Radio 1 have denied a tabloid report that Geri Halliwell's new single will not be A-listed by the station. Geri releases her new track in March, it's a cover of The Weather Girls' 1984 hit It's Raining Men. The song also features on the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie, Bridget Jones' Diary starring Rene Zellweeger.
"We haven't even received the single yet and it hasn't come up for consideration on the playlist yet," a Radio 1 spokesman told worldpop, "so I don't know where the Sunday People got their story from. We won't be making a decision on the playlist for another week.".

In a shock decision, a London judge has ruled in favour of the manufacturer of the Sonic Spice scooter, after a sponsorship deal with the girls floundered after 'Ginger' Geri Halliwell bailed out of the band. The crux of the case revolved around whether the girls knew that Geri was going to leave before entering into the deal, but what's certain is that Aprilia has been awarded ?34,000 in damages. With costs the total bill is expected to reach ?m. After evidence from both Geri and Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton, the beak went with the Italians after much to-ing and fro-ing over the various dates of the aforementioned pivotal matters. Well, it's not the money but principle that counts...

02.28.01 BRITS INFO! Special thanks to www.geri-italia.com . Info from various sources
Stunning Geri Halliwell handed Robbie his Best Male Artist award - and cracked a saucy gag about their relationship.
Looking slender in a two-piece outfit, the ex-Spice Girl announced the gong by saying: "This winner is healthy, talented and, according to press reports, giving me one.
"So it's about time I returned the favour and gave HIM one - the winner is Robbie Williams."
Delighted Robbie walked on stage and embraced 28-year-old Geri before giving her a kiss on the cheek. After he had thanked his fans, the pair left the stage arm-in-arm.

SECURITY men went to great lengths to ensure Geri Halliwell didn't bump into her ex-love Chris Evans and his new girlfriend Billie backstage.
A source says: "There was panic as Geri was going to be there. Security had to check timings so they wouldn't have to confront each other in the bar. It was a nightmare."

Geri appeared on a Brit awards preview show on ITV today and revealed that her next single will be a cover of the classic-"It's Raining Men". She originally had another single intended for release (along with a video), however, at the last minute it was postponed in favour of the cover. It will be released in April. her new album has been completed and it will be released in late spring/early summer.

Rumours that Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell were to have a passionate kiss on stage at the Brits failed to materialise.
It was reported last week that the pair were going to prove their undying love for one another.
When Geri presented Robbie with his Brit award for Best British Male Solo Artist, there was no snog.
Instead Geri said: "According to the press he's giving me one, so I'm going to give him one", and handed him the award.
Robbie made a short speech: "This is my fourth year of coming back and being given awards. I'm going to say nothing except thank you."

02.26.01 GERI'S NEW SINGLE WILL NOT AIR IN RADIO 1 From Sunday People
Radio 1 has refused to air Geri's latest single It's Raining Men. Bosses at the BBC station have decided not to put the classic disco cover version on their play list.

02.25.01 FRONT PAGE'S APOLOGY TO GERI The Guardian
The grovelling full-page apology made to Geri Halliwell on the front page of the Daily Star may not be enough to stop the paper having to pay out five-figure damages to the popstar. It has emerged that, in addition to the apology - the most prominent ever made in a newspaper - the former Spice Girl will also receive a "five figure" sum in damages.
"We're delighted, because normally newspaper editors would rather be boiled in oil than admit they are wrong," said Jonathan Coad of law firm Schilling and Lom, who acted on behalf of Ms Halliwell.
He is still negotiating the damages with the Star but says he is delighted with the outcome as no newspaper had ever printed a full-page apology on its front page. But media lawyers branded the splash apology a "worrying" precedent, which could pressure newspapers to turn over their whole front pages to apologies.
The Mail on Sunday published an apology to Brooke Shields in May 1998 on its front page after a reporter wrongly claimed she had been searched for drugs at an airport. The Sun also published a front-page apology to Sir Elton John after wrongly accusing him of using rent boys.
However, neither tabloids handed over the entire front page. The apology followed a story on Friday, accompanied by photographs of Ms Halliwell with John Leahy, marketing and creative director at EMI. A headline above photographs of the pair hugging, read: "So Geri much in love".
Nigel Tait, the managing partner at Peter Carter Ruck & Partners, which specialises in libel, says the apology "is consistent with the Express Group's policy of being kind to superstars. It always helps newspapers to have a famous person on the cover. It also sends out a message that Mr Desmond wants to be kind to superstars," he said.
Mark Stephens, a partner at law firm Stephens Innocent, said: "Front-page apologies are enormously rare. This sets a precedent which is worrying."
Another top media lawyer, who did not wish to be named, said: "One has to ask the question whether this was on the front page because of the relationship between Mr Desmond and the Spice Girls."
The deal was arranged between Schilling & Lom, acting for Geri Halliwell and John Leahy, and lawyers acting for Northern & Shell.

Reports that Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell are planning to record a duet together are being played down by their record company.
It had been claimed the pair were recording a song about the pressures of fame.
Geri and Robbie were said to have already worked on a demo version of the track.
It was reportedly written while Robbie was in Los Angeles attending Alcoholics Anonymous sessions.
However, the pair's record label Chrysalis told Ananova: "There are no plans for them to record a single together.
"They're just rumours, like the ones earlier this week that Geri and Robbie were going to declare their undying love for each other at the Brits."

ROBBIE WILLIAMS and Geri Halliwell are to record a duet about the pressures of fame.
The pair have already worked on a demo version of the track, which is thought to have been written while Robbie attended Alcoholics Anonymous sessions in Los Angeles. They are expected to finish the recording in a few weeks time.
Robbie’s songwriting partner Guy Chambers is expected to produce the record.
An ‘insider’ said, “Robbie and Geri have both been through very similar experiences and have both realised the down side of fame. So they decided to put something about it on paper.”
She added, “Geri’s solo album is nearly finished – and this track would go perfectly with it.”
Meanwhile, rumours suggest that Geri and Robbie’s relationship may be rather more than plutonic.

Geri Halliwell and Robbie Williams are planning to declare their love for each other, according to reports. They're planning to go to the Brits as a couple and will come clean about their love, the Daily Star says. Quoting sources at the Brits, the paper says they'll appear on stage together and have a passionate kiss. A Brits insider told the Star: "Robbie and Geri are going to set the Brits alight. It's top secret but they are planning to appear together on stage and show off their love with a passionate snog. "It's going to be incredible - and will even knock the spots off Geri's performance last year." A friend is quoted as saying: "Geri is Robbie's guardian angel - and now they both want to let everyone know they are happy and are a couple. Geri and Robbie have so much in common, it's actually not so surprising they've fallen in love."

02.21.01 TV KISS SHOWS SECRET From MegaStar
GERI HALLIWELL and Robbie Williams plan to show off their love - with a passionate kiss at next week's Brit Awards, MegaStar can reveal.
The showbiz stars will admit they are together and care deeply for each other.
Last night, an insider confessed: "Robbie and Geri are ready to finally come clean. Watch out for something big at the Brits.
"They have a special kind of love and they want people to know it." And last night, close friends hinted the golden couple soon announce their engagement.
Speaking of their romance, a pal added: "If it wasn't for Geri, friends wonder if Robbie would have had the strength to carry on.
"Geri is Robbie's guardian angel - and now they both want to let everyone know they are happy and are a couple".
The couple have fallen head over heels for each other after going on holiday together last summer.
Up to now, they have maintained they were best friends and nothing more. Not any more.
Explaining how they fell in love, the friend continued: "Geri and Robbie have so much in common, it's actually not so surprising they've fallen in love."
Geri left the Spice Girls and Robbie quit Take That. And the two stars share the same record label, EMI.
And both have had to deal with life under the constant glare of publicity.
The pal added: "In showbiz, there are so many hangerson or people with hidden agendas. But because Geri and Robbie both do the same job and have the same pressures, they understand each other."
Recently, Robbie revealed how he sits at home in tears tormented by his fame.
He confessed: "I sit sobbing because there's always somebody who wants something. I don't want to go back out."
Geri meanwhile has been alone in her £2 million country mansion near Slough, Berks since she bought it back in 1998.
It is this almost identical life that brought the two together. But they chose to keep their romance quiet - until now.
Geri and Robbie, 27, will now show just how much they are in love by appearing at the Brit Awards as a couple - and enjoying a sizzling kiss which will set the showbiz world alight.
Robbie has long been confirmed to play at this year's star-studded bash, to be held at west London's Earl's Court 2 next Monday night.
Geri, 28, was not expected to to attend - until now.
Last night, a Brits insider confessed: "Robbie and Geri are going to set the Brits alight. It's top secret but they are planning to appear together on stage and show off their love with a passionate snog".
Speculation about Robbie and Geri's relationship has been intense ever since the two singers jetted off to the Saint Tropez last August.
Just last month, the Daily Star showed you how devoted Geri had even become Robbie's "guardian angel" - by waiting loyally outside while he attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Los Angeles.
Despite their regular appearances together, both Geri and Robbie have always played down talk of romance insisting the couple are just best friends.
The Brits insider added: "It's going to be incredible - and will even knock the spots off Geri's performance last year."
A year ago, Geri stunned millions of on TV viewers by emerging for her performance from the crotch of 50ft long inflatable legs.
Her show-stopper left her former Spice Girl bandmates in the shade.
Brit Awards record-holder Robbie was in the audience that night.
He was joined by his girlfriend, TV host Tania Strecker, but by May they had split.
Since then, Robbie has been single. Geri, too, is on alone again, despite briefly dating NBA basketball star Steve Nash.
And in the last 12 months petite Geri has become best friends with Robbie and they've increasingly spent free time together.
They quietly saw in 2001 at the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad. In six days, the pair are set to be together again.
But this time, their meeting will be anything but private.

Citizens of Watford! Should you be unlucky enough to spot a car heading down your street which is being driven by one Geri Halliwell, our advice is to leg it, she's trouble! The former Ginger one was caught driving at 60mph in a 30mph zone whilst driving through Watford on Halloween last year, and is headed for a major court bust up over it next month.
She had been hoping to just 'fess up and take the consequences by post from her home in Florida, but magistrates have ordered that she appear in court on March 14th to pass sentence. She could even face a ban from driving, which should make Watford a safer place to be, if nothing else!

02.21.01 GET THE LOOK:GERI HALLIWELL From Sunday Mirror
Guaranteed to grab attention (just don't bend over).
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Total cost: pounds 495.49

02.18.01 SO GERI SORRY From MegaStar
Yesterday we said they were lovers. We got it wrong. He's her marketing director WE'VE boobed, and we're big enough to admit it.
Yesterday we carried sizzling pictures of geri Halliwell with a tall dark man, sunning themselves on a beach in Miami.
We thought they looked like lovers. But we were wrong. It was strictly business and certainly nothing improper. It's been pointed out that the man is in fact John Leahy, Marketing and Creative director at EMI, Geri's record company.
We apologise unreservedly to Mr Leahy, who is happily married, and especially to his wife, who obviously was not best pleased when she saw the pictures of her husband with Geri splashed all over Britain's favourite newspaper. And Geri, we also say a sincere apology to you. But we won't apologise for saying that you look absolutely fantastic.

02.17.01 SPICE WAR OFF From The Sun
GERI HALLIWELL and Emma Bunton have backed off from a chart battle.
The former Spice Girls bandmates were both set to release singles on April 16. But they switched dates to avoid a repeat of the 1999 Spice War - when Geri's Lift Me Up beat Emma and Tin Tin Out's What I Am to No1.
Now Baby Spice's debut solo single, What Took You So Long, will hit the shops on the original date.
Geri's rehash of the Weather Girls' It's Raining Men has been put on hold.
A source at EMI, who own both the girls' record labels, said: "The last fight was a belter. But the girls know by keeping the releases apart they both have a chance of getting to No1."

02.17.01 GERI AND HER NEW MAN IN MIAMI from megastar.co.uk
A mystery hunk has made pop star Geri Halliwell sparkle again. Geri looked just sizzling as she soaked up the sun in Miami with the new love of her life. The pint-sized pop popster and her new fella were oblivious to stunned glances from fellow sun worshippers as they set the sands sizzling with their embraces on the beach.
Geri's happiness was obvious to all as she frolicked with the tall stranger between adding the finishing touches to second solo album. The former Spice Girl whipped off her wide-holed crocheted top to reveal her stunning new ultra-lean body - with only a skimpy bikini to hide her modesty.
Her new lover, wearing shades, looked delighted as Geri settled down on a sun lounger to top up her tan. One onlooker said: "Geri looked really hot. It was hard to believe she was the same girl.
"Everyone remembers her bursting out of her Union Jack mini-dress at the Brit Awards but she looks really sleek now."
Insiders say her new chum is the reason why Geri looks so good. Close friends have even been talking of their relationship becoming a permanent fixture . Geri, 28, is known to be envious of former pal Posh, her baby Brooklyn and her successful marriage to soccer icon David Beckham. The pop world had been abuzz with rumours that Geri was seeing fellow pop icon Robbie Williams.
She was spotted hugging the former Take That star after he endured a two-hour addiction counselling session. And last summer Geri and Robbie set tongues wagging when they holidayed together in the south of France.
But pop insiders knew they were just friends and behind the scenes she had a new man in her life. Geri appeared unconcerned that she could face a one-year driving ban when she returns to the UK, after pleading guilty by letter to speeding at 60mph in a 30mph zone in Watford.
02.16.01 GERI TO GO TO COURTROOM from megastar.co.uk
Geri often complains she's got no luck in love. But her bad luck is spreading. Sexy Geri faces a humiliating downfall - in the austere surroundings of a courtroom.
The artist formerly known as Ginger Spice had hoped to avoid an embarrassing appearance in the dock. But the stern justices yesterday ordered the singer, whose hits include Look At Me, to turn up to present her case in person.
Geri faces up to a year driving ban after being caught speeding at Twice the legal limit in her sports car. She was clocked doing 60mph in a 30mph zone in Watford, Herts, in her £90,000 Aston Martin - top speed 185mph.
Geri, 28 - who appeared on the court list under her full name Geraldine Estelle Halliwell - was caught at the wheel of the the car last October 31.
She pleaded guilty in writing, but after hearing the facts of the case yesterday, Watford magistrates decided they could not deal with the matter in her absence because the offence was too serious.
Chairman of the Bench Dr Anne Horsburgh said: "I think that we will need to see her."
The star was instead ordered to appear in person before the court when sentence is passed at 10am on March 14. And the beaks indicated that they were considering imposing a driving ban on the star.
Geri is currently in Miami, Florida.

02.16.01 "IT'S RAINING MEN" From The Sun
Geri has recorded The Weathergirls' anthem It's Raining Men for the Bridget Jones' Diary soundtrack. All very ironic when you consider both Geri and the fictional Bridget's track record with men. The film is due for release in April.

Geri Halliwell closes all her toilet seats every time she brings out a new track. She also listens to different mixes of the CD while she jogs. Her superstitious routine has seen her through three number-one singles since launching her solo career. She told Chat magazine: "It's a strange ritual I go through when a new record comes out. I'm recording a new album now so let's hope it works all over again."

Robbie Williams spent last weekend at pal Geri Halliwell's house in the country to avoid London's drink and drug temptations. It was all part of Ginger Spice's role as Robbie's Narcotics Anonymous guardian angel which she is taking very seriously

Geri was the surprise guest at Robbie Williams' low-key gig in London last night. A thousand fans saw her giving Robbie a kiss onstage at the Equinox club. What the audience didn't see was Geri flashing her boobs at Robbie from the side of the stage!
The show had been shrouded in secrecy, with tickets only seemingly being available only through Deutsche Bank, who were sponsoring the event, and 30 pairs being given away in a competition through his official website.
According to fans at the show, the 1hr 40 minute set saw him play a brand new track, 'Women', which he introduced by saying it was a brand new song he wrote four days ago and adding: "I'll play a song I know nothing about. This is 'Women'."
The set's two encores were 'Angels' and 'Rock DJ', and near the end Geri, who is a close friend of Robbie, came on and gave him a kiss, to an enormous cheer.
Proceeds from the gig are being split between Unicef and Robbie's own charitable fund, Give It Sum. The show started at 8.15pm and finished just before 10pm.

Geri says she finds it difficult to meet men who aren't gay. The former Spice Girl says the men she fancies don't seem to be interested in her. She is close friends with George Michael and his boyfriend Kenny Goss.
"Most of the people I mix with at the moment aren't straight," she told Chat magazine. "I was so excited when I met someone in LA but I found out he was gay too - it's difficult."
Geri adds she wants more from life than money and fame.
"I can see myself in five years' time living in a big house in the country with a husband, a brood of children and a dog," she says. "But I could just as easily see myself working behind a camera with adopted children hanging on to my ankles."

02.04.01 GERI'S NEW HOUSE.
The rumours were true. Here is the first picture of Geri’s new house — just 200 yards from her close pal Robbie Williams’ home.
Geri’s pad is a two-storey Georgian townhouse above a shop in London’s trendy Notting Hill.
I’m told she’s only renting with an option to buy, but Robbie has splashed out £2million for his semi-detached house nearby.
Last week Robbie and Geri were in Los Angeles where she accompanied him to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He referred to Geri as his Guardian Angel, a constant companion who is helping him overcome his addictions.
And now she’s just around the corner. Aaaaah.

Geri has called a truce with her former Spice Girl sparring partner Mel B. According to pals, the pair met up for a drink in London last week to kiss and make-up. A close friend tells me: "It's unlikely they'll be bosom buddies again but there's a lot of water under the bridge and they don't want to complicate their lives with petty grudges."

Geri just anounced that there will be no full tour when her new Album "Back Again" is out in middle of this year. Geri's new album which will have 12 tracks, is her second solo album. Geri said that she will still have a small promotional tour, however, there will be no full tour. This news comes right after Geri's first album has received the GOLD in the UNITED STATES, which is a great achievment for Geri. Thx to Geri_Rocks1

... A friend of the star told OK!: 'Geri had just come from the gym and couldn't resist stopping to stroke the dog. She's looking better than ever and is determined to be in great shape in time for the launch of her album in April or May. As for Joan, she's old friends with Geri - they get on like a house on fire.'

According to a UK radio station Geri's rumoured single "It's Raining Men" will actually be a b-side to her new single, rather then the actual single. Her first single is to be a song called "The Best Moment We Shared" (found on Napster). The radio station claimed these were some of the new titles of her songs: It's Raining Men, The Best Moment We Shared, If Only, Could I Have You, and Ven Conmigo. According to them Geri has written about 20 songs, but just 12 of them will be in the album, the others are supposed to be b-sides or unreleased songs and the album will contain spanish songs. The rumoured title is still "Ven Comingo".