29.08.01 RAMBO GERI From The Sun

Blonde Geri toned DOWN her image yesterday, wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a picture of Sylvester Stallone as Rambo. It was a far cry from her act at a similar open-air gig in London's Hyde Park last month, when she was licked by scantily-clad female dancers. Last night a spokesman for Geri played down her rift with Posh. He said: "There's no problem between Geri and Victoria as far as Geri is concerned.". 


Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham have been back on the same stage but were kept well apart by concert organisers. Halliwell looked in combative mood wearing a Rambo T-shirt as she strutted her stuff in front of 30,000 screaming fans at BRMB's Party in the Park at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. Two-and-a-half hours later her former Spice Girls bandmate Beckham did her best to steal the show dressed all in leather as she performed in the late afternoon sunshine. The clash occurred a day after the News of The World published claims of tensions between the two stars. Halliwell left the Spice Girls in 1998 to embark on a solo career. Since then the other band members have released solo efforts, but insist they are still together. Beckham also did her best to outdo fellow performer Sophie Ellis-Bextor at the show. The pair were involved in a heated chart battle last summer when Ellis-Bextor was guest vocalist on Spiller's single Groovejet which outsold Beckham's collaboration with Truesteppers Out Of Your Mind. Other stars at the party included Atomic Kitten, Steps and Damage.. 


They were the first group to herald the return of cheesy pop music. They paved the way for Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. They were an international sensation. And then they promptly disappeared. But the Spice Girls have seen a remarkable rebound in popularity . Not the whole group, but rather individual members. Right now the hottest Spice Girl is the only one who is definitely an ex-Spice: Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice). Halliwell is big around the world right now thanks to her cover of the disco classic "It's Raining Men" that appears on the soundtrack to Bridget Jones's Diary as well her solo album. Searches for Halliwell have gone up 125 percent over the past four weeks. Of the four remaining Spice Girls, the one who is currently seeing a lot of interest is Emma Bunton (Baby Spice). Bunton's searches have been on an even steeper rise than Halliwell's, more than doubling over the past five weeks. Bunton's first track "What Took You So Long" went to number one in Britain. If you want to compare these two Spice Girls to the search interest in famous actresses, Geri Halliwell is currently in Julia Roberts territory, while Emma Bunton compares favorably with lesser star Sharon Stone. Both of them are also well-known by just their first names, as we saw a number of searches for just Geri and Emma last week. We see the same one-name interest in Britney and Janet, though not in Christina or Jennifer (Aguilera and Lopez, that is). While the rest of the Spice Girls aren't quite as popular online right now, they all have their own solo careers. Melanie Chisolm (Sporty Spice) was the first of the Spice Girls to release a solo album, 1999's Nothern Star. Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) released a more R&B-flavored solo disc, Hot, last year. Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) has become more famous as the husband of English soccer star David Beckham. Although Geri Halliwell's cover of "It's Raining Men" is available on the Bridget Jones's Diary soundtrack, neither her album nor Bunton's is scheduled for release in the United States anytime soon. Neither of the new Spice Girl solo records is listed on U.S. Virgin Records' website either. In England, however, and in cyberspace, their 15 minutes aren't quite up.. 

28.08.01 GERI TO MAKE YOGA VIDEO. From Hello Magazine

It was only going to be a matter of time before one of the Spice Girls branched out into fitness videos – and it looks as if the artist formerly known as Ginger is going to be first past the post, with a yoga video. The singer is said to have landed a £900,000 deal for two days' work on an exercise video based on her fitness routine. The 29-year-old celebrity is nuts about the ancient Indian discipline, which she credits with helping her lose two stone (28lbs) in 18 months. Just two months ago she was photographed while on holiday in Italy striking some yoga poses in a skimpy bikini. The video, which is expected to retail for around £15, will be out in time for Christmas, and will feature the ex-Spice Girl being put through her paces by Luca Tommassini, a dancer, choreographer and yoga afficionado who has also worked with Madonna, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. The petite singer’s music career has not done as well as she expected – sales for her second album, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, have been disappointing. An insider on the fitness project was reported to have said over the weekend: “Geri is struggling musically at the moment. She has been so successful for such a long time that she assumed whatever she did would be lapped up by the public.” But, as the before and after figures show, Geri has what it takes to change the shape of her career. 


TODAY the News of the World can reveal the true story of Victoria Beckham that, until now, only her closest friends have known. Only they know how she stood weeping in the home she hated, pleading with husband David to leave Manchester United for the sake of their marriage. The homesick star was at the end of her tether — and the bitter rows with her new husband over where they should live were beginning to take their toll. And only those in her inner circle knew the true depth of the hatred she felt for Geri Halliwell, right with Posh, who she blames for betraying the Spice Girls at the height of their career. Next month Posh will publish her autobiography, Learning To Fly. She was reputedly paid £1 million by Penguin books. But today we get to the true Victoria that no self-written book can reach. Speaking as never before, Victoria confided: "I can't stand Geri. I haven't seen her since a party we were both at in the south of France a couple of years ago and I'm pleased about that fact. "She is one of the most disloyal people I've ever known. When she walked out of the Spice Girls, she almost split up an entire band with her selfish behaviour.". One of her closest pals last night confirmed: "She's previously been quite guarded about her true feelings about her, but she's been determined to deliver an absolute bucketload on her, and now she is."... Later, however, she developed her dislike, especially for Geri, in a long conversation: "Geri means nothing to me. We have nothing in common. I don't speak to her any more. We're both doing our own thing and that's that.". A friend of hers explained to the News of the World: "Posh twists the knife in whenever she can. Take last year, for example. She was promoting her single Out Of Your Mind, the one she did with Dane Bowers, and she posed up for a photograph with a little dog. "To anyone who didn't know it was just another picture of Posh. But some of us know REAL reason she wanted that photograph taken was to mimic and make fun of Geri who'd been pictured in the papers with her pet shih-tzu Harry.". Backstage Posh told a pal that she joked with her dancers: "Do I look like Geri? Look, here I am with my dog, quick take my picture. Hi, my name is Geri Halliwell. Do you think I look good with my dog, take my picture.". The pair grew apart when Geri walked out of the Spice Girls back in May 1998. Posh's resentment began to mushroom. When Geri began dating Chris Evans, Posh seethed to a pal: "I can't believe she's going out with him. She'll do anything to get publicity.". She continued: "Geri doesn't care what she does as long as she gets in the paper. How can she go out with someone like Chris? She's obviously trying to further her career and doesn't care how she does it.". Their animosity exploded this year when Posh was livid after she found out Geri's video for Scream If You Wanna Go Faster was very similar to the one she had shot for her own debut single, Not Such An Innocent Girl, which is to be released on September 17. In public she kept an even keel — just as she did with Sir Alex Ferguson. But with friends she could let herself go. She ranted at one: "How the hell can she get away with that? Somebody must have told her what my video was. There's no way she would have the same idea. This can't be a coincidence. I want to know how she did it.". The friend told the News of the World: "There was real fury there. It changed her face. It goes really deep.".. 

25.08.01 POUTY IN THE PARK From The Sun

POSH SPICE faces not one but two arch-rivals at Birmingham's Party In The Park next Monday. She is due to appear at the BRMB event whose line-up also includes Geri Halliwell and Sophie Ellis Bextor. Posh is furious with ex-Spice Girl Geri for using the same Lara Croft video concept as her - and she has never forgiven Sophie for beating her to No1 with her last solo single. Meanwhile, Radio 1 has yet to play-list Posh's forthcoming single Not Such An Innocent Girl. But the station IS airing Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head - which comes out on the same day as Posh's single next month. 


The Spice Girls are still favourites with Supergirly at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Four tracks by the band were included on the playlist of Supergirly's greatest-hits show The Immaculate Selection. Songs included Holler, Stop, Viva Forever and Wannabe. Geri Halliwell featured three times on the song list as a solo artist with It's Raining Men, Look At Me and Mi Chico Latino. Bewitched, Britney Spears, Cher, Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams and S Club 7 each had two songs shortlisted. Supergirly are playing three shows at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh. The run continues on August 24 and 25. Each night, songs are chosen randomly from a possible list of 60 by audience members spinning large, fairground-style wheels. 


ANOTHER twist in the remarkable Spice Girls saga emerged last night. According to dance act Faithless there was a sixth member - a singer called "Bev" who belted out the strongest vocals on some of the Spice's best known hits. Faithless claim they were called in to work their magic on the band's smash hit Who Do You Think You Are and discovered the secret. DJ Sister Bliss, pictured, says: "There was a sixth Spice called Bev. That was the one who could really sing. Her voice was a very defined presence on the master tapes." A spokesperson for the Spice Girls said: "I don't know why Faithless are making these wild accustations. They are not true. As far as we are aware they have never mixed any Spice Girl songs. Who Do You Think You Are was mixed by David Morales.".. 


If the tabloids are to be believed, tiny popstrel Geri Halliwell maintains her wafer-thin waistline by ensuring that not even the tiniest morsel of fatty food passes her lips.
According to The Mirror, Gez banned all food from her dressing room when recording 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster' for the German edition of Top of the Pops. 
We're not sure if Geri has changed her eating habits, but we can assure you that there were no such restrictions when she performed at the TOTP studios in London last month. How do we know? Because we were mid-webchat with the slim songstress when she decided to turn her attention to ordering a huge feast. It was all we could do to get her off the menu and back to your questions! . 


IT causes me great pain to announce the great love affair between Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell is as good as over. Well, it will be when Geri finds out all her scenes from his new road movie have been left on the cutting room floor. Film-makers have spent the last five months following the Robster around making a rockumentary of his life. The crew had exclusive access to Rob on his British and European tour and also filmed him hanging out with friends and family. But when a rough edit was shown to a select gathering recently I'm told all footage featuring Miss Halliwell had mysteriously vanished. Now close friends of the two pop pals say they have drifted apart and gone their separate ways. "Everyone was surprised to see Geri wasn't in the film," one pal told me. "She's been a huge part of his life over the last year. You'd have expected her to figure in some way. "Recently they haven't seen so much of each other but we all thought that was because Geri was busy with her new album and Robbie was on tour. "But her name is rarely mentioned these days.". Geri's not been having much luck with her male friends recently.Only last month she fell out with George Michael, ironically after a bust-up over her relationship with Robbie. Two months ago she and Robbie clashed over her taking dangerous health supplements and relations appear to have been strained since. Their on-off romance began in St Tropez last summer. Although it seemed to have cooled earlier this year Robbie was still the first person Geri turned to when she was burgled in late March. Robbie's as-yet-untitled movie is expected to get a national release in cinemas later this year. Knowing those two Geri will probably be back in it by then. 

22.08.01 GERI IN GERMANY From Halliwellnews.com

Geri won the Best Online Award at the Comet Awards in Cologne (Germany) for her official German Website last Friday. Along her winning the Award she also performed her super hit "It's Raining Men". Geri admitted in an interview that she likes German men. "I can practise my German on them". Geri had enjoyed her long visit in Germany. Where she also performed at the Popkomm (Ringfest), last Saturday night. 


GERI Halliwell is used to staying in some of the finest hotels in the world. And to being welcomed with open arms.
But her superstar status won't help her next time she goes to the party island of Ibiza.
For the former Spice Girl has been banned from checking in to one of the Balearic's most exclusive establishments - Pikes in San Antonio - after the proprietor sensationally labelled her "a pig".
The fabulous pounds 300-a-night resort is the destination of choice for a plethora of stars including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Zoe Ball and Duran Duran. The walls of the reception area are awash with pictures of colourful owner Tony Pikes entertaining Hollywood legends including Tony Curtis and Jean-Claude Van Damme.
But it looks like a picture of the former ginger one won't be joining them.
Furious Tony fumes: "I thought Geri Halliwell was a pig.
"I let her team onto the property to make a video, free of charge. I got a camera out to take a picture and her gorilla security said 'no f***ing photographs'."
The 67-year-old hotelier, who counts crooner Julio Iglesias as one of his best pals, told Mixmag magazine: "Her agent said they were filming one frame and would take about 10 minutes.
"But there were 14 in the crew and they were here for about three hours. They took over the whole bloody place. They could have easily slotted in a mention of Pikes but they didn't."
George Michael put the place on the map in the 80s when he and his Wham! pal Andrew Ridgeley filmed the hedonistic video for their hit single Club Tropicana in Pikes' spectacular pool.
But not even he will be able to help her as the recently fell out. Next time Geri, 29, goes to the White Island she'll have to find somewhere else to stay.. 

16.08.01 GERI AND EMMA FALLOUT? From spicenews.com

There is a rumor going around that shortly after Christmas 2000, Geri rung up all the Spice Girls except for Emma. (This ties in with the rumor that Geri had rung up Victoria but Victoria was not there to answer). 

16.08.01 GERI'S QUICK AS A FLUSH From The Mirror

GERI Halliwell is a terrible flirt. When she visited the loo at the same time as a portly gent at a Fulham restaurant, she giggled: "Are you following me?". "Absolutely not," he retorted. "You are a lot smaller in real life." She quipped: "And you're very large." So who was this man? Step forward our Jessica's papa Paul. Ahh. 


Geri has been spotted with a new man, on France's Cote D'Azur. She was having great fun, with a new mistery hunk. This could be her new man, or it might even be her security guard, so let's not make a big deal about it! Visit Halliwell News for some pictures >>>. 


First of all to correct last week's daft typo, Geri Halliwell has of course had four Number One singles from her six solo single releases to date rather than the five I credited her with at first. It is also worth expanding further after a great many people wondered out loud just why everyone was screaming about why this single was a "flop" for peaking at Number 8 when earlier this year Robbie Williams placed a single at Number 10 without anyone batting an eyelid. The truth is of course that Robbie Williams probably doesn't need to sell records to remain a star. For whatever reason he has that indefinable quality that suggests that whatever he does, whether it is acting, presenting or just window cleaning he will remain the loveable national treasure we are all told that he is. Geri is different. It isn't unfair to say that nobody actually "likes" her in the same way everyone does Mr Williams. We may like the odd record of hers but beyond that she struggles for superstar charisma. Hence her chart positions are possibly more important. If people stop buying her music then quite simply she is shafted. Hence the furrowed brows when what is arguably her best song from a heavily promoted but poor-selling album becomes her smallest hit single ever and then starts dropping like a stone. 


POSH SPICE has blocked a remix of the single that wrecked her chances of topping the charts last year. Truesteppers' revamped version of Spiller's Groovejet, mixed with Victoria Beckham's vocals from Out Of Your Mind was due out September 17 — the same day as Posh's own single, Not Such An Innocent Girl. But lawyers from her record label Virgin banned it. So now Truesteppers are asking rival Spice Girl GERI HALLIWELL to copy Posh's vocal for the single. The row erupted when furious Posh heard about Truesteppers' plan to feature her voice on their new release. She immediately got Virgin to fire off a letter to the BMG record company, who were planning to release the track. BMG owned the rights to her vocals but Victoria had retained the right to veto any remixes. So Virgin threatened to take out an an injunction against BMG if the track was released. Groovejet, which originally featured Sophie Ellis-Bextor, went to No 1 in the charts last summer — and prevented Posh's Out Of Your Mind from hitting top spot. The idea of making Groovejet II was the brainchild of Johnny L, musical mastermind behind dance act Truesteppers. There has been a huge demand from DJs and it has been played on Radio 1. It is already a huge club hit in Ibiza and Ayia Napa where 100 bootleg white label copies have been distributed. BMG have now agreed not to release the track — but Truesteppers are determined to put it out in another form. So a number of female vocalists, including Geri, have been approached. Victoria fell out with Truesteppers after they said her singing voice was not very strong. Her spokesman said last night: "It's a Virgin Records issue and Victoria has left them to sort it out.". Meanwhile, Posh has recorded a sizzling dance routine to Not Such An Innocent Girl for Saturday's ITV show cd:uk.. 

11.08.01 SOPH'S TOP POP AT GERI From The Mirror

SOPHIE Ellis Bextor can certainly bitch. On last night's Top Of The Pops she was wonderfully catty when she was forced to introduce Geri Halliwell three times due to a tech problem. Before the third attempt she told the audience: "Sorry, I know it must be galling to clap three times for Geri.". 

10.08.01 GERI AND DOG GO TO TUSSAUD'S From People News

Harry follows in distinguished paw prints
Geri Halliwell goes everywhere with her poo-prone pooch Harry these days. In fact, the Incredible Shrinking Woman has become so attached to her canine companion that she has decided that even her Madame Tussaud's model should be accompanied by the shih-tzu hound. A spokeswoman for the museum confirmed that Geri is to be immortalised in wax: 'We don't have exact dates yet, but Geri is very happy we are doing it.' Clearly in an uncharacteristically helpful mood, she chortled: 'It should be fun and cheap because it isn't like we are going to use much wax for her figure!' Waxy Geri will wear the strapless Julien Macdonald dress that she wore to the Bridget Jones's Diary premiere. Little Harry will be only the third dog to be displayed in the museum, following the celebrated hound of Barbara Cartland and John Noakes's dear departed Shep.. 


Geri Halliwell tasted chart disappointment as her latest single debuted at only number eight.
The former Spice Girl did notch up the highest new entry in the Top 40 but sales of Scream If You Wanna Go Faster have not been up the usual standards set by the star.
Geri has had 11 previous number ones, including her most recent single It's Raining Men, from the soundtrack to hit movie Bridget Jones's Diary, which entered the charts at the top spot.
Atomic Kitten stayed at the top of the charts with the all-girl band's reworking of the Bangles' hit Eternal Flame, while Robbie Williams climbed one place to number two.
Geri's 11th number one smash It's Raining Men won her a record place as the most successful UK female artist, along with former bandmate Mel C.
The former Ginger Spice tasted chart-topping success seven times as a Spice Girl and has scored four smash hits as a solo artist. 


GERI Halliwell has ditched plans for a lavish 29th birthday party tomorrow in favour of a quiet night with close girlfriends. "Geri's not had a big night out in ages. She planned a bash but changed her mind," a pal says. Nothing to do with her new single failing to hit No.1 today, of course. 


Geri Halliwell's new single Scream if you wanna go faster would be number 10 in Sunday Charts according to the Sunday Mirror's chart prediction. Scream if you wanna go faster would be the highest new entry.. 
1 (1) Eternal Flame - Atomic Kitten
2 (2) Bootylicious - Destiny's Child
3 (3) Eternity - Robbie Williams 
4 (5) Purple Pills - D-12 
5 (6) Perfect Gentleman - Wyclef Jean 
6 (8) Castles In The Sky - Ian Van Dahl
7 (7) Heaven Is A Halfpipe - OPM 
8 (4) All or Nothing - O Town 
9 (9) Another Chance - Roger Sanchez 
10 (-) Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - Geri Halliwell 


VICTORIA BECKHAM has said she would "sail off and watch them both drown" if asked to choose between rescuing former SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL or her husband DAVID's boss, MANCHESTER UNITED football team manager SIR ALEX FERGUSON. 
TV show host Jerry Springer put the question to her: "Who would you save from drowning, Alex Ferguson or Geri Halliwell?" 
She replied: "You've got me there. That's a good question. Neither. I'd just sail off and watch them both drown." However she quickly backtracked, adding: "I really am going to regret that, so I'll give you another answer so you can edit that one out. I'd save them both." 
During the interview for Channel 5 TV show 'Late Night With Jerry Springer', which is printed in today's (August 3) Mirror newspaper, she also revealed it would be "very difficult" for the Spice Girls to record another album. 
Asked if she was asked to do another album she said, "Yeah, I'd be in favour of that." But added: "It would be very difficult because it's very time consuming. At the moment I think all of us are happy doing our own thing, but it's open-ended, you never know." 
And she revealed that she feels she has "a lot to prove" with her forthcoming eponymous solo album, scheduled for release on October 1. 
"When I started recording this album, I had a lot to prove. I want to prove I can sing and dance and have a vision. I'm really baring my soul on this. I hope people like it. When I was with the other girls I never did a lot of the singing, so this is the first time that people are going to see me and what I am capable of." She added that she hoped her forthcoming solo album would do well "and I can have a successful solo career," before going on to have "lots more babies.".


A GERI Halliwell self-portrait and a George Best sketch of an elderly woman smoking were among the attractions at a fund-raising event in Leeds. The pair joined a host of stars to raise money for the Prince's Trust by designing their own clock face. They went on display at David Share Jewellers in The Headrow yesterday. Emmerdale's Cain Dingle, alias Jeff Hordley, said Best's painting was his favourite. "You'd expect a footballer to do something to do with football, but he's done an old lady smoking. But Geri's is unoriginal. She's just painted herself and then nicked a line from a Beatles song Love is all we need.". The celebrity clocks were designed and painted as part of a national fund-raising initiative, Turn Your Life Around, supported by Rotary Watches to raise funds for the trust. The charity helps people aged between 14 and 30 to learn new skills to get work and start businesses. David Share, who owns the jewellers, said: "It has been fantastically popular. "I hope these clocks will raise a lot of money when they are auctioned later this year.".

01.08.01 GERI'S SINGLE GOES SLOWER From Worldpop

Geri Halliwell has fled the country this week for a holiday in a bid to avoid any publicity for her current single Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. In a bizarre move the former Spice Girl has shunned the press and cancelled scheduled radio interviews. She is rumoured to be nervous about the chances of the single reaching No 1. Geri has asked all of the members of her website to buy a copy of the single but the move doesn't seem to have helped her midweek chart position. According to midweek sales figures Geri is currently only at No 7 in the chart as the second highest new entry. The highest new entry is Depeche Mode's I Feel Loved, an incredible feat considering the single wasn't even A-Listed at Radio 1. Meanwhile Atomic Kitten look set to hold on to the No 1 spot this week with Eternal Flame. The single is easily outselling Robbie Williams at No 2 and Destiny's Child at No 3. Janet Jackson, rumoured as a possible No 1, is currently only at No 11 on the midweek chart while US rockers Train are a new entry at No 12. Crazytown and Mercury Music prize nominees Turin Brakes are both new Top 20 entries while US rapper Jaheim and '80s electronic stars Human League are both Top 30 entries. Destiny's Child look like holding on to the No 1 album spot with Survivor although they are only narrowly ahead of a resurgent David Gray who is at No 2 with White Ladder. The only new entry in the Top 20 albums is Prince's Very Best Of, currently at No 5 on the chart.


Atomic Kitten look likely to hold onto the number-one position in the UK singles chart with their cover of The Bangles' Eternal Flame. Midweek sales predict that Robbie Williams' Eternity will be in the number-two slot, followed by Bootylicious by Destiny's Child. But Geri Halliwell looks set for a disappointing entry around number seven with her latest single, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. The relative flop of Geri's single follows a string of chart toppers for the former Spice Girl, including Mi Chico Latino, Bag It Up, Lift Me Up and It's Raining Men..

01.08.01 GERI ON HER KNEES FOR A SINGLE From The sun

WATCH for stunts from Geri Halliwell as she tries to hit No1 on Sunday with Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. She has already emailed the members of her website imploring them to buy it .

01.08.01 DIRTY HARRY From The Mirror

GERI Halliwell's dog Harry is obviously a Shih-tzu by name and by nature. Our snapper spotted the pooch answering a call of nature on an up market residential road in West London. As his owner chatted to a passer-by, Harry, who Geri rescued from Battersea Dogs' Home, simply got on with his business. More foul, perhaps, is the fact that Geri doesn't believe in poop-scooping and wandered off without clearing up Harry's little deposit. The star's pet has a habit of embarrassing the singer when it comes to his ablutions. Last year the hound squatted in posh designer store Joseph. And, true to form, Geri left staff at the Knightsbridge store to clear up after him.