JULY 2001


GERI Halliwell's grasp of semantics is second to none. We have previously marvelled at the way she answers enigmatic questions such as "Is your style about image?" without missing a beat. But OK! Has a more direct line of questioning. "Do you talk about sex on a first date?" it asks cheerily. "For me, sex is in the head," replies Ms Taylforth - sorry, Halliwell - before setting out her sexual philosophy. "One does not need sex to feel sexy. Just the idea of sex is enough." Presumably Geri's new slimmed-down figure can attributed to adopting the same attitude to hunger and food. "Is this a Ginger Spice way of thinking?" asks OK!'s journalist, named here as Celebritext - presumably some kind of specialist robot. And with that, Geri's off: "Only my closest friends and parents knew who I really was," she confesses. And when you find out that kind of thing, the stuff that only her closest parents knew about, then you know you're reading a REAL exclusive...


GERI HALLIWELL and JANET JACKSON are the favourites to knock ATOMIC KITTEN from the top of the UK single charts this coming Sunday (August 5). Yesterday (July 29), Atomic Kitten took their cover of The Bangles' 'Eternal Flame' to Number One, beating off competition from Destiny's Child's 'Bootylicious', which was the second highest new entry at Number Two. Today (July 30), a host of new releases are hoping for chart success. A chart expert at HMV in London has predicted that of the new releases, Geri's 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster' and Janet Jackson's 'Someone To Call My Lover' are set for Top Ten entries, with Janet Jackson likely to break the Top Three.

31.07.01 GERI’S ROME ROMP From Dotmusic

Geri Halliwell is set to be fined by Italian police after breaking the law during a live TV romp in one of Rome's famous fountains.
Halliwell angered locals after dancing in the Baraccia fountain, while miming 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster' during a performance for a fashion show.
Police received a stream of complaints, after the incident was witnessed by a massive crowd and broadcast on national TV.
A Rome police spokesman, who said the former Spice Girl would be fined £320, told a UK tabloid: "It is an offence to jump into the city fountains and the locals feel why should she be allowed to do so and get away with it?
"We have no problem with collecting witness statements as the event was live on TV.".

31.07.01 GERI GOES TO WAR From Dotmusic

Geri Halliwell and Steps are to travel to Oman this year to entertain British troops involved in a military exercise in the Gulf state of Jordan.
The former Spice Girl and the UK pop stars are predicted to provide a "a massive boost" to soldier's morale.
A spokesman for the Military of Defence confirmed the news on Friday: "She will be going down in October, although the exact date is not set.
"We are delighted that CSE (Combined Services Entertainment) have been able to sign-up names. These shows will be a massive boost to everyone's morale after a few weeks' exercising in the desert", claims the statement..


GERI Halliwell is in hot water with Italian police after dancing in one of Rome's famous fountains during a stage show in the city. The former Spice Girl also faces a pounds 322 fine after she and her backing dancers stepped into the famous Barcaccia fountain at the foot of the Spanish Steps. Police have received dozens of complaints from local people furious at her behaviour. They had planned to speak to Geri, 28, after the show but she had left the city before they could reach her. Geri had been star guest at a fashion show at the Spanish Steps and had sung several songs, including her latest hit Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, before jumping into the world- famous fountain and carrying on with the performance in front of a massive crowd and live TV audience. A police spokesman said: "We have had dozens of people calling in to complain. After all, it is an offence to jump into the city fountains and they feel why should she be allowed to do so and get away with it? "We have no problem with collecting witness statements as the event was live on TV.". A spokesman for Italian civil rights group Codacons said: "If a tourist dived into a fountain they would be fined. "Rome's police have fined tourists just for putting their feet in the water to cool down.''. Earlier this year several Liverpool fans were fined after they dived into the city's famous Trevi fountain..


Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell will travel to Oman this year to entertain Britain troops taking part in a major military exercise in the oil-rich Gulf state. "She will be going down in October, although the exact date is not set," her spokesman said on Friday. The Ministry of Defense welcomed her decision to join the forces, who are taking part in the biggest deployment of British troops since the mid-1980s. She will be joined by the top-selling band Steps. "We are delighted that CSE (Combined Services Entertainment) have been able to sign up such big names," it said in a statement. "These shows will be a massive boost to everyone's morale after a few weeks' exercising in the desert.". Halliwell left the hugely popular Spice Girls in 1998 to pursue a solo career. Her spokesman said she had never sung for the troops before, although Halliwell, known as Ginger Spice during her Spice Girl days, has had experience of British politics. She starred in a television election broadcast for the ruling Labour Party in the runup to the June general election, backing the eventual winner. The Spice Girls once famously endorsed the Conservative Party by saying that former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was their role model and "the first Spice Girl.". Operation Swift Sword 2, involving 22,000 troops, thousands of vehicles and several ships including an aircraft carrier, is designed to test Britain's ability to deploy heavy armor and large troop numbers quickly. It will run from early September to late October and cost Britain 90 million pounds.


Hi there, Geri here. 
It's been a while since I've dropped you guys a line, so you must smack my hand next time you see me. Anyway, how have you been? I hope you're well and happy. I've had a bit of a crazy month even for me! It feels like I've been all over the world, and yeah, I've probably covered a lot of it, promoting "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" and "It's Raining Men" which have gone down a storm almost everywhere! I'm really proud of my new single "Scream....." which is out next week, hint-hint, nudge-nudge! - and I think it's got a really important theme about not losing the fun-loving kid inside you! I always try to have a good time whatever I do and already this song has given me so many memorable moments. Shooting the video was a blast how cute are my co-stars, did you see them? as was performing it at Party In The Park and last week's Donna Sotto Le Stelle fashion gala in Rome. I still get really hyped up and excited about gigs like those cause they're things Ive always dreamt of doing! Ive also lined up a couple of TV appearances in the UK, so check into my website to find out the whens and the wheres by clicking here. And talking of my website, there's some great stuff happening there at the mo to celebrate the single. If you want to customise your mobile phone, you can now download some brilliant ringtones and icons, and also send messages to your mates phones that I recorded just for you. They're pretty damn good even if I say so myself! And I can't take any of the credit here! my design team have also come up with a fab online area where you can not only chat with other fans but also race them in a very special "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" game. Anyway, gotta go, but I promise (yes, really!) to drop you a line soon. Love Geri xxxx.


Posh Spice is said to be devastated that the video for Geri's single Scream If You wanna To Go Faster features the same concept, of good versus evil, that Posh uses in the video for her new single Innocent Girl.
Posh said: 'I couldn't believe it when I found out how similar they were. But it's far too late to re-shoot.' Posh's video features her dressed up in a zip-covered black leather jacket, tiny mini skirt, knuckle-gloves, thigh boots and spike-adorned hair to play the bad-girl part, and all in white with blonde hair for the good role.
A friend of Posh's said:'It's too similar to be a coincidence. Victoria's single comes out after Geri's so it will look like she's copied hers. She is very upset.'.

23.07.01 GERI'S GEORGE BUST-UP From News of the world

LOOKS like Geri Halliwell and George Michael are no longer best pals. The fallout became apparent when Geri's stylist launched an attack on her boss in front of George at a showbiz bash. Rather than stick up for Geri, George just laughed. A source close to George said: "He made no bones about his feelings for her. "Their friendship is in the past — George is sick of her.".

23.07.01 I'M OXFAMOUS From Sunday Mirror

EXCLUSIVE: pounds 10m GERI POPS IN TO CHARITY SHOP TO SUSS THE BARGAINS. GERI Halliwell's new album isn't selling too well and she's just put her mansion on the market for pounds 4.5millon - but who would have thought things were this bad?
The ex-Spice Girl, 28 - worth around pounds 10million - has taken to rooting round charity shops hunting for bargains.
But even though she might be down on her luck Geri knows what she really wants - and headed straight for the Oxfam branch in London's Kings Road for some second-hand designer chic. Taking a tip from fellow pop queens Madonna and Kylie Minogue, Geri spent 30 minutes sifting through the high-class junk. Last year Kylie wiggled to the top of the charts wearing a 50p pair of gold hot pants, so maybe Geri was hoping to repeat the trick for her new single Scream If You Wanna Go Faster.
And earlier this year Mrs Ritchie was spotted nipping into another London Oxfam store after seeing a nice pounds 5 blue pullover in the window.
Sadly neither a rather fetching Mao Tse Tung T-shirt, nor a delightful blue M&S swimsuit could tempt fitness fanatic Geri. Neither could two books on offer for pounds 1 each - workout bible Callanetics and a novel, The Great Hunger. So she emerged empty-handed.
One thing Geri certainly wouldn't have been interested in was one of Vanessa Feltz's old dresses. The TV star donated 1,000 of them to Oxfam two months ago ...but they were all size 22.
Geri, of course, knows a thing or two about charitable acts, having spent two years as a UNICEF ambassador...and then dating Chris Evans. 
What's on offer:

Pink Moschino dress with handbag
pounds 65

Denim jacket
pounds 12

Pepe hipster shorts
pounds 9

Mao Tse Tung T-shirt
pounds 5

Blue M&S swimsuit
pounds 3

The Great Hunger by Cecil Woodham Smith
pounds 1

Callanetics by Callan Pinckney
pounds 1.


Candy: 'Scream' is the best album I have bought this year and much better than 'Schizophonic', what's your favourite track on the album and why?
Geri: 'Calling'. I think it's my best work to date, the best song I've ever written.
Ryan: Why do you think you're so drawn to the limelight? Have you always been a bit of a showoff?
Geri: When I was a child I was a show off, [sings] "Show off, show off, pick your nose and blow off!"
Nicola: Did you have a lot of training before going into the business in terms of dancing,singing etc..?
Geri: My training was listening to Top of the Pops on Sundays and watching it on Thursdays.
Kat: Which lyric do you wish that you had written?
Geri: I wish I'd written 'Let it Be'. I'm a massive Beatles fan. I was also an early Madonna fan. When I was 12 I used to listen to her.
Rob: Have you been following Big Brother? If so, who do you want to win and will you throw a party for the winners like George Michael did last year?
Geri: I saw it for the first time the other night. I could not believe the girl from Wales! I think it's inevitable if you lock together a male and female, it's all going to get a bit hormonal.
Sian: Are you still in touch with the boy you took to see the Bridget Jones premiere?
Geri: No.
Viktoria: You are my favourite singer and I like all your songs.I want to know which of them is your favourite?
Geri: 'Calling' is my favourite. It's going to be a single.
Gill: Where do you get you inspiration and ideas for your music? Who would you most like to do a duet with and why?
Geri: Anything, anyone, people, places, things. Anything that's going on in my life. Books I'm reading, music I'm listening to. People I'm hanging around with. I just write it on scraps or pieces of paper. As for a duet...George is more of a friend than a duetter.
Kat: With two albums under your belt and a few b-side cover versions surely you have enough material to go out on the road. When will we see you on tour?
Geri: Maybe next year.
SarahC: Geri - do you use the intenet much? Do you visit your own fansite and visit forums?
Geri: I do the use the internet - I use email a lot, but that's about it. I actually prefer the fansites!
The dalek: Can you actually ride a motorbike?
Geri: I did have a motorbike crash once. I went straight into a tree. But it didn't put me off getting onto a motorbike for this video! I'm actually a big jet-ski fan. I've got two hobbies. One is beading necklaces and the other is speeding on jet-skis!
Sarah Louise Baynes: Geri, do you think you'll go into acting? and if you do will it be soaps or movies?
Geri: If I did, it would be a movie, not a soap.
Stefan: Do you have any ambitions left to fulfill?
Geri: I'd like my album to be a big world wide success. I'd like to be balanced and quite normal...that's quite an ambition! I haven't achieved that one yet. My ambition is to give birth to puppies! No, I'm joking...just staring at my dog. My ambition is to go on tour and then maybe get a baby in my belly, by a man. That's a huge ambition. To keep my health good.
Marty: Geri, I saw all the pictures of you doing yoga on the beach. Tell us all about yoga and how much you do!
Geri: Yoga is very good for your health. I really recommend it. I wanted to kill the photographer when I saw those pictures of me doing yoga.
Kayle Halford: What video did you enjoy doing the most?
Geri: They're all like giving birth to babies - come up with an idea, plant the seed, conceptualise and giving birth to them is really painful, a lot of hard work. 'It's Raining Men' was freezing, for example.
Therese: If you were a journalist for a day interviewing yourself what would your question be, and why?
Geri: I'd like them to ask me to leave the room and go home. That would be my best question from a journalist.
Nickki: Will you ever get another dog?
Geri: I have got other dogs. Lucy is back at the ranch. Harry stays with me. I do like those British bulldogs. What are they called? Boxers. But Harry doesn't really like other dogs.
Cara-Jane Terry: Where's your favourite place in the world and why?
Geri: Probably on a beach.
Chandler Bing: Whats your favourite food?
Geri: Mashed potato
Aurelie Verhaeghe: What are the best and the worst feelings in the world for you?
Geri: Feeling loved makes me happy...My worst feeling is fearing fear.
Matthew H: Do you get nervous dancing on stage in underpants, in case they creep up your bum or something?
Geri: Yeah! At Party in the Park, I danced in my pants because I couldn't think of anything else to wear!
Rat Garden: What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
Geri: Writing a nice song and when I hear other people singing it. I love it when taxi drivers love my songs. I love coming out my house and hearing a wad of fans singing my songs.
Therese Cleave: Would you ever contemplate switching places with someone like me for the day?
Geri: Of course I would! I'd like to switch places with a school teacher. I'd live in a little house with my husband and make cakes for the fete and have after school activities where we would read Shakespeare. It would have to be junior school teachers.
Katy: If you could do any job apart from a singer, what would it be and why?
Geri: As I said, it would be a school teacher. I like teenagers, I like their bravado and their cockiness. They have challenging minds and challenge the system.
Sam Smithson: Have you ever used a look-alike to escape from all those people after a show?
Geri: No. I have once tried to dress up as someone else but I got caught and felt really stupid!
Holly: Please could u say happy birthday to my friend Lizz because shes a big fan of yours!
Geri: Happy Birthday Lizz! Thank you.
BBC Host: Just time for one more question...
Amy Hynd: What do you think of your fans?
Geri: I love my fans because they've been loyal to the end - no matter what. No matter what any journalist or radio station has said, they are the ones who have stood behind me. I love loyalty, I'm a Leo.
BBC Host: Here's Geri with a final word
Geri: I want to take this opportunity to say "Hi" to everyone. Sorry I couldn't answer all your questions. For all my fans out there, I wrote a really beautiful song recently. It's on the B-side of the new single. It's called 'Broken Glass' and I'm so proud of it. It's about unrequited love. I think we've all experienced that in our lives. A big thank you and kiss to everyone. You can come and see me at Stockton-on-Tees on the 29th of July....

23.07.01 LARA HALLIWELL CROFT? From The Sun

GERI HALLIWELL is to be the star of her own Lara Croft-style video game on her website. She has also launched a line of T-shirts based on the one she wore for the video of It's Raining Men.

23.07.01 BUT GO TO THE LOO From The Mirror

TALKING about Geri, it seems she has an, er, toilet problem. She reveals: "Sometimes before I go on stage, I have to pee but there's no time to make it to the loo - so I do it in a cup." Nice girl...


John Prescott, Anne Widdecombe, Liam Gallagher and Geri Halliwell have been labelled the family from hell in a survey. Beefeater restaurants asked people who would be the best and worst families to share Sunday lunch.
Mr Prescott was voted worst dad and Ms Widdecombe worst mum. And the Oasis singer came top as the bad boy son, with the former Spice Girl picked to be his airhead little sister..

23.07.01 EAT, DRINK AND BE GERI.. From The Mirror

SPICE Girl Mel Chas expressed fears that her ex-bandmate Geri Halliwellis suffering from an eating disorder. 
"I have had problems with obsessive training and eating behaviour," she told Galaxy Radio. "It's very worrying, but I think she looks phenomenal - I just hope that she's healthy." Mel insists she's still close to Geri despite never seeing her. "I still love her to bits," she insists. "We all do. We all care a great deal and just hope she's OK.".


Geri Halliwell failed to set Italian pulses racing when she performed at the opening of the new Ferretti boutique in Rome on Tuesday. Geri pocketed £60,000 for singing two songs at the bash – a total of 10 minutes work. The former Spice Girl wore a knee-length silver gown, disappointing those who were expecting a rerun of her raunchy Party in the Park performance. An Italian newpaper stormed: ‘Geri deludes Rome,’ it bemoaned. ‘There was no erotic dancing and she cashed in to the tune of 200 million lira for two songs.’ Geri, however, was happier with the performance, telling the crowd: ‘When I was in the Spice Girls, I had an image to hold up. Now that I am solo, I can finally be myself.’'


Geri will be giving an exclusive interview on dutch TV show 'TMF Xtra', on Monday 23rd July, at 17.00 (Dutch time). 'TMF Xtra' is a feature of 'TMF Live.com'. Be sure to check it out!'


Top Icelandic pop crazy Björk has some stern words for Geri Hailliwell about pop star moaning, calling the ginger one's recent work "pathetic". Björk has emigrated to America, moving to the Lower West Side of New York to join her artist boyfriend Matthew Barney, reports The Sun. Aside from being with her new man, Björk sites a desire to escape her celebrity in England as one of her main reasons for wanting to get away. However, she insisted that her new album 'Vespertine' would not contain any tacks about the pressures of fame. She said: "I think about people in Vietnam and, you know, people who are really suffering should feel sorry for themselves. But celebrities feeling sorry for themselves, being victims... that's just crap." When informed that Geri has a new song called 'It's Heaven and Hell (Being Geri Halliwell)', Bjork told Q magazine: "It's pretty pathetic, innit?"'


Geri Halliwell's success is about to be followed by TV fame for her dog Harry. The star's shih tzu looks set to be signed up by pet food bosses as the new face of Pedigree Chum. Geri is said to be close to agreeing a deal with the Chum bosses, who are impressed with Harry's 'screen presence'. If the deal goes ahead, Harry's face will be featured on tins of Chum and on advertising posters, and he could also star in TV adverts. The pooch has also been swamped with film offers. Geri said: 'He's getting so much work, I'll have to get him his own agent.'


Geri Halliwell is making lie the scandalmongers which predicted difficult following days to him Nonconcerned by the bide of its ex-partners Spice Girls ("Forever") or by the debandade solo of Mel B, it is only, with Mel C, to have known for the moment to draw its pin from the play. Addressing as tu the top of the English charts with its last single It' S Rainig Men, a resumption of a tube eighties of Weather Girls which one can find on the BO of film " the Newspaper of Bridget Jones ", decorated of a clip in the form of wink with " Fame ", the ex-Ginger Spice, moreover, skilfully knew to occupy the One of the gazettes people these last months, between the revelations of its tumultuous relationship with its former accomplices, his spectacular loss of weight, its relations with Robbie Williams, the burgling of his apartment, or its support for Tony Blair at the time of the legislative last. At 29 years, the London one continues its escape as a recluse with a new album " Scream yew you wanna go faster ", already in the vats, which succeeds " Schizophonic " (2000). There is a life after Spice Girls.. Your new clip It's Raining Men, is very hot on the level of choreography It would be said that you took as a starting point " Flashdance " and of " Fame "! " the song of Weather Girls is a kind of accident. A happy accident. Before that, I was already writing my own songs. I knew the producers of film " the Newspaper of Bridget Jones " and they asked to me whether I could take again this title for the BO. I said myself that that would be funny. The result was so much exciting that it became a single. As regards the clip, there was not an idea and it was necessary that it very quickly is filmed. One Sunday, I was with my friends in a club called Serenity Sunday Sisterhood, a place where one can occupy oneself to look at videos, where one eats well, of the tricks like that... I saw " Flashdance there " and " Fame " and I said myself: " Eh, nobody makes more this kind of thing! One has only to give that!" ". In the clip, you incarnes a dancer To be ballerina was a dream when you were child? " Yes, it was a dream. When I was small girl, my mother was always with work. She was cleaning lady and never had time to take along to me to make the small ones will extras, like lessons of dance. To be completely honest, it did not have the means of them either. I remember that when I was 12 years old, I was for the first time in a course of dance, and they put to me with the 4 years, whereas I had 12 of them! Then, I am not gone back there. For me, through my videos, I can finally carry out all that I could not at the time of childhood, to leave free course with my imagination. The celebrity allowed me the same thing ". 

Which ambition do you have with your new album " Scream yew you wanna go faster "? " I passed much from time to write the songs of this album and, if you all listen to them, I really believe that they are of a great quality It was already true for the first album, but even more particularly for this one. When you buy a disc, you have sometimes the impression that the sound is always similar, which the songs all resemble each other, whereas mine come from the heart and the heart. I would like that my album is a as great success as me. Moreover, that would enable me to really make a large round in Europe, in arenas which would resemble Large Colisee, in front of 10 000 people, during five nights in each city. It is what I would like more to do now ". 

Isn't that made a little fear? " There are people who affirm that they have apprehension, but I think that one cannot have this kind of feeling in front of 10 000 people who sing the songs that you wrote yourself Imagine a little: I wrote songs, in my bed, like Strength of has Woman, a title which says: " Eh Girl, you are not alone, parce I feel that too me. Gradually, one can arrive there ". Imagine what one feels when 10.000 people take again in chorus what you composed with your heart. One cannot have this kind of feeling. Positivity, optimism, energy, all that is brilliant. It is what I feel in all the cases, and it is what I want to do to pass ". 

You released at your solo beginnings an image provocante, extravertie You seem calmer now... " I will say to you... To deepest from me, you perhaps will not believe me, but I timid, very timid, am as frightened as everyone. Each person has in it her " Slim Shady ", her alter ego, a share of shade. To be on scene enables you to unwedge yourself. It is like authorizebeing authorized legally with being extravertie. That becomes acceptable with the eyes of all to be lit a little and to make seeming. It is like playing the comedy, it is the same thing. Each one can normally do it into private, when nobody looks at himself. One can be caught for Elvis if one wants. One can live his phantasms into video. Me, it is on scene or out of clip that I can live mine. But it is also only one part of me, a part of my imagination. In the true life, one makes love like small rabbits. They is alarming! (laughter). As for all the remainder besides. One should not have to make seeming... But I can be mistaken ". 

Did you think, when you began your career solo, that you were to prove reliable? " When I left the group, it is a little as if I had left the school You want to even prove to you with you, to your family, to your colleagues of the school which you can only manage. And you are very proud of that. It was necessary that I sink. There is more respect from now on. It is a source of motivation, like gasoline in a car. My course was never easy, even at my beginnings with Spice Girls. I always liked to write pop music and desired to become an artist. But the difference feels on this album. I composed myself, as I always did, and it is that which advances me. It is nevertheless most significant, and what gets the most pleasure to me. I if am tired to try to prove to people who I can arrive there. Listen to the album. I am very happy and there are really good titles. I think that the girls will be able to recognize themselves and to be identified in the songs and the words. I realized that one cannot achieve the unanimity then, that everyone cannot like what you do, I let go all the remainder ". 

Which glance do you relate to the situation of Spice Girls? " I do not know if the group is separate But I still carry it in my heart. I left because I was, but I was so sad to do it. Imagine that you help to build something, that you really put at it of you. I was completely implied in the songwriting and was concerned with the choice of the directions to take... And then then you t'en go. It was very hard. You see them carrying on their path... But it is isn't the life? Therefore sad it is ". 

Which is your feeling when you see that the other girls of Spice Girls have a a little puffing career, whereas you you thrones currently at the head of the charts? Do you test a feeling of revenge? " Not. When I see the group, I think that one were at the same school, that one passed all the diplomas the pop one, and I adored to do that. There was a good education and I am very proud. I am very grateful with the others. One really passed from the good time together. They should be respected to do what they have desire for making. Everyone has its own course. Each one went on its way, with its tops and its bottoms. I am proud they. They are super and did what they wanted. I do not believe only it is systematically necessary to compare your own success compared to the others. One cannot do that. That can lead only to pain and suffering, and I cannot solve me there for my part. Each one must confront its success with itself, in order to better do always sound. It is what I do. The competition, it is good for the dogs and the horses, not with the girls. Moreover, I do not think that they galerent. For Mel C, it goes well and I am proud of it.


CHEEKY Geri Halliwell has admitted she would love to bite Jennifer Lopez's BUM. Geri says: "Jennifer has got a voluptuous bottom - something to bite, definitely.". The saucy comment follows Geri's sexy, all-female act at Party In The Park on Sunday. 


Geri Halliwell has been secretly e-mailing a new boyfriend. She revealed that she has a new romantic interest who she flirts with over the electronic super-highway. The pop star told the Daily Star: "I've been getting flirty e-mails from a guy -which I like. I love e-mail because it's kind of intimate but it's safe.". She also revealed that she's not great at flirting face to face. "The funny thing is, if I actually fancy a boy, I can't flirt. I go quiet and blush and feel awkward. Or I overcompensate and try to be funny and it'll just be crap!". 


Right now I'm preparing for the release of my new single and have got some TV's lined up where you can see me perform it - 15th July which is a Geri special, 27th July Top Of The Pops and 28th July CDUK.
It's released on July 30th so if you haven't heard it yet then you wanna get on the phone to your radio station and ask them to play it and play it LOUD!!!!.
The video is on MTV and you can call up The Box too to watch it - the more people that call, the more time's you'll get to see it. Check out my two alter egos - which one do you prefer?
Let me know on my bulletin board which you can find on my website - www.geri-halliwell.com - as I check it each week.
Anyway, I've got to go now, but I'll write again soon.
Take care and see you soon
Love you
Geri . 


365's new baby Eckoh has got an exclusive interview with Victoria Beckham. The posh one talks of her new single, her excitement and how Geri nicked the idea for her video. Just call 365’s funky new baby, eckoh, on 08701 10 10 10, say “News and Entertainment”, then say “Music” and then “Interviews” and the lovely Mrs Beckham will reveal all….. 

12.07.01 DIS IS FOR YOU, GERI From The mirror

As pop pals go they're an unlikely couple, but Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has been name-checking Geri Halliwell. At the band's homecoming gig in Oxford at the weekend, he dedicated a song to her, even though he had a spot of bother remembering her name. Taking his cue from their new album, Amnesiac, he asked the crowd: "Who's that blonde one who used to be in the Spice Girls? Oh yeah. This is for Geri - we came back from Paris on the same train," he explained. But something tells us Thom and Geri aren't quite bosom buddies yet. The song was Paranoid Android, which contains the lyric: "Ambition makes you pretty ugly.". How true.. 


Radiohead played their triumphant homecoming show in Oxford on Saturday, to their biggest ever UK audience. An estimated 35,000 people braved the weather to witness the event, which was supported by both Supergrass and Beck.During the show, which lasted 2 1/2 hours, frontman Thom Yorke dedicated a song to Geri Halliwell "that blonde girl who used to be in the Spice Girls". To the amusement of the crowd, the song was "Paranoid Android"! . 


THEIR whirlwind romance had the whole nation talking. But Chris Evans knew his affair with Geri Halliwell was doomed the morning he woke up in a hotel bedroom next to his best friend Webbo. "I've got a Spice Girl at home - and I've just spent the night with a man wearing nothing but his tattoos," said Chris. "What am I going to do?". The answer was to break Geri's heart just hours later. Their 23-day romance was another extraordinary chapter in the hectic love life of Britain's maverick, multi- millionaire star. From the pain of his affair with Geri to the giddy bliss of his marriage to pop sensation Billie Piper, Evans, 35, has always had an eye for the ladies. His long-running affair with TV producer Suzi Aplin rarely seemed to prevent him enjoying flirtations with high-profile beauties such as Melanie Sykes, Mariella Frostrup, Zoe Ball and Sara Cox. And for much of the time Evans's best friend, Virgin Radio co-presenter John Webster - known to millions as Webbo - was alongside as his famous friend wooed women in his inimitable style. He was there when Chris fell for Geri. And he was there when the tormented DJ realised the whole thing was a terrible mistake. "It was a difficult time," says Webbo. "Chris felt really bad about the Geri thing - but she wanted to go too fast.". He was also present every step of the way as Evans became besotted with Billie, 19... [talking about Chris and Billie]... Not all Chris's relationships have gone so smoothly. He was attacked for his three-week fling with Geri. Many excited and glowing with happiness.".. It is believed the high-profile romance in November 1999 was a publicity stunt, but Webbo insists the affair was real. It was only Geri's indecent haste that killed Evans's affection for her, he says. "Geri kind of stifled Chris," he explains. She began moving her belongings into his house within days. Webbo says: "I was crashing on Chris's sofa. But one time I went to flop down and there were all these fluffy, flowery cushions everywhere. "Chris's place was a real bachelor flat - only the bare essentials. When I asked him what the hell the cushions were for, he just raised his eyebrows, shrugged his shoulders and said: 'Geri'. "You should have seen his face. It was a picture of a man trapped in something he didn't know how to get out of. She moved her clothes into the wardrobes. "Then she insisted on a fax machine in the bedroom. It was just all a bit too quick.". Evans organised a typical solution: a massive boozing session with Webbo. While Geri was at his place, cooking a fish dinner, Chris hit the bottle with his friend. Later, the pair drunkenly checked into that hotel in St John's Wood. Next morning, the awfulness of his predicament was welling up on Evans. Webbo says: "Geri came in to work carrying some coffee for Chris. He came over to me with a really worried look and said: 'I just don't know what to do'.". "I said: 'You have to speak to her'. "After the show, he took Geri aside and explained to her it wasn't going to work out between them. "She was fine about it. But Chris was a bit upset at himself that he'd let things go so far that he had to do that."... [again on Billie and how they're fine together]. 


Geri's Dancers Go Faster PITP Official Site 
Beep, beep! In trademark flamboyant style, Geri Halliwell drove onto stage on a motorbike wearing barely-there shorts and proceeded to re-enact the 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster' video,as her'Bad Geri' alter ego. Halliwell shared the stage with 20 backing dancers, who certainly made their presence felt. Several female dancers swarmed around the star, kissing her down the arms and smothering her in lipstick.This morning's newspapers had claimed that Halliwell's set would be in 'Tomb Raider' style, would cost £200,000 and that she would be joined on stage by 70 dancers, but that turned out not to be the case.. 

10.07.01 GERI'S LICKY DAY IN THE PARK From The Sun

PERHAPS she thought the invite said PANTIES In The Park ... 
Geri Halliwell stripped to her undies at the pop event of the year yesterday. 
The former Spice Girl was licked and nibbled by girl dancers as she gyrated in the flimsy outfit at London’s Party In The Park. 
As if that was not raunchy enough for a 100,000- strong crowd packed with children, four FLASHERS exposed themselves in front of Hear’Say. 
Ricky Martin kicked off the Hyde Park bash, watched by Prince Charles. 
Stars raising cash for the Prince’s Trust included Atomic Kitten, Ronan Keating and Craig David. 


FOUR men were arrested after they exposed themselves at yesterday's Party In The Park. 
Police waded in when parents complained about the yobs flashing their naughty bits in front of thousands of kids - and Prince Charles. But the boys in blue turned a blind eye to a shocking display by Geri Halliwell. 
The former Spice Girl gyrated in three flimsy outfits while girl dancers caressed, kissed and licked her skin. 
More than 100,000 fans poured into London for the pop event of the year, in aid of the Prince's Trust, at Hyde Park. 
Geri showed up on a motorbike to sing Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. She was licked by the girls and thrown in the air by the male dancers. 
Next Geri picked a long, Spanish-style skirt. It was quickly ripped off by a dozen swarthy men. She was back to her undies and a new pink vest for It's Raining Men. 

09.07.01 IT'S RAINING MIMES From Worldpop

Geri Halliwell defied Prince's Trust organisers' wishes and mimed through her set at Capital FM's Party In The Park festival. Earlier, Prince's Trust organiser Tom Sheehan had told worldpop, 'We received some flak last year because several acts had mimed. So this year we wanted all the acts to perform live and t creates a better atmosphere for the crowd too.'
But during Geri's energentic rendition of It's Raining Men she was hoisted aloft and spun around by a team of dancers while wearing a headset mic and it was clear she was not singing live.
Elsewhere in her set Geri told the crowd that she wasn't about to become a tax exile. 'Britain is my home, I love it here and I'm staying,' she said..

09.07.01 GERI'S TWO SET UPS From News of the world

Geri Halliwell has splashed out £200,000 on two spectacular sets for today's Party In the Park – even though she'll only be on stage for ten minutes. The singer is determined to steal the show and will be accompanied by SEVENTY dancers. One of the sets is a Tomb Raider-style stage. Geri will dress up as Lara Croft as she performs Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. She will also recreate the Fame backdrop from her It's Raining Men video at the 95.8 Capital FM Party In The Park for the Princes Trust.

09.07.01 GERI PUTS ON AIRS From sunday People

Geri Halliwell and Destiny's Child have asked for golf carts to ferry them about at Party in the Park. About par for the course for those pop divas, I'd say.

09.07.01 HALLIWELL DREAMS From sunday Mirror

Geri Halliwell has a new hobby. Every morning she writes down her previous night's dreams in her Dream Diary. "The other night I had one where I ended working as a waitress in a greasy spoon cafe," says Geri. Given the sales of your latest album that one might yet come true, love. .


Well are the Spice Girls and Geri Halliwell telling you the truth when they say everything is good in Spiceworld? Well it seems Party in the Park organisers have given ex-spice girl Geri Halliwell and baby spice Emma Bunton dressing rooms far apart at the Hyde Park event on Sunday. Not only are the once bandmates and friends far apart in the dressing rooms it seems that the two beautiful blond singers will alos be singing at opposite ends of the event.

09.07.01 GERI COWARDLY From The Sun

GERI HALLIWELL has pulled out of a chart battle with Atomic Kitten and Destiny's Child - fearing she might not beat them to No1. All three were set to release new singles on July 23. But Geri has now changed her plans and is to to bring out her song, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, a week later. Atomic Kitten's Eternal Flame and Destiny's Bootylicious are both strong contenders for the top spot. A source at Geri's record label EMI said: "It would be difficult to judge who would win out of the three and Geri is determined to go straight in at No1.".


Geri Halliwell's next single will be the title track from her album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster.
The track is due for release on July 30.
It follows her chart-topping cover of the Weather Girls classic, It's Raining Men.
Geri says the new single is about, "The child within and the creative fun-loving person that often gets conditioned out of us".
She says: "I'm just a big kid at heart.".

07.07.01 LADIES KNOCK GERI OFF GLOBAL No. 1 From worldpop

The remake of Patti Labelle's Lady Marmalade track has been a huge international success and has zoomed up the worldpop global Chart to No 1, ending Geri Halliwell's three-week run at the top with It's Raining Men..


GERI HALLIWELL is set to release her second single from recent album 'SCREAM IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER' on July 30 through EMI:CHRYSALIS. 
The former Spice Girl will follow Europe-wide hit 'It's Raining Men' with the album's title track. 
Speaking about the song, Geri said: "The track is based on one of the themes of the album - the child within and the creative fun-loving person that often gets conditioned out of us. I'm just a big kid at heart.".

03.07.01 WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT? From Electronic Telegraph

Geri Halliwell made it her dream home; now she is selling up. Ann Morris visits fantasyland. ST PAUL'S HOUSE is Geri Halliwell's Gone With the Wind home - her dream come true and a refuge after her break-up with the Spice Girls. A former monastery in 17 acres of Buckinghamshire's greenest and finest, it has been turned into a white-pillared and marble-halled home, and now it's for sale.
Geri bought the house as a wreck while she was still with the Spice Girls in 1998. "I had bought an old monastery, set in 18 acres of grounds in Berkshire (sic). It had belonged to an order of Roman Catholic brothers and my next-door neighbours were going to be the nuns of St Paul's," she writes in her book, If Only.
"The monastery was a rabbit warren of small rooms and corridors and it had to be entirely gutted and the interior rebuilt." She pulled down walls, built staircases and refashioned this golden-bricked house. Invisible from the road, inside it is light, high-impact and very Geri, from the hallway - a pared-down version of Scarlett's favourite haunt - to the white pillars and sweeping staircase. "Just like in my childhood showreel, I've finally managed to get my Gone With the Wind house. It has a huge staircase in the entrance hall which divides the landing and then goes up either side."
The romance doesn't stop there. At the other end of the house is a spiral, wrought-iron staircase with a tiny balcony that could have walked out of West Side Story or some other contemporary version of Romeo and Juliet. Perfect for making entrances. But Geri is getting ready to exit. Dreams and reality don't always match up and life on the international circuit keeps her on planes or in London.
Like other rock stars who have bought their pile in the country, she has discovered that superstardom and country life don't necessarily fit: Mel B is rumoured to be moving back to London from her Little Marlow mansion, Chris Evans is said to be rarely seen at his Lutyens home in Godalming, while Robbie Williams has sold up in Staffordshire to buy in Notting Hill.
Rumour has it that Geri too is swapping life at St Paul's for a more convenient home - also in Notting Hill. No doubt it will be smaller, so quite what she will do with all the pictures of her family and friends that fill St Paul's to saturation point is anyone's guess. On the piano and every other empty surface are snaps of Geri's brother Max, her sister Natalie and adored nephew Alastair. There's a picture of the back of Prince Charles's head (remember she sang Happy Birthday at his 50th) and, yes, some of the Spice Girls; grinning in their heyday out of photo frames and on blow-up, poster-sized pictures on the walls.
The house, while full of romance and drama, is not kitsch. The floors downstairs are marble, wood and stone. Ornate chandeliers hang from the ceilings and most of the walls are cool, creamy whites - except those in the dining-room, which are blood-red and hung with a copy of The Last Supper.
Upstairs, the bedrooms are gracious and Geri's master suite, which dominates the entire second floor, has spectacular views across her garden. A grubby, much-loved doll sits in the arms of an oversized teddy bear by the window.
Everywhere there are reminders that this is Geri's home - awards and yoga certificates, a guitar in the dining-room, magazine pictures of Rhett Butler and Scarlett on the study walls alongside some of her other silver screen idols such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. There are piles of videos, from Friends to Annie. It's Geri's place: the home her mother comes to in order to check up on the cleaning and where Alastair plays in the garden.
In her book, she describes the moment she first showed St Paul's to her mother: "She was lost for words. Typical Mum, she kept saying: `It's so big, Geri. You're gonna look tiny in that house. Look at all those windows to clean.' " But Geri loved the house. She described her first summer there: "Looking out of the kitchen window I can see Alastair chasing Harry (her rescued Tzitsu dog) around the garden.
"The apple trees in the orchard are starting to bud and bluebells are coming up in the far corners of the field. I've been shown photographs of this house in the spring when it looks like an island in a sea of blue flowers. I can't wait to see that. The tennis court is dotted with toys and is the perfect place for Alastair to ride his tricycle. I haven't got round to buying a tennis racket yet.
"My next-door neighbours are the nuns of St Paul's. I can just see the roof of the convent if I look past the housekeeper's cottage and the orchard, over the high stone walls." She introduced herself and invited the nuns to tea. For a time her life revolved around the house. "Mum drops by at least once a week and makes sure my housekeeper is looking after me. She sneaks about, giving things an extra polish."
St Paul's House was, after all, a symbol of how far Geri had come. It extends to more than 11,000 sq ft - and that's not counting the housekeeper's three-bedroom cottage, or the garages. In 1999, she wrote: "It's still hard to believe that five years ago I was living in a rented flat in Fairlawns, Watford, and debating whether to get out of bed and go to an audition for an all-girl band. I made the right decision and all my childhood fantasies came true."
St Paul's House, Middle Green, Buckinghamshire is for sale for £4.5 million through Knight Frank (01494 675368) 


IT LOOKS like Geri Halliwell has taken her yoga obsession a step further - to try yogic FLYING. 
The fitness fanatic singer, 29, was spotted bouncing up and down on the spot during a jog. 
One amused onlooker near her hotel in Milan said: "She seemed to be trying to take off." 
But maybe Geri was just uplifted by the success of her Italian tour.


Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is set to make a cool profit of at least £1m if she achieves the asking price of £4.5m for her country house in Buckinghamshire. She bought the house, a former monastery set in 18 acres, in 1998 for £2m and now she is putting it on the market after extensive refurbishment. In her autobiography she wrote: "Just like in my childhood show-reel I've finally managed to get my Gone With the Wind house. It has a huge staircase in the entrance hall which divides the landing and then goes up either side.". Rumour has it that Geri has been house hunting in Los Angeles and is selling St. Paul's House, Middle Green, Bucks because she hardly ever visits. As she wrote: "It's still hard to believe that five years ago I was living in a rented flat in Fairlawns, Watford and debating whether to get out of bed and go to an audition for an all-girl band." She did and the rest is history but the idea of her Scarlet O'Hara house has paled


A WAXWORK model of Geri Halliwell in Madame Tussaud's is having inches shaved off the bum and boobs before it can go on show. The model, which has never been displayed, was based on the rounder Geri of three years ago just after she left the Spice Girls. Now staff at the world-famous London tourist attraction are working on Geri's replica to match her incredible shrinking figure. A spokeswoman for Madame Tussaud's said: "It is important that we keep all the exhibits in proportion.".


I hear Geri Halliwell plans to quit the UK and is now house-hunting in LA. She says she wants "new challenges" after sales of her LP Scream If You Wanna Go Faster did not go according to plan. Another of Geri's projects - a movie called Therapy - has been stalled. The script has reportedly been rewritten 12 times and the film won't go into production until autumn.


CHART babes go head to head next month with Geri Halliwell, Atomic Kitten and Destiny's Child all bringing out singles on July 23. Geri's Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, Kitten's Eternal Flame and Bootylicious, by Destiny's Child, are all strong contenders for the top spot. Bring on the hot pants ..


As Geri Halliwell prepares to release her new single, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster next month, there's continued good news for the former Spice Girl on worldpop's global chart. Geri has retained the No 1 spot on the chart for a third consecutive week. 
Current UK No 1 Lady Marmalade featuring Mya, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Lil' Kim rises seven places to No 2 while former global No 1, Angel by Shaggy, drops to No 3. Crazytown's Butterfly is at No 4 while Atomic Kitten's Whole Again, one of the best-selling singles this year on the UK chart, is at No 5. 
US country singer Faith Hill, who entered the UK chart at No 3 this week, is a new entry on the global chart at No 18 with There You'll Be. There are also new entries for Antique's Die For You at No 34 and Dante Thomas' Miss California at No 39