Geri Halliwell has disclosed her latest beauty tip - sitting in a freezing bath every morning.
The former Spice Girl says she has a hot shower before setting a timer and plunging into a cold bath for five minutes.
She claims the process helps tone her up.
She said: "You don't need a face lift, just get in a cold bath."
Geri was being interviewed on GMTV by Donny Osmond.
She confirmed she is following an Alpha course, the Evangelical study programme on the Bible and Christianity.
"I am studying Christianity, I am doing this course called Alpha - it is really big in Britain," she told the US star.
"It is from sceptics to atheists, anybody can go. You go as a student - that is what I have done.
"I have always been quite open-minded, looking for a faith, whether it is Buddhism, and I have got a lot out of it. It has been brilliant.".


TheTo be honest, we thought it was Robbie Williams' finest moment. But now he's having second thoughts about his forthright comments denouncing Geri Halliwell as a "demonic little girl". Far from revelling in his marvellously frank statement on the increasingly friendless Ms Halliwell, Robbie is tortured by his outburst. Rather than laugh about them in the pub with his mates, the star has begged the former Ginger Spice to forgive him. It's a remarkable U-turn for Williams after he dramatically expelled Geri from his life. Explaining why he hadn't spoken to his former close friend for six months Robbie had the whole pop world cheering when he told it like it was. The Robster told The Sunday Times Magazine: "She turned into a demonic little girl. She developed this possessed look in her eye. It was genuinely scaring me. She was mad - mad, but good before she was working, but when her career started happening again, she became a different person. It was around this time that I realised that our friendship wasn't what I thought. I don't miss her. I'd be lying if I said I did.". But within days of the offending article the singer - whose album Swing When You're Winning has soared into the charts at number one - was claiming he'd been misquoted. Which he wasn't. During a harrowing three-hour phone call to 28-year-old Geri, Robbie rolled out such well-worn phrases as "being taken out of context", "not meaning it like that" and - of course - "bloody journalists". We wait with bated breath to see if they can rekindle their headline- grabbing friendship.


The Spice Girls claim they were "innocent" about the date of Geri Halliwell's departure from the band. The group were not present today when the Court of Appeal heard their case against Aprilia World Service. The band say they should not have to pay £400,000 to the motor scooter company they had sued for £220,000. High Court judge Mrs Justice Arden made the order in July last year after ruling the group had committed a misrepresentation when they signed a £500,000 promotional contract with Aprilia World Service knowing Ginger Spice was leaving. The five members of the group have taken their case to the Court of Appeal, arguing they should have won their original claim for unpaid sponsorship fees and guaranteed royalties on a special edition Spice Sonic scooter they promoted. They claim they signed the deal with Aprilia in March 1998 and Geri told of her intention to leave the following month. At first she said she would not be leaving until the end of an American tour in September that year and this would have had no effect on the contract. But she changed her mind and quit without warning in May. Mr Ian Mill QC, representing the girls, told Sir Andrew Morritt, the Vice Chancellor, and Lords Justices Chadwick and Rix that there were no group discussions about Miss Halliwell's possible departure before the Aprilia agreement had come into force. When Aprilia refused to pay any more of the sponsorship contract, the Spice Girls launched their legal action. Mr Mill said that Aprilia's argument that it would not have signed the contract had it known that Geri was leaving the group was designed to try to deter the Spice Girls from pursuing their "valid claim". They want £100,000 in unpaid fees, £112,250 in guaranteed royalties on sales of the Sonic Spice scooter and £6,000 for scooters promised to them. They also want the appeal judges to quash Mrs Justice Arden's ruling that they should pay £45,550 damages for scooters Aprilia did supply to the girls plus legal costs. Aprilia are counter-appealing over Mrs Justice Arden's refusal to award damages for misrepresentation. Mr Mill said that any misrepresentation was innocent and therefore they were not liable for any damages.


Spice Girl Emma Bunton says the Queens of British pop may reunite for a concert tour, but without ''Ginger Spice'' Geri Halliwell.
``Baby Spice'' Bunton said she had discussed a tour, their first since December 1999, with the three other band members -- Mel B, Mel C and Victoria Beckham.
``We have discussed touring as a four-piece but never getting Geri back for it,'' Bunton, 25, told Tuesday's tabloid Sun newspaper in an interview. ``It's something we would all like to do and I think it would be an amazing show because we would have Spice songs as well as solo ones.''
Although they never officially split, the four remaining Spice Girls have pursued solo careers since their last album ''Forever'' in November 2000.
Halliwell left the Spice Girls in 1998 amid reports of bitter squabbling. Bunton said the girls have made their peace but she ruled out Geri rejoining the band.
``I have seen Geri a couple of times since she left and everything is cool,'' Bunton said. ``But I found it really hard when she left. I am a very loyal person and I just felt she shouldn't have been so disloyal.''
A tour could mean big money for the Spice Girls, who have failed to repeat the band's huge global success in their solo careers.
Bunton, who is promoting her new album ``A Girl Like Me,'' dismissed reports they had earned 28 million pounds ($40 million) each from hits such as ``Wannabe,'' ``Spice Up Your Life'' and ``Viva Forever.''
``I am always interested to see how much money I am supposed to have made,'' she said. ``I certainly don't think I am wealthy enough to retire.''.


Robbie Williams has cut ex-lover Geri Halliwell out of his new film after a bust-up. Geri was set to appear in a key scene of the documentary Nobody Someday which charts Robbie’s year. She was to be shown hugging him as she presented his award for Best Male Artist at last February’s Brits and joking: “This winner is healthy, talented and, according to press reports, giving me one.”. But the memorable moment was left on the cutting room floor because the couple have since fallen out. Scenes of them at Robbie’s house were also dropped. A film insider says: “Robbie did not want to see anything with Geri in his film. As far as he is concerned she is no longer a part of his life. Robbie had a lot of control over what went in and what stayed out and we were told Geri was definitely out.”. Robbie revealed this week he had fallen out with Geri and that despite bedding her had never really fancied her. He said solo stardom had made her “a different person — making these manic, impulsive decisions”. And he added: “She turned into a demonic little girl playing with dolls and a tea set. She started speaking like a psychotic child and developed this possessed look. It was genuinely scaring me. It was around that time I realised our friendship wasn’t what I thought it was.”. Nobody Someday will be in cinemas from January 4 and will be shown on Channel 4. Last night a spokeswoman for distributors UIP said that director Brian Hill had felt footage of Geri and other celebrities wasn’t relevant. Meanwhile, my snapper caught Robbie dancing for joy outside his house in London’s Notting Hill over news that Swing When You’re Winning is set to be No1 album on Sunday. It is expected to sell quicker than his previous CD, Sing When You’re Winning, which shifted 313,000 copies in its first week. And Robbie’s Albert Hall gig, shown on BBC1 last week, will be aired on Radio2 on Christmas Day — minus the swearing.

23.11.01 GERI IS A FREEZY LOVER From The Mirror

Who needs great philosophers such as Aristotle and Jean-Paul Sartre when you've got Geri Halliwell's thoughts on cold baths. The batty singer has taken to having cold dips to stimulate body and soul. We'll let the ex-Spice Girl do the talking: "Do you know why I like it so hot in my house? Because I've started having cold baths in the morning. At first I can hardly breathe but after a while your breathing slows down, your body tightens up and it feels amazing. It sounds freakish but I've read the Russians do it.". She continues in an interview with Andi Peters for ITV's Rich And Famous: "You have to keep very still and focus on an affirmation of something positive for the day. Even if you just stay in for 30 seconds at first. I can stay in for a couple of minutes now.". We'll stick to our Matey and hot baths thanks.


Council bosses where Posh Spice lives hired a Geri Halliwell lookalike after Victoria Beckham refused to turn on their Christmas lights.
Officials in Sawbridgeworth where Posh and Becks live thought the couple would do the honours.
Both were too busy so the council called in Sarah Belsey, a dead ringer for Geri Halliwell - Posh's bitter pop rival.Sarah, 21, told The Sun, "I'm surprised Posh couldn't make it as she lives so close but I'm happy to fill in for her."
The superstar couple own £3.5 million "Beckingham Palace" just outside the village in Hertfordshire.


Kylie's number one single Can't Get You Out Of My Head is favourite to win the Record of the Year title.
Members of the public will vote for the winner during a live TV special on ITV1 on December 8.
The list is made up from the best-selling singles of the year, but with only one entry per artist.
The award has been won for the past two years by Westlife. But they have ruled themselves out of the running this year.
TV's Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell, of Westlife's record label Polydor, said: "We're not going to enter Westlife this year. We're going to take a break from the competition but we'll be back next year hopefully."
Bookmaker William Hill are placing Kylie's single at 6-4. Robbie Williams, with whom she dueted on the single Kids last year, is second favourite at 5-2.
Hear'Say were on hand to hear the shortlist announced in London. They were delighted to find their first single Pure And Simple included with Hills ranking them at 12-1 for the title. It was the fastest selling single of the year.
The group's Myleene Klass said: "What's amazing is that a lot of people said that a year down the line we wouldn't be here. But the biggest compliment is we're all still here and nominated for Record of the Year."
TV viewers will whittle the 20 entries down to just 10 following a preview show on ITV1 on December 2.
The full list of nominees is: 
All Rise, Blue 
Always Come Back To Your Love, Samantha Mumba 
Because I Got High, Afroman 
Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Kylie Minogue 
Clint Eastwood, Gorillaz 
Don't Stop Movin', S Club 7 
Do You Really Like It?, DJ Pied Piper and The Masters of Ceremony 
Eternity, Robbie Williams 
Hey Baby, DJ Otzi 
It's Raining Men, Geri Halliwell 
It Wasn't Me, Shaggy 
Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera, L'il Kim, Pink and Mya 
Mambo No 5, Bob the Builder 
Perfect Gentleman, Wyclef Jean 
Pure And Simple, Hear'Say 
Survivor, Destiny's Child 
Teenage Dirtbag, Wheatus 
21 Seconds, So Solid Crew 
What Would You Do?, City High 
Whole Again, Atomic Kitten.

21.11.01 LONELY SPICE? From The Sun

COULD this Lonely Hearts ad possibly be Geri Halliwell’s bid to find a soul mate after falling out with George Michael, Chris Evans and most recently Robbie Williams? 
"GORGEOUS blonde, former red-head, publicity shy (well, slightly) late 20 - something superstar WLTM anyone who can bear me for more than just a summer holiday. VGSOH needed to amuse themselves while I practise yoga and drink soya milk.Also useful if you don’t have a very big 
appetite and can touch your toes in a bid to lose weight. 
Must be famous but not Posh.
Used to have big group of girlfriends called Emma, Mel, Victoria and Mel but then decided to spice things up with pals George, Chris 
and Robbie. Fell out with most of them so new companions needed. Interested? 
Call my record label, or log on to my website".


We all know Geri Halliwell absolutely loves herself, but does anyone else? As the flak flew from all directions yesterday the term "solo career" took on a depressing resonance for the former Spice Girl. First ex-friend Robbie Williams told how he parted company with Ginger: "She turned into a demonic little girl... She developed this possessed look in her eyes. It was genuinely scaring me.". Does he miss his old pal? "No," said Robbie. "I'd be lying if I said I did.". Then Tory defence spokesman Bernard Jenkin lodged a complaint about the ridiculously high costs involved in staging Ms Halliwell's "entertaining" shows for our troops in Oman. But a spokesman for Geri told 3am: "The Army said they'd pay Geri's expenses. She brought along eight dancers and had 10 costume changes and actually ended up out of pocket.". Selfless as ever.

20.11.01 ROBBIE, BAD, BAD GUY... From Sunday Times

After heading down several unlikely conversational B-roads, I ask whatever became of his relationship with Geri Halliwell. He looks slightly uncomfortable. ‘She turned into a demonic little girl playing with dolls and a tea set,’ he says. ‘She started speaking like a psychotic child and she developed this possessed look in her eye. It was genuinely scaring me. She was okay - mad but good mad - before she was working, but when her career starting happening again she became a different person. Making these manic, impulsive decisions. It was around that time I realised that our friendship wasn’t what I thought it was.’ Does he miss her? ‘No, I don’t,’ he says, biting a knuckle. ‘I’d be lying if I said I did.’ Did they ever have sex? ‘We slept together,’ he says being uncharacteristically evasive. ‘I don’t think we found each other physically attractive. It wasn’t really a sex thing.’.


She was hailed as a vital part of the war effort. When Geri Halliwell sang for British troops in Oman last month, senior officers congratulated themselves on a public relations coup. Racy tabloid pictures of the bikini-clad singer frolicking on the beach with soldiers added to the sense of anticipation surrounding the warzone visit of the pop star. But Halliwell is now facing accusations that she was paid 'tens of thousands of pounds' by the Ministry of Defence for the show and that soldiers were banned from taking pictures at the event in order to protect revenues from future film rights. Even more damaging for the former Spice Girl's reputation is the formidable intervention of the original 'Forces' Sweetheart', Dame Vera Lynn, who has angrily denounced Halliwell for even thinking of charging the Army in a time of war. Lynn told The Observer: 'If it's true Geri Halliwell charged a fee, then it's a very poor show. 
'If she can't give up her time free for troops who are there to defend her and her way of life that is very sad. I never charged a penny, and if ever I was given any money I gave it to my pianist.' Tory defence spokesman Bernard Jenkin asked the Ministry of Defence last week to reveal the cost of the concert, but Defence Minister Adam Ingram refused to disclose the amount, claiming that the information was 'commercially confidential'. Jenkin's office claims he was contacted by army personnel complaining that a large proportion of the Army's welfare budget was used up to pay for Halliwell's concert. Jenkin said: 'Wealthy performers can and should perform for free. There is so much goodwill for performers towards the armed forces that taxpayers should not be splashing out large sums of money unnecessarily. The Government should tell us how much they spent on these events, and then we can assess whether it's value for money.' 
Halliwell's spokesman, Jonathan Hackford, has denied that she was paid, claiming she only received a payment for 'expenses'. He said: 'Geri actually ended up being out-of-pocket after having to personally pay stage crew and several dancers who flew in from Italy.' Hackford and the MoD have refused to reveal the expenses claimed. An army source, however, said the amount ran into 'tens of thousands of pounds'. Entertainment experts believe her normal market rate would have been more than £200,000. The 'Geri show' in Oman was organised by Services Sound and Vision Corporation, a charity which is in effect the entertainments arm of the MoD. The corporation's managing director, retired Air Vice-Marshal David Crwys-Williams, said Halliwell was paid 'well below the market rate'. 
Crwys-Williams, who is also a trustee of comedian Jim Davidson's British Forces Foundation, said: 'We negotiated a very good deal and were delighted she agreed to come to a very demanding location for the rate we agreed. 'She worked very hard and put on a stupendous show, and the troops loved it.' But it is not only the cost of Halliwell's show that has stirred controversy. It was claimed that soldiers were told they could not take any cameras to the event because Halliwell's film production company wanted exclusive rights to cover the show. Steps, who performed on the same bill, accused Halliwell of prima-donna antics and outlandish demands. One member of the band said: 'The soldiers out there are living in difficult conditions, and I thought we owed them a bit more than acting like stupid, overdemanding pop stars. In my view, Geri Halliwell was out of order.' 
It is reported Halliwell wished to clear an entire floor of the $250-a-night Hilton Hotel, so she could avoid bumping into Steps. She is also said to have demanded air-conditioned tents for her stage crew and dancers, a fridge installed in her makeshift dressing room in the desert, stocked with soya milk and fruit juice, and also irons, ironing boards, clothes racks and a computer with full internet access. Hackford denied she had made any bizarre backstage demands. The show was 'something Geri wanted to do for the troops', he said. 
'It's a very brave thing for Geri to do. The only thing she asked for was some cold drinks after the show, which doesn't seem so outrageous considering the show was in the middle of the desert.' Halliwell's spokesman claims that Tory-supporting comedian Jim Davidson is stoking the row over the cost because he believes his charity, the British Forces Foundation, would have offered better value. 
The BFF claims it can provide top-class entertainment for the military without the taxpayer footing the bill. Recently it staged a rock concert for the armed forces in Germany for which Status Quo performed free. A spokesman for the BFF said: 'We applaud anybody who performs for the troops, but we aim to put on large shows with major acts and do not expect to pay those performing, nor do we expect to cost the taxpayer anything.'.


Britain's Ministry of Defense is refusing to say how much former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell was paid to entertain British troops on exercise in Oman last month amid a dispute over whether she should have performed for free. Bernard Jenkin, defense spokesman for Britain's opposition Conservative Party, told the Observer newspaper that his office was contacted by army personnel complaining that a large proportion of the army's welfare budget went on the shows. "Wealthy performers can and should perform for free," Jenkin said. "Taxpayers should not be splashing out large sums of money unnecessarily. The government should tell us how much money they spent on these events, and then we can assess whether it's value for money.". Dame Vera Lynn, forces sweetheart in World War Two, told the Observer that she never charged for her wartime concerts. "If it's true that Geri Halliwell charged a fee, then it's a very poor show. If she can't give up her time free for the troops who are there to defend her and her way of life that is very sad," Dame Vera said. "I never charged a penny and if ever I was given any money I gave it to my pianist.". A spokesman for Geri Halliwell, Jonathan Hackford, told the Observer that she hadn't been paid. "Geri actually ended up out of pocket after having to personally pay stage crew and several dancers who flew in from Italy," he said. "It's a very brave thing for Geri to do. The only thing she asked for was some cold drinks after the show which doesn't seem so outrageous considering the show was in the middle of the desert," Hackford said. Defense minister Adam Ingram refused to disclose the amount that Halliwell had been paid when asked to do so by Jenkin, saying that the information was "commercially confidential.".


Geri Halliwell has denied she was paid for her concert for British troops.
The Ministry of Defence is refusing to reveal the cost of the show in Oman.
But the former Spice Girl says reports she was paid tens of thousands of pounds are untrue.
Her spokesman Jonathan Hackford told The Observer she had only received expenses.
"Geri actually ended up being out of pocket after having to personally pay stage crew and several dancers who flew in from Italy," he said..


If rock concert organisers thought they had a tough job looking after rock stars, they should spare a thought for pop promoters.
The organisers of Rumba, Australia's first live pop extravaganza - which takes over Colonial Stadium today - have already lost their biggest star, Geri Halliwell. Organisers say that Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, cancelled her appearance after a Melbourne radio station played up her rivalry with Posh Spice during an interview.
It's a pity, because one of the most exciting things about Halliwell's presence was that she would be on the same stage as another rival, Baby Spice.
With the exception of Halliwell and one artist requesting that the stage room be wiped down with antiseptic, organiser Sean Pickwell said there had not been any outrageous demands or tantrums that the likes of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are famous for.
Then again, you would think that artists would be able to make a couple of demands considering that, with the exception of a couple of international acts, none of them are getting paid. Such is the nature of the pop industry; artists are required to perform for their record companies as a marketing and promotion exercise to promote more sales.
Mr Pickwell said the artists would receive more in exposure and promotion than a flat fee.
But the good news for fans is that most of the artists will be performing live. 
Considering how many records artists such as Human Nature, Shaggy, Bardot, Scandal'us and Tina Arena sell, it is amazing that this is the first huge mainstream pop festival of its type in Australia.
With more than 48,000 people expected, it is a certain cash cow. Mr Pickwell believes that the crowd will range from teens to 35-year-olds.
The most popular performer seems to be British star Craig David, who has sold 250,000 albums here.
But do sales depend on looks?
"No, my boyfriend likes Craig David as well," says Ritianne Bonnici, 21, from Altona North.
The main stage, measuring 80 metres by 45 metres, is the largest ever erected at Colonial Stadium and spans the stadium.
Three nine-metre by six-metre video screens will broadcast Rumba TV, which will feature interviews with the performers in between shows.
Mr Pickwell said he did not expect there to be any of the sound troubles that marred early concerts at the stadium, because they would be using acoustic curtains installed for the Barbra Streisand con-certs.
Organisers have set up the Rumba Mall, where artists will sign autographs, a cyber cafe, an extreme sports zone, fashion retail outlets and a "chill-out" zone. 
Gates open at 12.30pm for a 2pm start and extra trains and trams have been scheduled. 
For more information, call VicTrip on 131638"


Tamzin Outhwaite says Geri Halliwell is obsessed with her beauty regime. The EastEnders actress says Geri works too hard and never chills out. She says she would never give up so much of her life to make her body look gorgeous. "Geri and Posh and all those people who spend all their time at the hairdressers, the manicurists and having massages or facials must be exhausted," Tamzin told Glamour magazine. "I can't imagine anything more boring.".


Geri Halliwell is going for gold. Anyone close to the famous former Spice Girl knows that for some time it has been her ambition to conquer the world. And although total global domination may be beyond the ginger one's reach, she is in with a sporting chance of Olympic glory. The 29-year-old singer is in secret talks with organisers of January's Winter Olympics to sing at the gala closing ceremony. Geri's lofty ambitions were triggered when she saw diva from Down Under Kylie Minogue triumphantly bringing down the curtain on last year's Sydney games. Her rendition of Abba's classic Dancing Queen only served to boost her already sizzling career. Now Ms Halliwell wants a slice of the action. If she is hired for the televised gig in the Utah capital of Salt Lake City it will provide her with an unprecedented worldwide platform. Geri - whose latest album proved something of a disappointment - is desperate to break into Hollywood. And landing the Olympics job would certainly help. Unless, of course, she sings her extraordinary single Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. Lack of self-belief has never dogged the girl from Watford. And, strange though it may seem, we hear she is in pole position for the prestigious slot. 3am's perfectly placed source reveals: "It's still early days, but she's pretty confident that she's in with a very good shout.". If she lands the job she will join an exclusive set of celebrity Olympians. In 1992 Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballe sang the Barcelona Olympics anthem, previously recorded with the late Queen star Freddie Mercury. Kylie's memorable Sydney performance saw her entering the stadium in showgirl sequins and plumes aboard a huge flip-flop shoe.


LONDON (Reuters) - An England shirt signed by team captain David Beckham and boots worn by Geri Halliwell in a recent hit video are among the items up for bid to help raise money for the BBC's Children in Need campaign. The annual telethon, which airs Friday on BBC One, has raised more than 270 million pounds over the last 10 years for a variety of organisations that support children's physical, mental and social well-being, the BBC said in a statement on Tuesday. This year's star-studded programme, hosted by Terry Wogan and Gaby Roslin, will be going interactive for the first time through the newly-launched BBCi, allowing digital TV viewers to make a donation with the press of a button. Plans also include the airing of webcasts from the three pop concerts to be held in Doncaster, Leicester and Portsmouth, the BBC said. Online users can access the programme's site at www.bbc.co.uk/cin, where they can participate in live chats with celebrities as well as bid on celebrity goods up for auction. Among the top items for sale are the boots Halliwell's wore for the video of her recent single "Scream if You Wanna Go Faster".


Prince Charles is meeting youngsters from around the UK at the opening of a new stand at Aston Villa Football Club.
He is opening the new Trinity Road stand as well as rewarding 500 youngsters who have shone on his Prince's Trust Volunteers programme.
Trust ambassadors Geri Halliwell, Olympic athlete Kelly Holmes and Villa's Dion Dublin are expected at the unveiling and award ceremony.
Charles will begin his visit to the club by unveiling a plaque to open the Trinity Road stand, which was completed at the beginning of the year.
He will also view a small exhibition at the old stand, which was opened by his grandfather, George VI, in 1926.
Later in the evening, Charles will present eight awards to Prince's Trust volunteers to the best of regional and country finalists in the Recognition Awards scheme.


Geri releases her brand new single Calling on 26th November. The single is a tender ballad about the simplicity and pureness of true love and was written by Geri and legendary producer Peter John Vettese. There are various TV appearances lined up, where you can see Geri perform Calling, which are listed below. You can also watch the gorgeous black and white video, set in Barcelona, on The Box and MTV.
Geri will be on the following TV shows starting tomorrow with:
Saturday 10th November - CDUK
Thursday 15th November - The Pepsi Chart Show
Friday 16th November - Children In Need
Saturday 17th November - The Saturday Show
Friday 23rd November - Blue Peter
Tuesday 27th November - The Richard and Judy Show
Wednesday 28th November - GMTV + MTV Select
Calling is the third single to be released from the album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster which is out now and also includes the No. 1 hit single It's Raining Men and Scream If You Wanna Go Faster.


(RUMOUR) According to the radio show "time is 7" the former spice girls co-writing team, Stannard and Rowe are to be sueing Geri Halliwell for A3100,000.The team claims that Geri had no permission to use "Wannabe" in her show yesterday at London's G.A.Y club. The team says that because Geri is no longer part of the group, and has signed off the band, she has no more copyright to songs that Rowe and Stannard wrote with the Spice Girls of 1996 - 1998.Geri is said to be releasing a statement later on in the week about the sueing.(RUMOUR)

11.11.01 GERI SHAPES UP From Megastar

SLIMLINE singer Geri Halliwell is hoping to challenge Jane Fonda as the queen of the workout video as punters clamour to copy her new toned image.
The former Spice Girl's fitness video offers tips on how to fight the flab and firm up using the ancient art of Yoga. And with the results regularly on display during her raunchy stage acts, people are flocking to the stores to buy the video, entitled Geri's Yoga.
It has sold more than 50,000 copies in the first week and if sales continue to rise in the post-Christmas fitness rush, she could outsell fitness gurus such as Jane Fonda and Mr Motivator.
Bosses at her company are hoping 28-year-old Geri will shift around one million videos as people try to shed the extra pounds they pile on over Christmas.
A spokesman for VCI, which made the video, said: "We are delighted with the fantastic performance of the Geri Yoga video.
"In just over one week of sales we have already sold over 50,000 videos putting us well on course of sales of half a million by Christmas.
"Worldwide interest in the programme is phenomenal and with the key January fitness market fast approaching total sales in excess of one million videos seems certain."


Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell hopes her fans will want to know more about the kind of strenuous workouts that helped her lose the pounds after she split from the group. She has a fitness video offers tips on how to fight the flab and firm up using the ancient art of Yoga. The video, entitled Geri's Yoga, has sold more than 50,000 copies in the first week. It is her way of matching up to the likes of weight-loss celebrity workouts by Jane Fonda and Mr Motivator. Bosses at her company are hoping the 28-year-old will sell a million videos as people try to shed the extra pounds they pile on over Christmas.


She's finally bagged herself a man, but Geri Halliwell just had to go that one step further. In a desperate attempt to impress her polo-playing millionaire boyfriend - another cringe-making bid to become accepted by high society - the ever-diminishing singer is actually taking polo lessons. Romance has been brewing between the 29-year-old and Bobby Hashemi - founder of the Coffee Republic chain - for two months and the singer has been to Cowdray Park in Sussex several times to watch Bobby and his team, Java. But now Geri, who has a history of short relationships, wants to keep her man interested by learning all about his sport and has been going to Epsom Polo Club twice a week for lessons. "Since meeting Bobby and getting into his polo playing circles, Geri has decided it's time for her to move up in the world," says a source. "She's moved in with interior designer Nina Campbell and meeting all sorts of frightfully well to-do people and is desperate to fit in.". It's not the first time the former Ginger Spice has dallied with the polo mob. She once dated Jamie Morrison, one of England's top young players whose dad owns the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club and plays with Prince Charles. "It's just a matter of time before she'll be trying to set up matches with Charles," says our source. "She likes to think he is a pal anyway.".

08.11.01 CHART WARS - EPISODE #? From The Sun

Forget Posh versus Kylie — the chart battle of the year is Steps v Hear’Say v Atomic Kitten v Five v Geri Halliwell v Mariah Carey. All will be vying for No1 with new singles released on November 26. Not a great day for Kate Winslet to launch her pop career then.


Organisers of the Australian pop festival that GERI HALLIWELL pulled out of have arrived at a novel solution of how to fill the empty space - by launching a nationwide GERI-OKE contest. As previously reported on NME.COM, the singer pulled out of the Austereo network's Rumba Festival which takes place in late November. Australian press reports at the time claimed that the cancellation followed an advance phone interview with Kyle McLachlan and Jackie O's Hot.30.com show which is nationally syndicated through Austereo. During the interview the subject of rivalry with Victoria Beckham came up. A UK spokesperson for the star subsequently put the cancellation down to promotional commitments in the UK. Now, the 2DAY FM Breakfast Crew in Sydney are attempting to fill the empty space left by Geri by launching a nationwide contest. Listeners can call into the show to audition by singing 'It's Raining Men', and the winner gets to perform in front of 40,000 festival goers. A roving reporter has also been stopping potential warblers on the streets of Sydney getting them to sing live on air. Gemma O'Neill from the Morning Crew explained, "We're getting just so many calls - everyone from little kids of 6 and 7 to women in their 40's and 50's. We've even had rejects from 'Popstars' who were turned down because of their appearance. We're just basing this on their ability to sing.". Interested applicants have until November 9, when the final decision will be made and the rehearsals with a choreographer begin. "We're doing the whole thing - dancers, music, costumes - everything," vowed O'Neill. "It's basically just about having a bit of a sense of humour about it.". Rumba hits Melbourne's Colonial Stadium on November 17, then heads to Sydney Stadium Australia (24). Confirmed acts include Emma Bunton, Shaggy, Craig David and Nelly Furtado.

07.11.01 GERI AND THE PLACE MAKER From This is London

It makes the Odd Couple look like identical twins. The news that camp pop star Geri Halliwell and Society decorator Nina Campbell are sharing a house is the grooviest thing to happen in the world of wallpaper and curtain ties since Nicky Haslam's facelift. The last time I saw Geri Halliwell was in July. She wasn't wearing an awful lot and she was frolicking in a fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps in Rome energetically accompanied by a group of young dancers whose modesty was barely covered by bikinis made of black masking tape. The last time I saw Nina Campbell was at The Spectator party when she was waving a fan in an effort to keep cool among the assorted Tory MPs, aristocrats and Right-wing journalists. One is an insecure pop star notorious for changing her image rather more frequently than Madonna; the other is a decorator who has purveyed an impeccable English type of taste for the past four decades. It never occurred to me that the chart topper would move in with the chintz peddler. Nina Campbell is pure Belgravia. Her father Archibald Campbell was a moustached and monocled colonel, her mother was a deracinated posh bird from Vienna who, once she moved into Belgravia, stayed there saying: "I was a refugee from Austria; I won't be a refugee from Belgravia.". I believe she did once move north of the park, years ago, but it is a period of her life that she prefers not to talk about. Right now she is back where she belongs in Chelsea, the spiritual heartland of her look of chintz and chinoiserie, trompe l'oeil and treillage. Chelsea is where Nina started in interior design, working as a shop assistant in the General Trading Company. After she came out as a debutante, she went to work for John Fowler, the second half of Colefax and Fowler. During the Forties and Fifties, Fowler was the Establishment decorator par excellence; the sort of jobs he used to take on were things such as Queen Elizabeth's audience room at Buckingham Palace. Fowler was also a talented chintz designer - "Old Rose" is a best-selling classic - and his chief contribution to civilised life was the notion of covering the tops of picture cord with silk bows. 
Tracey Emin would not have seen eye-to-eye with Fowler, but young Nina Campbell did. After helping him out, she assisted Mark Birley in the decoration of his Mayfair club Mark's. Birley and Campbell were later to go into business together and opened a small shop on the Pimlico Road. From this modest location, Nina Campbell has grown into a brand, a sort of posh, understated, Belgravia version of Martha Stewart: there are paints, wallpapers, fabrics and even a website. She spent the Seventies decorating country houses and joined the international league in the Eighties when she was drafted in by the Queen to decorate the Yorks' marital home. She has worked for clients as diverse as Rod Stewart, the Queen of Denmark and the Savoy Group, for whom she subtly made over The Connaught hotel. In the early 1970s she married Andrew Konig, a dashing, Aston-Martin-driving scion of a banking dynasty. Together they had two children, the elder of whom Henrietta, or Rita as she prefers to be known, has achieved a cult following for her domestic column "Rita says" in Vogue magazine. Rita's brother Max helps mum run the family business. However, it is through a child from her second marriage, Alice Deen, that Nina met Geri. Geri is a friend of her daughter, and Nina has given the poor girl a roof over her head while she gets over the trauma of a break-in at her last house and looks for a place of her own. For the first time in ages, Geri probably has something approaching a stable domestic life, while Nina has been getting out a bit more, and not just to The Spectator party. A typical Saturday evening might see Nina taking in a bit of opera and then moving on to a gay club to see Geri on stage. Having her daughter's fitness-crazed friend around the place has also rubbed off on Nina, who has lost a couple of stone. "She is much much thinner, she is much blonder, she looks simply wonderful, she looks amazing," says lifelong friend and fellow interior designer Nicky Haslam. Geri has even brought out something of the latent performance artist in Nina. "She is doing this pantomime and has had Tomasz Starzewski make her costume," says Nicky, adding that, far from being a renaissance for Nina, it is "more like the renaissance of Geri Halliwell". And does this mean that having a popstar lodger will become de rigueur this Christmas? Certainly Nicky Haslam seems to think so: "I have got Eminem moving in when Britney vacates the guest room," he says.

07.11.01 PARTY ANIMAL: IT'S TIME TO HAVE FUN AGAIN! From Now Magazine/Geri Italia Thanks to Lydia

Geri Halliwell staged a sensational solo show at London's G.A.Y club night, which enabled her not only to have a dig at her old Spice Girls band mates but also to impress her coffee tycoon boyfriend Bobby Hashemi at the same time. As Geri launched into an hour-long, high-energy show full of raunchy routines and slick costume changes, multi-millionaire Bobby, founder of the Coffee Republic café chain, watched admiringly from the balcony of The Astoria with Geri's mum and sister. The highlight of the performance was when Geri introduced her Spice Boys - a drag act called The Way Out Spice Girls - dressed up as Baby, Scary , Posh , Sporty and Ginger, complete with that famous Union Jack minidress. Tongue firmly in cheek and backed by the five dancers, Geri belted out a string of old favourites including Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are? and 2 Become 1. The crowd went wild when the muscly male Ginger swept Geri up in his arms and whirled her around. Then , gyrating in a black basque and hot pants, Geri turned up the heat
even further by dancing with near-naked hunks and sexy girls as she sang a number of old hits, including Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking, Live And Let Die by Paul McCartney's Wings and a cheeky version of TV's Dad's Army theme. Geri looked super-fit as she worked the cheering fans, peppering her performance with acrobatic stunts and kicks in outfits ranging from a tutu to a red off-the-shoulder top. For an encore, she wore an I Love NY T-shirt to sing Elton John's I'm Still Standing in tribute to the victims of US terror attacks.

06.11.01 GERI RADIO ROW A STUNT From Herald Sun

Promoters knew Geri Halliwell was a no-show for the Rumba Festival a month before her so-called radio row. Sources within the festival organising team have told the Herald Sun that executives at Halliwell's record company, EMI-Virgin, knew late last month that the former Spice Girl had scrapped her plans to perform at Rumba. Halliwell made it clear in phone interviews with Australian journalists on October 1 she was undecided about joining an all-star line up including Emma Bunton, Craig David and Shaggy. But, despite Halliwell's reluctance to commit to Rumba, she was still billed as the festival's headline act. "Geri Halliwell never signed on the dotted line," a source told the Herald Sun. "It was purely a matter of the record company getting her out here to do the shows for promotion.". However, sources say that plan came unstuck when Halliwell raised concerns about travelling after the US terrorist attacks and, in spin issued by Halliwell last week, a desire to stay in the UK to promote a new single. This made last week's developments - where it was claimed Halliwell ditched Rumba after being insulted in a radio interview - even more bizarre. That incident, sources claim, was more a concocted publicity stunt to prop up the profile of night-time radio stars, Kyle and Jackie O. In the interview, which took place the same week Halliwell told other journalists her tour plans were uncertain, she was played a pre-recorded question from former Spice Girl pal, Victoria Beckham. "Hi, how are you?" .