MAY 2002

May 30th, 2002 - Snog If You Wanna Get Noticed
It's always a sad spectacle watching a once big-ish star fade into obscurity. Naturally, the increasingly desperate Geri Halliwell is managing to turn her cycle of decline into an excruciatingly painful affair. The former Ginger Spice was ambling out of a Los Angeles electrical goods store with her much-publicised boyfriend Damian Warner when she spotted a photographer. With lightning speed the flat-as-a-pancake singer leapt on to the poor bloke and planted a passionate kiss to create an impromptu photo opportunity. Young love is one thing - seizing a rare chance to get into the newspapers is a far more important business. Rich kid Damian, 26, who shared magic moments with Geri in a rehab clinic, looked less than happy at the idea of play-acting for the cameras.

19.05.2002 Best abs: Geri Halliwell

"I've been every shape and size," says the former Ginger Spice, who has now figured out what she really, really wants: a balanced mix of cardio, kickboxing and, most importantly, an ab-solutely fabulous regimen of sit-ups and three yoga sessions a week. "Yoga's good for strengthening," says Halliwell. "With the breathing, it massages the stomach without your even realizing it."

Source: People Magazine

15.05.2002 So Geri much in love

GERI`S love life has long played second fiddle to her career. But now she appears to be spicing things up with a young American playboy.
The former Spice Girl and Damian Warner met durning her extended stay in America, where she is working on a variety of projects.
Since then Geri has supported him durning a stay in an Arizona rehab clinic, where he was receiving counselling for drugs problems.
"They met some time ago and he asked her to visit him in the clinic," a spokesman for the singer said yesterday.
But when the 26-year-old eventually left the clinic, he and Geri spent three days at a nearby hotel where they were frequently seen laughing and kissing.
Geri who has previously been linked to Robbie Williams, appears besotted with her new boyfriend.
But friends may feel he is not quite the sort of man she needs.
The American was in the Cottonwood clinic, Arizona for drug related problems.
But hospital insider said police were called in and he was asked to leave after staff accused him of "compulsive womanising".
The source claimed: "When he was thrown out, Geri was outraged. He had been hitting on women instead of focussing on his problem. "He was asked to curtail his womanising and signed an agreement to say that he would. But he didn`t."
After leaving the clinic Damian, accompanied by Geri, drove a few miles to The Hampton Inn in Tucson, Arizona, where they spent three days together.
Geri`s spokesman said: "She was giving the man moral support. When he was kicked out of the clinic, naturally Geri left too. "The pair have been closer since they met. She has been in LA for three months working on her new book which will follow her career over the last four years.
"It will cover what happened with Robbie, Chris Evans and so on. It`s candid, but not a kiss-and-tell".
While in Los Angeles, Geri has also been working on a sitcom idea with Scottish actor Alan Cumming who played a villian in the James Bond film Goldeneye.
Sources claim that Geri and Alan will play former child stars whose careers failed when they grew up.

Source: Daily Star

07.05.2002 Mel B blasts Geri and Kylie 

Mel B has launched an attack on former bandmate Geri Halliwell and Kylie Minogue. Speaking to Capital Radio yesterday, Mel blasted former Spice Girl Geri, saying George Michael had dropped her as a friend due to her bizarre eating habits.

'She fell out with George Michael because of food. He filled his fridge with loads of stuff from this really posh place,' said Mel. 'She stayed at his house and got rid of all his food,' ranted Mel. 'He went ballastic and they haven't talked since.'

Mouthy Mel then added, 'She doesn't eat food... she just looks at it. She just drinks water.'

It wasn't just Geri who was subjected to a tongue-lashing. Kylie, still reeling from her split with boyfriend James Gooding, was accused of indulging in expensive plastic surgery.

'She's very sexy... good plastic surgeon. She's had everything done,' claimed Mel, 'I know - we were there together.'


It's the explosive documentary Mel B famously tried to ban. And now we can reveal why. For just when we thought there was no more mud to sling between the warring couple, Jimmy Gulzar has lifted the lid on what he calls the, er, not-so-platonic relationship between his former wife and one-time Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell.