The solo film debut of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has been delayed for more than a year due to an unworkable script. Halliwell is due to earn $1.6m (£1.09m) for the lead role in Therapy, a drama about a girl who has an affair with her shrink. Filming, which was due to start in September last year, now looks unlikely to go ahead until at least 2002. A spokesman for the singer told reporters: "The script is currently undergoing its sixth or seventh rewrite. There are usually up to 15 rewrites and movies can take up to four years from start to finish. Filming might not even start this year. We can't say for sure when filming will start as the process of script development and pre-production takes so long."

01.30.01 GERI IS HELPING ROBBIE from megastar.co.uk
Geri Halliwell proved she is the special woman for Robbie Williams by helping the troubled star. She cuddled Robbie as he arrived at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to start his latest battle against the booze.
He is supposedly in America on a promotional trip and to take acting lessons. But that is just a cover for the hitmaker who is once more trying to stay sober. Geri, 27, has become Robbie's constant companion after volunteering to act as his unofficial "sponsor", ready to help when things get tough. And she is determined to ensure he does not fall off the wagon or miss AA meetings in Hollywood.
Robbie, 26, flew to America after taking the advice of his record company and pals to get away from the pressures of the London showbiz party scene. A close friend said: "Robbie is always on his best behaviour when he's around Geri. He tones down his outrageous side. Geri's good for him because she doesn't drink or take drugs. Her only vice is smoking.
"Robbie also brings out Geri's mothering instincts. She cares for him a great deal and hates to see him unhappy and troubled. She's one of the few people who understand what he's going through - because she has experienced problems too."
The pal added: "They have become really close but both are reluctant to admit how much they feel. Robbie's at a delicate stage in his battle to beat his demons and is convinced he's not good enough for Geri - that he cannot give her what she deserves.
"Geri has told him not to be so silly. It's obvious that they adore each other." Robbie has admitted how much he has come to rely on Geri. "We get together and talk about how bizarre our lives are," he said recently.
"When we're with other people, Geri talks to everyone, and that suits me because then I can just people-watch. I'm socially inept, you see."
Robbie, who has been boasting that he's worth £30 million, has battled with drugs and drink for four years. There were fears for his health last month when it was believed he had slipped off the wagon in spectacular style.
He collapsed drunk at an awards party in Sweden.
Now he is determined to clean up his act. Geri waited patiently on the pavement for two hours as he attended his weekly AA meeting. She cuddled a dog and chatted to the wives and girlfriends of addicts. Over the past year Geri and Robbie have spent an increasing amount of time together.
They stayed at Jane Seymour's luxury mansion near Bath and enjoyed a Christmas holiday in the romantic Swiss ski resort of Gstaad. Last summer the couple enjoyed a break in St Tropez on the French Riviera.
Robbie acted as a shoulder to cry on after her brief romance with American basketball ace Steve Nash fizzled out. And she helped Robbie through his bitter bust-up with Liam Gallagher, which ended with the wild Oasis singer branding him a "queer".

01.29.01GERI COMES TO ROBBIE’S AA Music365.co.ukFollowing on from her work with the UN, Geri Halliwell has been taking ROBBIE WILLIAMS to and from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Los Angeles.
According to the Express, Geri is determined to get Robbie off the drink and drugs.
Previous reports that Robbie was in the US to take acting lessons have been denied by the star, and it is thought he has gone to Hollywood to escape his London lifestyle.
Any romantic link with ex-Spice Girl Geri has been ruled out though with a ‘friend’ saying, “Robbie’s at a delicate stage in his battle to beat his demons and is convinced he’s not good enough for Geri.”
Robbie is pictured in the newspaper embracing fellow AA members outside a Methodist Church in Hollywood.
Robbie has struggled to control his drink and drug habits since leaving Take That in 1995.01.25.01 VOTE FOR GERI IN THE BEST CHEST VH1
When you're a rock star, looking good comes with the territory. But we want to know what it is about your favorite star that turns you on. Who's got the best eyes? The firmest thighs? The biggest talents? Well, you can see where we're going. Tell us who wears it well, and the results will appear on VH1 All Access: Hot Bodies, due to premiere on March 22. You don't have to be vain - this really is about you!

The first ever recordings by the Spice Girls are to finally be made available to the public. The Spice's original songwriter, Alan Glass, is for the first time allowing the Girls' first two tracks to be heard.
Glass, who was a songwriter for four months with the Spice Girls, recorded a number of tracks with them in a pre-production studio before they became international stars. But until now he hasn't allowed anyone to hear the songs.
"I've kept these songs private for the past five years," says Glass. "But now I think it's only right they should be made public.
"It's become fashionable to slag off the Spice Girls now, especially as their third album is plummeting in the charts. They show once and for all that the Spice Girls are great singers."
Glass, who has earned platinum records with artists such as Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Kenny G, the Lighthouse Family and Earth, Wind And Fire, met the newly formed girl group in 1995 and became the main song writer.
He says the Spices' latest album, Forever, bombed because the girls have moved away from pop music and tried to move into hip hop and R&B.
"They started out as a good pop group, and they should have stuck to that," he says. "If they stick to what they do well, they would still be at the top of the tree."

01.22.01 WHEN GERI MET JOANIE.. Daily Record
GERI Halliwell got the Hollywood treatment from actress Joan Collins when they met at an exclusive restaurant.
It was their cue for a big show of affection, with hugs and air kisses all round.
But it wasjust a brief encounter before Geri went back to her table with George Michael's lover, Kenny Goss.
Former Spice Girl Geri flew to the US earlier this week to visit her friend George, who is recovering from back surgery.
Back home, Geri was yesterday being tipped as a leading contender to be the next rector of Dundee University. TV magician Paul Daniels and comedian Fred MacAulay are also said to be considering whether to stand.
A student union source said: "Daniels and Halliwell both seem to have cult followings among the students."
Current rector Tony Slattery came under fire last year from students who accused him of not fulfilling his duties.

SLIMLINE Geri Halliwell waists no time revealing her midriff as she leaves bitterly cold Britain for the sunshine yesterday.
The ex-Spice Girl, 28, looked more ready to go for a stroll in California than freezing Heathrow - but then she was about to hop on a plane to Los Angeles.

They're not quite in the Torvill and Dean league. But Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell are getting on fine as they enjoy another intimate break. This time the pop icons chose the romantic Swiss ski resort of Gstaad, though friends said their main priority was simply to escape the pressures of showbusiness.
One told The Mirror: "They just fancied a break and the Christmas holiday was ideal. "Robbie has been exhausted lately so he needed some time off. He asked Geri to go at short notice and she agreed immediately. They are having a great time."
The last holiday they took together - in the South of France - led to talk of a love affair. That was six months ago and now they appear to be just good friends.
But one of the joys of an ice rink is you can hold hands and even snuggle up, claiming you were worried about falling over.
Former Spice Girl Geri, 27, in beige trousers and designer jacket, certainly looked less than confident.
But 26-year-old Robbie, dressed in top of the range skiing gear, has clearly skated before and showed Geri the way.
The pair have been staying in a friend's chalet and chilling out with Robbie's pals. They were wowed by Geri's new slimline look.
Since her weight plummeted - thanks to a combination of meetings for compulsive overeaters, a new fruit and veg diet and daily workouts - she has been showing off her figure in body-hugging outfits.
And between skating lessons she has been shopping for more in the exclusive boutiques of Gstaad.

01.04.01 TOGETHER AGAIN? The MegaStar
Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell clearly didn't make a resolution to give up the fags in the New Year. The pair were spotted sharing a ciggie during a quiet winter holiday in Gstaad, Switzerland - their second intimate break in four months. Robbie and Geri both jetted out to the luxury ski resort last Wednesday and saw in 2001 with a small group of pals. But there was no rock 'n' roll party - they celebrated in their hotel before returning to the slopes the next day.
A close pal of Geri's said: "Despite what most people think, they are just good mates. Robbie asked her to go on holiday with him and she said yes. Together with some mates, they saw in the New Year in a hotel room. It was all very low key." In August last year, the pair jetted out to sunny St Tropez in the south of France - sparking rumours of a redhot romance. Robbie later came clean, saying nothing had happened between them and insisting they were just close mates. However, the stars obviously enjoy one another's company, as just as in France, they were spotted larking about and sharing private jokes. But there were no scorching temperatures this time - just chill winds and lots of snow.