far East in 1944. 'MY trip to entertain the boys was very different to Geri's experience in Oman last week. With the war still going on, I didn't have time for playing on the beach. I travelled for up to 10 hours a day, washed with buckets of water, stayed in tents and huts and ate with the soldiers. But I couldn't have been treated better. To a man, the soldiers behaved like complete gentlemen. They made me feel so appreciated. I often stayed in little grass huts, but the boys always did their best to make it as comfortable as possible. There would usually be a makeshift table in there with a battered tin with jungle flowers on it. Geri wouldn't have had that. But then she probably wouldn't want it. She is a very different person from me. She's a glamour girl. I was never a glamour girl - I was their sister, the girl-next-door, the one who represented home. I didn't go to promote anything. I went because I knew I was making a real difference to the soldiers' lives. I brought a touch of Britain to men who hadn't been home in years. One man said to me: "Home can't be that far away because you're here." I never forgot that. I thought it was very important to look my best. But I often only had my khakis and a pink evening dress with me - and make-up was difficult because it came off in the heat. Instead I improvised with black grease melted by a candle on a matchstick for mascara. It was incredibly hard work. We often did two or three performances a day out in the open air. At each show, there were hundreds of men who had walked for miles to hear me sing. They always wanted the sad songs like White Cliffs of Dover. The saddest time was when there were two men too ill to come to the concert so I made a special trip to the hospital to see them and sang We'll Meet Again. One got home and one didn't. I have never forgotten those concerts for the troops. I still have a diary which I kept while I was away - and a bullet which was taken out of one of the boys. They are among my most treasured possessions.'
LINDA Lusardi visited troops in the Falklands, Northern Ireland and Belize when she was a Page 3 girl. I THINK it's great that Geri is carrying on the great British tradition of entertaining the troops. I had a fantastic time for 10 years, flying all round the world, being treated like a queen. In fact, on one trip to do a show on the Ark Royal, I slept in the same bed Prince Charles had been in the week before. I was even the official pin-up for the ship which Prince Andrew served on during the Falklands. And during the war, I got sacks of mail from soldiers serving there. One soldier wrote to me saying he had been badly injured and was in hospital. He asked for a picture and a card which I sent. Shortly after, I received a letter from his wife saying that he had died and would I mind if she buried him with my picture. I wrote back saying that of course I didn't mind. After the war I was in the Falklands for 10 days in 1982, performing at special 2,000-seat theatres. The boys were generally very well-behaved. We had to use the men's bathrooms. But the bosses made sure someone was stationed outside whenever we took a shower - with strict orders to keep their eyes to the front.
'During the show, we sang, danced and I held a question and answer session. And I still remember how one cheeky bloke asked me whether I slept on my stomach - and if I didn't, could he sleep on it!' - JOAN Regan, 70, entertained the troops in the Gulf, Germany and Cyprus between 1952-1960. 'IN my day, I wouldn't have dreamt of asking for soya milk. But then I I don't think it existed in the 50s. You would certainly have had trouble getting hold of it during rationing. The only thing I remember asking for was hair spray. We needed bottles of the stuff to keep our hairstyles in the heat. Part of the show was looking as good as you could for the boys. After all, some of them hadn't seen a woman for months on end. There was a group of us - myself, my band and two young girl dancers. There were even a few romances between my dancers and the boys. But it was all very innocent - just a few letters from lonely boys to pretty girls. My abiding memory was of a trip to Germany in 1953 to entertain the Allied troops stationed there. At one point, we were staying near the Belsen concentration camp. I said to the others that since we were in the area we should go there. So the local army commander organised a bus for us. Seeing Belsen was eye-opening. Although it was in the middle of a vast wood, there were no birds singing in the trees. I felt chilled to the bone walking through this horrific place. But like going out to entertain the boys, I felt it was a duty I had to do.'.

16.10.01 GERI PLAYS TO THE GALLERY From Sunday Mirror

GERI Halliwell is taking up art after a visit to the National Gallery in London. The forces' favourite has already invested in etching pencils and oils. "Geri's serious," a friend said. "She wants to express her inner self on canvas."
Dame Geri Halliwell took a lot of stick over her unreasonable demands for her concert for the troops in Oman. But how unreasonable is it really to ask for a tent far away from STEPS? Good news is that notoriously leechy Geri struck up a new friendship while in the desert - with comedian BOBBY DAVRO, the event's compere. Apparently Geri asked Bobby for tips on making people laugh. Which would be about as helpful as him asking her for tips on how to sing..

13.10.01 LUCKY GERI! From People news

Vera Lynn, now 84, commented on Geri's soya milk-fuelled trip to Oman: 'She's lucky to be somewhere there is a fridge.'.

13.10.01 GERI AIN'T HALF HOT AIN'T MUM From The Sun

GORGEOUS Geri Halliwell takes command-o to dish out push-up duty to a lucky Marine at her second show for our troops in Oman yesterday..


THE MUSIC had been arranged, the caterers hired and a temporary dance floor installed at her magnificent Buckinghamshire mansion. Geri Halliwell was determined to make her millennium celebration a night to remember.
What better way, after all, to end a difficult year - at this stage, remember, the former Spice Girl was still trying to adapt to life after the band - than throwing a lavish party at her home, where she, of course, would be the centre of attention. 
But as the evening approached, Geri's excitement was turning to anxiety desperation even - as more and more guests informed her that they would be unable attend.
Even her personal assistant, Victoria Williamson, whom she counted as one of her closest friends, had another engagement. The occasion was in danger of becoming an embarrassment.
So Geri insisted that Victoria, at least, must make up the numbers and, to appease her, suggested that her friend's party should be combined with her own. The offer was accepted.
'Geri even provided us with beds,' said one of the 30 last-minute guests.
'There weren't as many celebrities as we'd expected, and it did seem strange that with all her glamorous friends she had room for us.' Strange, or just sad? Under different circumstances, this episode - 'having to buy someone's
friendship' as one guest bluntly put it - would hardly merit a mention. But such anecdotes seem a recurring theme since the passing of Geri's alter ego, Ginger Spice.
Although an established solo artist, Geri appears increasingly isolated and lonely. Her fling with Robbie Williams - if, indeed, it was anything more than a publicity stunt - is over, and her friendship with George Michael, whom she once called her 'angel', appears to have floundered. So why hasn't Geri got any friends?
Back in her home town of Watford, Janine Raynor, one of the few who still claim to be close to Geri, admitted: 'She has a few friends round here, but not that many any more.' In her autobiography, Victoria Beckham said 
she could never trust Geri again because of the way she left the Spice Girls in 1998: 'She was one of my best friends and she walked out without a word.'
Four months later, the Beckhams were on holiday on the Cote D'Azur when Victoria received a call from Geri, who was staying at George Michael's villa in St Tropez.
Assuming Geri wanted to make amends, she agreed to meet at George's home for dinner. Instead they went to a restaurant where they were mobbed by paparazzi.
A photograph of the Beckhams sharing a table with Geri and George appeared in the newspapers the following day. Geri was about to release a record.
Were the two events connected?
In her book, Victoria says: 'Everyone said it was a publicity stunt. And I said "No".' Reluctantly - and tellingly - she concludes: 'But I had denied myself the truth.' As one young woman who attended the same college as Geri
in Watford pointed out: 'Friends definitely came second. She had one calling in life - and that was to be famous.' We are now used to seeing Geri 'starting' a relationship or appearing with some highprofile friend in the
run-up to a new record launch. 
GERI once said of George Michael: 'It's not a celebrity friendship. We've both lost a parent, both come from Watford, and both were ugly kids who blossomed. 
'I don't know what I would have done without that guy. I was so lonely. I needed someone to give me a cuddle.' Now they hardly see each other, reportedly after she grew too close to George's boyfriend, Kenny Goss.
An insider at Geri's record label, EMI, says: 'There is no doubt that she goes through distinct stages of having a new best mate and spending all her time with them.
'First, it was George Michael and Kenny Goss, then Chris Evans, and finally Robbie Williams. Now she hardly seems to be seeing anyone.
'She seems to completely immerse herself in her new friends, forgetting all her old ones. It can hardly make her happy in the long run.' Victoria Beckham has accused Geri of betrayal. Geri's own autobiography, If Only, resulted in a similar charge - from an old friend, Margaret McLaughlin ('Mary' in the book).
At the time, Geri, aged 17, had left home and had nowhere to live. She turned to Margaret, whose brother she had been dating, for help. 
Margaret found her ' accommodation' in a local squat, which later resulted in Geri appearing in court.
Now in her late 20s, Margaret, , told the Mail: 'She makes out I'm some kind of activist and that I am from a criminal family. It is so exaggerated. 
'She says I was from a broken home, but my parents weren't divorced: my mother died when I was 11. Geri was from a broken home, not us.' 
Recently, Geri has been enjoyingthe friendship of millionaire investment banker Bobby Hashemi, the man behind the Coffee Republic chain of coffee bars. 
BUT, if past relationships are anything to go by, it is unlikely to be anything but short-lived. As one of her old friends said: 'More than anything, Geri wants a husband and two kids, but it's not going to happen.'
Two years ago, Geri was the subject of a fly- on-the wall documentary by journalist Molly Dineen.
The reason Geri gave for allowing her to record her life was: 'I was desperate for company, so I thought I'd make you my friend, Molly. 
'I'm sorry, but you have been fished in by a lonely old person.' Geri was only joking. But, as the saying goes, many a true word is spoken in jest.

13.10.01 GERI'S A REAL TROUPER From Sky News

Geri Halliwell jumped on a soldier's back and rode him around the stage as she performed a second stage show for British troops stationed in the Omani desert.
Mid-way through her routine in front of thousands of Royal Marine commandos, the soldier jumped on stage and demonstrated his extraordinary fitness with an impressive display of push-ups.
Clearly delighted, Halliwell sat astride the marine as he showed off his super strength.
The concert was the second in a week for members of the British Armed Forces currently taking part in Operation Swift Sword II in the Gulf state.
The shows were organised by the Combined Services Entertainment unit and were the largest such events ever staged for the armed forces.
Around half of the 23,000 troops in Oman attended the Halliwell desert concerts.


A Royal Marine grabbed a workout with the help of Geri Halliwell during a stage show for troops in Oman. The concert was the second in a week for members of the British Armed Forces currently taking part in Operation Saif Sareea in the Gulf State. Also on the bill were Steps and comic Bobby Davro, who acted as a host for the show. Mid-way through her routine in front of thousands of Royal Marine Commandos, one soldier demonstrated to Halliwell his extraordinary fitness with an impressive display of push ups. Clearly delighted with the demo, the singer joined in by sitting astride the marine as he showed off his super strength. The shows were organised by the Combined Services Entertainment unit and were the largest such events ever staged for the armed forces. Troops helped erect the stage set, much of which had to be transported overland through the desert, in searing temperatures which can reach as high as 122F. Organisers said both concerts had been a huge success and had helped raise morale in a time of uncertainty for all British service personnel. Operation Saif Sareea has been planned for four years and is due to run until the end of the month. There are some 23,000 British troops in Oman for the exercises and around half of them attended one of the two shows staged this week.

12.10.01 GERI VS J-LO (VS WESTLIFE VS SCC...) From The sun

In diva chart wars part 103, Geri Halliwell and J-Lo are both releasing singles on November 5. Trouble is, they'll be up against Westlife and So Solid Crew..

12.10.01 GERI AND STEPS SPEAK ABOUT OMAN From Geri Italia and Worldpop

Geri Halliwell and Steps have spoken for the first time after their concerts entertaining the British troops in Oman, with Steps calling the show the most sexually-charged experience of their lives! ...... Geri Halliwell also wore a uniform but plumped for her own soldiers' outfit to sing a version of the '70s sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum's theme tune. Surprisingly Geri also performed Spice Girls' song Who Do You Think You Are? The Oman concert was the first occasion Geri had performed a Spice song since leaving the band. The Oman troops are based in the desert and had christened the natural landscape 'Halliwell Hills' in anticipation of Geri's visit. Both Geri and Steps admitted they had never seen anything like the troops' reaction to their performances. 'Our audiences are usually kids and parents,' Steps' Claire Richards told The Daily Star.


Geri Halliwell has made a string of expensive demands for her performance to UK troops in Oman.
Geri Halliwell agreed to make her first full live performance in Oman, alongside Steps and Bobby Davro, to British troops who are there taking part in Operation Swift Sword II. The british military organised the concert, and Geri agreed to take part, but demanded an air conditioned dressing room with a fridge full of soya milk - neither of which is easy to organise in the desert. She also demanded a £250 a night suite in a hotel different from the one Steps stayed in, and ordered that no press was to be allowed into the show. Apart from all that though, she was happy to go and entertain the people who may be about to die for their country.


GERI Halliwell showed some smart manoeuvres of her own on the beach yesterday. The ex-Spice Girl, now a UN goodwill ambassador, outsmarted her Forces escort Wing Commander Mark Smith as she relaxed in the sun before putting on a morale-boosting show for 7,000 British servicemen in Oman. Wearing a skimpy white bikini, Geri playfully soaked the RAF pilot before dancing out of reach in the afternoon heat at the Hilton Hotel in Salalah. As the military presence in the Middle East grew, the star's arrival was a welcome relief for squaddies who have been in two weeks of war games conducted in blistering temperatures. Wing Co Smith, who works for top brass at the British Forces HQ in Oman, is the envy of all his colleagues after being given the job of chaperoning Geri, 27,during her five-day trip. The two have already become the best of friends and threw water at each other from a soaked sun hat as Geri's two burly bodyguards and ex-Royal Marine personal trainer looked on. Wing Co Smith has grown very protective of the former Spice Girl and earlier in the day shoved a photographer aside when he tried to take her picture. Meanwhile, amazed squaddies looked on jealously at the star and her entourage as they relaxed by a hotel pool on a day's leave. A few even plucked up the courage to pass hand-written notes to the star. Later, Geri headlined the special concert compered by comedian Bobby Davro which also featured pop band Steps. At the concert in the desolate desert Base Camp South, seven soldiers were pulled from the crowd and taken to hospital after the audience surged forward in excitement. The performers were all flown in by an RAF Chinook to a huge cheer from the audience. A platoon of Royal Engineers have sweated for two weeks in temperatures up to 50C to build a professional stage, in a mission dubbed Operation Ginger. Geri performed her 45-minute set in a racy costume based on a soldier's desert uniform. Geri wanted to use the gig for the troops, her first full solo show, as a dry run to perfect her act before she starts a tour of the Middle East. Soldiers, sailors and airmen were bussed in from all over Oman to watch England play Greece in their crucial World Cup match on a giant screen before the star-studded concert. Geri made a series of outrageous demands before she agreed to perform including an air-conditioned tent as a dressing room and a fridge full of soya milk.

09.10.01 GERI TAKES ON THE ARMY From Planetfame

Geri Halliwell has made a string of expensive demands for her performance to UK troops in Oman.
Geri Halliwell agreed to make her first full live performance in Oman, alongside Steps and Bobby Davro, to British troops who are there taking part in Operation Swift Sword II. The british military organised the concert, and Geri agreed to take part, but demanded an air conditioned dressing room with a fridge full of soya milk - neither of which is easy to organise in the desert. She also demanded a £250 a night suite in a hotel different from the one Steps stayed in, and ordered that no press was to be allowed into the show. Apart from all that though, she was happy to go and entertain the people who may be about to die for their country.


Geri Halliwell dressed for battle yesterday. Wearing a bikini the size of a commando's parachute rip-cord, she gave Britain's soldiers something to cheer about.
Ms Halliwell, the finely toned artiste once known as Ginger Spice, has become an unlikely, modern day equivalent to Dame Vera Lynn. She arrived yesterday in Oman for a morale-boosting concert for 7,000 British military personnel, who are in the Gulf State as part of Operation Swift Sword, a training exercise that has taken on new significance. Not that the troops needed their morale boosting. They watched England qualify for the World Cup in the hours that preceded Ms Halliwell's 50-minute concert with its 10 costume-changes.
Ms Halliwell's stay has already attracted controversy. According to reports she has made a series of unusual demands – from a fridge full of soya milk in her dressing room to a request she is kept well away from the other big name on the "Geri Show" bill, the teen pop idols Steps. But a source close to Ms Halliwell denied any suggestion of tension between her and fellow performers while Ms Halliwell he said, doesn't drink cow's milk because she is on a special diet.
Ms Halliwell was yesterday frolicking in the surf close to the Hilton Hotel in Salalah, Oman's second biggest city. The concert, organised some months ago prior to the attacks on New York and Washington, was due to take place yesterday evening 50 miles into the Dhofar desert, in a an arena specially dug out of the desert by the British Army.


We'd like to offer a big thumbs-up to our lads in Oman. The troops who have been sent out on an exercise in the blistering hot desert haven't had it easy of late. Imagine being on maneuvers in the scorching sun, with little water, trekking miles a day in the course of duty? Worse still, imagine having to put up with a concert by Geri Halliwell, Steps and Bobby Davro!
Well, that's exactly what happened last night after the morale-boosting show - dubbed Operation Ginger - took place under the gaze of 7,000 British troops. But it seems that Gez managed to maintain her special star-quality, despite the harsh conditions. We hear that she demanded an air-conditioned dressing room and a fridge full of soya milk! Gotta look after those delicate vocal chords, eh Geri?.


Geri Halliwell is to repeat her performance for British soldiers in Oman after a rapturous reception for her Saturday night show. 
More than 6,000 British troops saw the former Spice Girl singing hits and sporting her trademark minimalist outfits - as well as an army uniform. 
The excitement led to dehydration for some
Soldiers built Geri a stage and dug a huge arena out of the desert sand. 
She arrived for the show in a Chinook helicopter, calling out "Hello boys - how are you doing?" as she took the stage. 
She performed a string of hits, including her cover version of It's Raining Men. 
The show also featured chart-topping band Steps and comedian Bobby Davro. 
The excitement proved too much for many in the audience - with scores of soldiers being ferried off to military hospital suffering from dehydration. 
Many had made an eight-hour journey through the desert to see the concert. 
The event was rescheduled from its original timing, so troops could first watch the England football team's World Cup qualifier against Greece on a giant screen. 
Before the concert, RAF forces at the desert training base in Camp South said they were looking forward to it. 
One soldier said it "would be great for morale", while another said the chance to see a live concert in the desert "would be better than watching the football". 
Some of the troops have been out on exercises in Oman for three months. 
Army leaders have described the concert as "a well-earned break" for the troops who have been working under "extremely harsh conditions" in intense heat. 
But one officer also complained about the demands Ms Halliwell made to ensure her comfort in the desert - which reportedly included an air-conditioned dressing room and a fridge full of soya milk. 
"You would have thought we would have better things to do than run around accommodating the needs of Geri Halliwell," he said. 
The stars were assured of their safety during the visit, dubbed Operation Ginger. 
The artists had been booked to perform at the camp prior to the US terror attacks by Combined Services Entertainment, a charity providing entertainment for British forces worldwide. 
Geri Halliwell has previously travelled as a UN goodwill ambassador, shortly after splitting from the Spice Girls. 
She campaigned for more "reproductive healthcare, gender equality and the empowerment of women". 
The pop star is due to perform her next concert for the Royal Marines stationed in northern Oman later this week. .


MIFFED pop band Steps have hit back at Geri Halliwell's prima donna antics at their desert gig. 
The former Spice Girl insisted they were kept away from her as they entertained 7000 British troops in Oman at the weekend. 
Her shocking demands also include a fridge full of soya milk. 
But last night, Steps' patience finally snapped. 
Their spokesman said: "Steps are not an argumentative bunch. 
"We were there to do a show, not worry about soya milk. 
"It's not clear whether there was any argument but if there was then it's a bit sad." 
Rumours have swept the Gulf venue that Steps and Geri can't stand the sight of each other. 
But the spokesman denied they had ever had any run-ins and couldn't understand why Geri had taken such a sudden dislike to the band. 
He said: "Steps have met Geri before. There's never been a problem. I haven't heard anything bad about her." 
Army chiefs had to jump through hoops to keep the two acts apart as they were due on stage within minutes of each other. 
Huge efforts were made to ensure both artists were never in the same place at the same time. 
Organisers even had to devise a plan to prevent them bumping into each other in the foyer of the hotel they were sharing. 
A spokesman said: "It's just been a nightmare to plan all of this. 
"There's more friction here than there is between our regiments." 
Geri's camp were unavailable for comment. 
The chart toppers were meant to be on a week-long morale-boosting tour of the Middle East for the troops who are about to wage war on terrorism. 
But before getting on stage Geri seemed more interested in her own morale, issuing a bizarre string of demands which included air conditioned tents with stocked fridges, 24-hour access to the internet in her dressing room and irons and racks for her designer clothes. 
Once on stage, she wowed the crowd in a range of skimpy outfits. 
Geri teased: "Hello boys. This is my first time, so be gentle with me. I hope I dressed appropriately." 
Private John Mackay, 19, from Wishaw said: "All the guys got a kick out of being in the glamour world of rock'n'roll, even though it meant sweating buckets in the searing heat. It was a welcome break from all this tension flying around.".

09.10.01 OPERATION GINGER From Dotmusic

Geri Halliwell added her own variety of heat to the desert during a performance for British troops in Oman this weekend.
More than 6,000 soldiers turned-up to see Halliwell, dressed in military colours, perform a string of hits including her Number One cover version of 'It's Raining Men'.
Arriving by Chinook helicopter, the former Spice Girl - who is expected to give a repeat performance later this week - followed in the footsteps of Dame Vera Lynn as she provided the troops with a well-earned break from military training.
The soldiers who had earlier been treated to England's World Cup qualifier against Greece, also saw performances from pop group Steps and comedian Bobby Davro.
One of the soldiers told Reuters: "It is really good for the morale, all the celebrations here, the soccer match…It is just great."
However, another officer was notably less enthralled about Geri's presence, particularly her demands for an air-conditioned dressing room and a fridge full of soya milk.
He commented: "You would have thought we would have better things to do than run around accommodating the needs of Geri Halliwell," he said..


Geri demands luxuries to perofrm in the desert
FORGET the Taliban. Britain's top brass were engaged last night on a much more challenging exercise - Operation Ginger.
Singer Geri Halliwell, who will entertain our boys today in the Gulf state of Oman, left military chiefs shell-shocked by an astonishing list of demands to keep her sweet.
Air conditioned tents for Geri, her stage crew and dancers were the first targets in her firing line.
A fridge had to be installed at her makeshift dressing room in the desert, stocked with soya milk and fruit juice.
Irons, ironing boards, clothes racks, a computer with full internet access and the full range of showbiz paraphernalia also had to be flown in to make the dusty arena appear like a major venue.
One Army officer sighed: "The woman is a nightmare. It has been quite an eye-opener trying to look after her and cater for her every demand. Where are we supposed to find soya milk from here? 
"It was great when she originally agreed to do it, we thought it would be a good reward for the men who have been working so hard. But the feeling among a lot of us now is that it's all been too much effort for what it's worth. "Someone a little less demanding would have been far better." 
But Geri's demands didn't stop there. She insisted that she travelled on a separate part of the plane from her support act, pop band Steps.
And at their five-star Hilton Salalah hotel, she decreed, they must stay on a different wing so she doesn't have to bump into them. 
Geri's management have also banned all media coverage of the concert - remarkably her very first full solo show - because she is terrified that critics may pan her.
Show compere, comedian Bobby Davro, told The Mirror last night: "I haven't met Geri before, I am looking forward to it. She certainly has a reputation though."
The show for 6,000 servicemen and women will be held at the desolate forces base Camp South,where they on military exercises.
Flight Lieutenant Tony Marshall admitted the event - dubbed The Geri Show - was "quite a logistical feat".
But he said bravely: "It will be excellent for morale and give everybody a real lift - it's going to be a bit of a carnival.".

07.10.01 STAGE SET FOR GERI'S OMAN SHOW From Yahoo News

LONDON (Reuters) - British army engineers on manoeuvres in Oman have been taking a welcome break from the cloud of uncertainty over U.S. action against Afghanistan by digging a huge crater in the desert to provide a makeshift arena for today's concert by ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.
A military spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday that the arena would be big enough to accommodate the approximately 8,000 army and air force personnel who were expected to attend the event reminiscent of those during World War Two when forces sweetheart Vera Lynn and other stars entertained troops stationed abroad.
"Everyone is looking forward to it -- it's going to be a big morale boost," Capt Cath Brodie said on Friday.
Halliwell, who flew out of Britain on Thursday evening, was not expected to arrive in the region until tomorrow, along with chart-topping band Steps. Comedian Bobby Davro, who is scheduled to open the show, has already arrived, Brodie said.
The event was expected to begin at 8:30 p.m. local time (5.30 p.m. British time) and last two and a half hours.
Troops will get to warm up for the evening by watching England's key World Cup qualifier against Greece on giant screens set up at the concert site, Brodie added.
The entertainers will follow up Saturday's show with a performance on October 9 at another camp in Oman in front of an audience of approximately 8,000 marines and soldiers.
Tensions have been building in Oman as troops await word on whether they will be called to participate in any U.S. military action in response to the attacks in New York and Washington on September 11.
Oman is currently the site of the biggest deployment of British troops since the Gulf War in exercises planned long before the current crisis.
Operation Swift Sword 2, involving 22,000 troops, is designed to test Britain's ability to deploy heavy armour and large troop numbers as speedily as possible.


It has been a tradition since the Second World War - the most popular stars of the day entertaining the troops. 
This weekend some of the biggest names in pop will carry on that tradition in Oman where British soldiers are on exercise. 
Around 7000 British personnel on Operation Swift Sword are expected to make the eight-hour journey through the desert to watch the live show by Halliwell and pop group Steps.
Organisers had to change the timings for the event after realising Ms Halliwell's performance clashed with England's crucial World Cup match against Greece.
They will now watch two hours of football before Halliwell takes the stage in the show to be compered by comedian Bobby Davro.
Flight Lieutenant Tony Marshall said organising the event was "quite a logistical feat" but it now included the England match and would be "excellent" for morale.
"We are expecting about 7000 troops to make the eight-hour journey from where they are stationed to the arena which has been specially carved out of the desert," he said.
"The football is being incorporated into the show and 6pm to 8pm local time will be spent watching the match as part of the performance," he said.
He said troops had been "counting the days" before what has become known as "the Geri show".
"It will be excellent for morale and will give everybody a real lift - it's going to be a bit of a carnival," he added..

07.10.01 GERI'S WAR EFFORT From Mtv.co.uk

As British and American troops prepare for war in the Middle East, Geri Halliwell is gearing up for her own special operation to help boost the morale of UK soldiers.
The former Spice Girl has joined Steps and comedian Bobby Davro to fly to Oman for a special performance to entertain RAF forces at Camp South, the British training base in the desert, for a concert after the troops have watched England's World Cup qualifier against Greece.
Geri is expected to perform 'White Cliffs Of Dover', 'Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line' and 'Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag'. After the gig the stars will travel to Camp Fairbairn for a second performance for the Royal Marines.
An Army spokesman said: "It will be a perfect night in for the troops; watch the footie and then the show. It's a fantastic morale booster..


In addition to her busy life as a pop diva and goodwill ambassador for the UN, Geri Halliwell has agreed to hightail it over to Oman, where British troops are stationed, and perform a special concert to keep morale up. Press reports suggest that Geri will be re-working most of wartime fave Vera Lynn's biggest tunes, including the epic ballad 'White Cliffs of Dover'. Watch this space for more details. 
Geri has also hit the headlines over her newfound love of polo, the toff's version of hockey, played on horseback. She's been spotted hanging about the Cowdrey Park stables with her new fella Bobby Hashemi, and has been apparently learning to ride so she can join in. 
Remember Geri, it's "Whoa!" if you wanna go slower...


Up to 7,000 British troops on exercise in Oman will make an eight-hour journey through the desert on Saturday to watch a concert by Geri Halliwell. 
A special arena has been dug out of the sand for the show, which is intended to boost soldier morale. 
But the event has been rescheduled until later in the evening, so that troops can first watch England football team's World Cup qualifier against Greece on a giant screen. 
The former Spice Girl, who will be joined by the pop group Steps and comedian Bobby Davro, will then travel north to entertain Royal Marines at a second camp next week. 
RAF forces at the desert training base in Camp South say they have been looking forward to Saturday's concert. 
One soldier said it "would be great for morale", while another said the chance to see a live concert in the desert "would be better than watching the football". 
Some of the troops have been out on exercises in Oman for three months. 
Army leaders have described the concert as "a well-earned break" for the troops who have been working under "extremely harsh conditions" in intense heat. 
The stars have been assured of their safety during the visit, dubbed Operation Ginger. 
The artists had been booked to perform at the camp prior to the US terror attacks by Combined Services Entertainment, a charity providing entertainment for British forces worldwide. 
Geri Halliwell has previously travelled as a UN goodwill ambassador, shortly after splitting from the Spice Girls. 
She campaigned for more "reproductive healthcare, gender equality and the empowerment of women". 
Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund, frequently enlists the help of actors, singers and sports stars. 
Alison Tilbe, celebrity coordinator for Unicef, said the organisation has been working with celebrities since the end of World War II. 
Film star Angelina Jolie, who played the lead in Lara Croft: Tomb raider, recently visited Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan as a UN goodwill ambassador.


Geri Halliwell has frolicked in the surf with soldiers before her concert in Oman.
She spent some time on the beach near the Hilton Hotel in Salalah.
Geri posed for pictures in a white bikini and drenched her armed forces escort.
Around 7,000 British personnel on Operation Swift Sword are expected to make the eight-hour journey through the desert to watch Halliwell and Steps this evening.
Organisers had to change the timings after realising Halliwell's performance clashed with England's World Cup match against Greece.
They will now watch the football before Halliwell takes the stage in the Combined Services Entertainment Concert, to be compered by comedian Bobby Davro.
The Army has dug an arena out of the desert for the event, which has been nicknamed Halliwell Hill by troops..


The Army has dug an arena out of the desert for a concert by Geri Halliwell for British troops in Oman.
Around 7,000 British personnel on Operation Swift Sword are expected to make the eight-hour journey through the desert to watch the live show by Halliwell and Steps.
Organisers had to change the timings for the event after realising Halliwell's performance clashed with England's World Cup match against Greece.
They will now watch two hours of football before Halliwell takes the stage in the show to be compered by comedian Bobby Davro.
Flight Lieutenant Tony Marshall says organising the event was quite a logistical feat but it now includes the England match and will be excellent for morale.
"We are expecting about 7,000 troops to make the eight-hour journey from where they are stationed to the arena which has been specially carved out of the desert," he said.
"The football is being incorporated into the show and 6pm to 8pm local time tomorrow will be spent watching the match as part of the performance," he said.
He says troops have been counting the days before what has become known as the Geri show.
"It will be excellent for morale and will give everybody a real lift - it's going to be a bit of a carnival," he added.

06.10.01 GERI TO TAKE UP POLO? From People News

Geri Halliwell has already joined the jet set, but could she be about to join the polo set as well? The former Spice Girl has been spotted hanging around at stables near Cowdray Park, where her new squeeze, Coffee Republic chairman Bobby Hashemi, is a regular on the polo field. According to our man with the mallet, Geri has so far only been seen tottering awkwardly on a pony. Although she is not ready for a full-blown game yet, it looks like she’ll be joining the growing band of lady players and taking part in a few chukkas very soon. How long before she starts shooting with Madonna?.

06.10.01 GERI'S JUST AN OLD TROOPER From The Mirror

AT first we were dismayed that Geri Halliwell has imposed a ban on media interviews during her "tonic for the troops" trip to our boys in Oman. This was soon followed by a giddy sense of relief. Hilariously - as the former Spice Girl heads out this weekend to entertain Britain's soldiers on manoeuvres in the Middle East - Geri's people tell us she doesn't want to look as though she's trying to gain some cheap publicity. What, Geri? Keen on publicity? Perish the thought. But ever first with the news, 3am can bring you exclusive details of her special concert. Here are some of the songs we're told Ginger will be singing - White Cliffs Of Dover, Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line, Sally and Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag...


Geri Halliwell is flying out to perform for UK troops stationed in Oman as part of a morale-boosting visit. The former Spice Girl, together with pop group Steps and comedian Bobby Davro is flying to Muscat to spend a day with the soldiers. They will be entertaining the RAF forces at Camp South, the British training base in the desert, in a concert on Saturday. The stars have been assured of their safety during the visit, dubbed Operation Ginger. The artists had been booked to perform at the camp prior to the US terror attacks by Combined Services Entertainment, a charity providing entertainment for British forces worldwide. After the concert the stars will travel to Camp Fairbairn, for a second concert for the Royal Marines. The concert will be performed directly after the troops have watched England's World Cup qualifier against Greece, to be put up on a big screen. An Army spokesman said: "It will be a perfect night in for the troops - watch the footie and then the show. "It's a fantastic morale booster.". Geri Halliwell has previously travelled as a UN goodwill ambassador, shortly after splitting from the Spice Girls. She campaigned for more "reproductive healthcare, gender equality and the empowerment of women". Charities are thought to benefit immensely from the involvement of celebrities. Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund frequently enlists the help of actors, singers and sports stars. Alison Tilbe, celebrity coordinator for Unicef, said the organisation has been working with celebrities since the end of World War II. "Our approach is to work with celebrities who are going to be really committed and we expect them to be involved with us for a quite long time.... We don't just grab any celebrity for a quick photocall.". Film star Angelina Jolie, who played the lead in Lara Croft: Tomb raider, recently visited Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan as a UN goodwill ambassador. She also pledged to donate $1m (£679,000) of her own money to help the refugees.