APRIL 2001


I've just been to interview the world's greatest flirt for Maxim. You might also know her by the name of Geri Halliwell and possibly have noticed that she is busy promoting her new single, It's Raining Men. She looks absolutely sensational and I look like I should have a vendor number and a Big Issue badge (I was, you see, temporarily embroiled in an increasingly futile attempt to grow a beard - which you will be relieved to hear I have now stopped). Shocked by the relief into which her tanned, tonedand generally gorgeous ambience has thrown me, I apologise for my appearance. "Don't be silly, you look fine, the beard's a good look for you," she lies, wonderfully. And from that point, I am putty in her hands. She reveals the polka dot socks under her leg warmers. Oh yes, she is wearing scarlet leg warmers to go with her scarlet crop top (and ladies, if you 'ad abs like that you would wear a crop top all the time, even in the shower). Anyway, she flashes her socks and then giggles, "You weren't supposed to see those. When you know me better you'll realise that's just my sense of humour." This woman knows how to conduct herself in an interview ("How old are you?" she asks. "33." "You're looking good on it." I'm not). 
I have a 5in scar on the back of my left hand (usually a motorbike accident or a close encounter with a shark, depending on who I'm talking to). "How did you do that?" she asks, holding my hand and running her finger up the scar. "I fell off a wall whenI was pissed," I say, automatically telling her the precise truth. She laughs like this is not the only time a man has blurted out something embarrassing without thinking about it first. And then, showing me how she plays football ("Rob taught me"), she stands up and grabs my arm. "I'm a terrible shirt puller," she explains, unnecessarily, pulling me across the table by my shirt. "Hmm, what are you wearing, Allure?" she asks after releasing her surprisingly tight grip. "Er no, it's Envy by Gucci." "Very nice," she says. "Er, thanks," I say, unsure whether to repay the compliment or not (eventually deciding not to as my working knowledge of female perfumes is sketchy at best). 
There is a lot of eye contact and the interview is, it seems to me, going very well, but then that is the genius of the successful flirt. It is not just a question and answer session, it feels like a conversation with me answering her questions and both of us going off on tangents as you would if you were not actually talking to one of the most famous women in the world. Of course, she has done this before and I know what she's doing but I'm quite content to let her get away with it. The interview over-runs by some time (I don't want to pull myself away) and as it ends and I go to shake her hand she grabs me and kisses me on the cheek. Oh don't go... 
You can write to Geri's name-dropping best mate at the address on page 3 at The Mirror or e-mail him at m@mirror.co.uk 

30.04.01 GERI'S SOLO TOUR From Mtv.co.uk

Geri's solo tour Geri Halliwell has spoken to mtv.co.uk of her plans to embark on a UK solo tour later this year. 
"It's not an if, it's a when," Geri confirmed. "I think I could deliver a fantastic tour that everyone would enjoy. It gives me so much pleasure to be on stage. That, for me, is the best bit and I hope everybody loves it." 
Geri also revealed plans to conquer the US. "I will be going to the States, but I want to spend a lot of time in Europe and invest some quality time in our relationship before I sod off to the other side of the Atlantic and be all fickle," she said. Geri left the Spice Girls on the eve of their 1998 US tour but has recently been spending a lot of time in LA with her best pal, Robbie Williams. 
Her comeback single, a cover of 'It's Raining Men', went on sale today, April 30. It features on her forthcoming album, 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster', our May 14. Geri recently received criticism for the album's artwork, which features the singer, clad in rollerskates, hanging onto the back of a speeding car. Read more here 
In other Geri news, she is keen to appear in the forthcoming West End production of The Sound Of Music, according to reports. Andrew Lloyd Webber is thought to be close to securing a deal to produce the production at the London Palladium.


GERI HALLIWELL has emerged as the most likely candidate to knock S CLUB 7 from the top of the UK single charts this coming Sunday (May 6). 
Halliwell's cover of The Weather Girls' 'It's Raining Men' is predicted to be this week's highest new entry in to the UK Top 40. 
A chart expert at HMV in London told NME.COM the song may even sell more than current Number One, 'Don't Stop Movin'' by S Club 7. 
He said: "She's done huge amounts of pre-publicity and the track is also on the soundtrack to the 'Bridget Jones's Diary' film. With the decrease in sales from S Club 7 this week, Geri could do it." 
Other new releases this week come from REM, who release their new single, 'Imitation Of Life', and Jennifer Lopez, who releases 'Play'. Both are likely to become Top Ten hits. 
Other high profile single releases today (April 30) come from Stephen Gately, with 'Stay', and Black Eyed Peas, whose new single 'Request Line' features Macy Grayon guest vocals. 
Visit NME.COM throughout the week for the latest on the battle to become this week's Number One.


Geri Halliwell wants to star in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's forthcoming production of The Sound Of Music.
The former Spice Girl has told friends she is keen to follow in the footsteps of Martine McCutcheon, Danni Minogue and Denise Van Outen.
All have recently made the move into musicals.
According to the Peoplenews website she thinks the big-screen classic would be the perfect musical to launch her stage career.
A friend told the site: "Geri adores the film. Starring in a remake on stage would be like a childhood dream come true."
It is thought Lloyd Webber has secured a deal with the company that owns the rights to the film, with a view to staging it at the London Palladium.
Another star tipped for the show is Josie Lawrence, who recently landed the part of Anna in Lloyd Webber's stage version of The King and I.
The original film of The Sound of Music was made in 1965 and starred Julie Andrews in the lead role.
It featured such classic songs as Edelweiss and My Favourite Things.
However, an industry insider has cast doubt on Geri's chances of getting a role in the musical version: "A strong singing voice is far more important in musical theatre than it is in pop. Geri's talents have always appeared to lie elsewhere."

30.04.01 STUFFED ON GERI From Anorak

IN a world full of change and unpredictability, there is just one thing you can count on: that OK! magazine will publish its weekly exclusive with Geri Halliwell. 
For the 37th consecutive week, the former Ginger Spice bares her body and soul to readers of the esteemed publication. 
Geri is a girl who has been everywhere and done everything. She has binged and purged. She has loved and lost. So she's in the perfect position to offer her perceptive insights to the nation. 
Or is she? OK! seems to think that her judgement is a little clouded. "The lady is ripped," it declares. Oh, hang on - they're only talking about her six-pack and sinewy arms. 
Geri has never been in better shape, and the days when she ate a cheese sandwich, a packet of biscuits, leftover Chinese, toast, spaghetti and a box of after-dinner mints - as a mid-morning snack - are long gone.
"It always ended the same way: staring into the white porcelain bowl," she says. Let's hope that listening to Geri's new album, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, doesn't produce a similar result. 
Geri describes the new record as "one of the best examples of pop music for the 21st century". If self-promotion isn't her greatest talent, then what is? Let's ask the lady herself. "I love it when people aren't afraid to make prats of themselves," she says. "I'd say that's one of my greatest strengths." 
Luckily for Geri, and for the public in general, OK! is always on hand to help her demonstrate said strength.


IT may be raining men...but they’re still not falling on Geri Halliwell. 
And the mere mention of sex can turn Ginger beetroot. 
“I go bright red when anybody says anything sexual to me. I’m like a frightened little rabbit,” she told us. 
You’d never think she was such a shy star to see her dancing in the video for new single It’s Raining Men, which features in hit flick Bridget Jones’s Diary. 
The new lean and lovely Geri, who lost 28lb in 18months, shows off her fab figure in skimpy black pants and a cropped tight vest. 
But she insists the sex goddess stuff is all an act. 
Geri was speaking after her first live performance of the year — at the Key 103 Feel The Noise 2001 gig in Manchester. Other acts performing at the gig included Mel B, Atomic Kitten, Five, A1, Dane Bowers and Marti Pellow. 
But Geri stole the show, belting out It’s Raining Men. 
Geri told us: “I sometimes refer to myself, Geri Halliwell, as a slim, shady character. 
“When I go up on stage, that kind of hip gyrating thing and all those little sexualmovesthat go on are not actually me. 
“Deep down I’m not actually like that. I would freak.”


They may have been sharing the same bill, but Geri Halliwell and her former Spice Girls colleague Mel B made sure they weren't together in the building at the same time. The two singing stars were trying to raise around £100,000 for charity in the star-studded Feel The Noise concert last night at the Manchester Evening News Arena. But when Mel B thought she was about to be reunited with Geri she shot out of her seat saying: ''Sorry, I'm off.'' Mel B opened the show, ensuring a long gap between her and Geri, who headlined the gig. 
They performed at the M.E.N. Arena to try to beat the six-figure sum raised at a similar event last year - Music For Life - and generous Geri boosted proceedings by not only performing free but donating £5,000. The glittering occasion helped the launch of Manchester Kids, a new charity formed by Manchester radio station Key 103 - organisers of Feel The Noise. Acts who gave their time as well as their talents included Brian Harvey, ex-Wet Wet Wet lead singer Marti Pellow, Dane Bowers, Atomic Kitten, BB Mak, and Boyzone star Stephen Gateley. 
Andrew Robson, programme director for Key 103, said: ''We would like to thank all the artists who have supported the gig and given their time for free.'' 

29.04.01 IT'S RAINING (IN THE) MEN!! From NME

GERI HALLIWELL headlined a stellar pop event in MANCHESTER last night to launch a charity organised by local radio station KEY 103. 
The night also included short performances from Atomic Kitten, A1, Artful Dodger, Spice Girl Mel B, former Another Level star Dane Bowers and Boyzone singer Stephen Gateley. 
All performed at the 'Feel the Noise Live' event at the Manchester Evening News Arena, which hopes to raise money and awareness for 'Manchester Kids', a new charity which aims simply to "make a difference" for children facing difficulties in the region. 
Geri headlined the bill, playing her first live show for over a year. Accompanied by an entourage of dancers, she performed new single 'It's Raining Men' at the beginning and end of her slot, complete with an exhausting dance routine. Seemingly unconcerned at the current tabloid attention surrounding her, a mischievous Geri preferred instead to introduce her pet dog to the 20,000 strong crowd, which included many of the cast members of UK soap opera Coronation Street and Manchester United football club 


This is a special news report by schizo:geri! . Geri Halliwell's new single will be released on Monday. If Geri gets the number one, it will be her 11th number one . Making her the female singer with more number ones in the UK . Of course She's going to have to fight. Here are some of the other singles that will be relased on Monday and the possibilities of getting the number one. 
- ALSOU - Before You Love Me
- BEL AMOUR - Bel Amour
- ECHOBELLY – People Are Expensive
- EVE – Who’s That Girl? 
- FRAGMA - You Are Alive 
- GERI HALLIWELL – It’s Raining Men 
- K CI AND JOJO - Crazy
- KID ROCK - Bawitaba
- LINDSAY DRACASS – No Dream Impossible
- LOWGOLD - Counterfeit 
- MOD - Cold As Ice
- PEPE DELUXE – Before You Leave 
- REEF – All I Want
- REM – Imitation Of Life 
- SHAFT – Kikki Rirri Boom 
- STRAW – In And Out
- TODD TERRY – Raining
- TURIN BRAKES - Underdog (Save Me)
- WOOKIE – Back Up (To Me)
According to our sources. There are only five potential singers/bands who will probably knock Geri off getting the number one. Jennifer Lopez's "Play" is a very strong single. But she hasn't promoted herself very much in the UK. Eve's "Who's that girl?" would be another of the fighters. Her chances to enter the Top 5 are big. REM's "Imitation of life" is going to fight. but REM's fans often prefer to buy the album instead of buying the single. Stephen Gately is an UK star. His chances are like 4 out of 10 because the song as we have been told is not strong enough. Geri's chances will be like 8 out of 10. Support Geri. Buy the single on Monday or buy it from www.amazon.co.uk or www.hmv.co.uk 


Finally found 10 minutes to write to you again - it's been so hectic lately that I haven't even had a chance to sit down! I've been doing interviews on The Big Breakfast, Graham Norton, SMTV - did you see any of them? 
Well if you haven't caught sight of me yet on TV then don't worry as I'm here to tell you that you can this weekend. 
I'll be on Live and Kicking & The Lottery on BBC1 this Saturday and T4 on Ch4 this Sunday where you'll see me in all my glory performing my new song "It's Raining Men" which is out next week. 
As you probably know by now the single is in the film "Bridget Jones's Diary" - I loved it, have you seen it yet? If you haven't read the books by Helen Fielding then you should try them as they are hysterical. 
I think that I'm very like Bridget Jones as she's a hopeless romantic and on a never ending search to meet Mr Right. 
One other thing to let you know is that I'm going to be appearing at the Key 103FM roadshow on Saturday 27th. Can't wait as I simply love performing! I'll be singing 3 songs including my new single, "It's Raining Men", which is out on Monday, and 2 other great tracks from my album. 
Anyway, I hope you've downloaded your personal Geri screensaver from the website, which you can go to by clicking here. There's a great competition on it where you can win some goodies from me so check it out. 
That's it for now - I'll be in touch 

Geri x


Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
I had the title before I wrote the song. It just popped into my head – that happens to me all the time. It’s about seeking out a way to change your mood, get an adrenaline rush. We’re all chasing something that we think will fix us, whether it’s sex, shopping, fast cars, whatever. I wrote it with Rick Nowells and we just clicked. He really took on board my ideas. I’d been listening to Led Zeppelin, and I went in with this riff: ‘Give me some, give me some gasoline.’ It also introduces one of the themes of the album: the child within, the creative fun-loving person that gets conditioned out of us. I’m just such a big kid. We all are. And I don’t want to lose that. You can still be playful. Immaturity is a good thing. 
Shake Your Bootie, Cutie
I wrote this with Gregg Alexander from New Radicals, and someone said that it’s the first song he’s written that doesn’t sound like a New Radicals record. You can tell who’s written what. He’s so the bridge, and I’m so the chorus. It’s inspired by a Ricky Martin concert I went to. I was doing a lot of running around my garden when I wrote these lyrics. I tend to get phrases from all sorts of places, without realising at first. So ‘shut up and dance’ I got from a dance record. ‘I’m Mr Big, baby can you dig?’ is from Mr Big in Sex In The City. Then there’s a rap on it that’s so Wham! George hasn’t heard it yet. I’m sure he won’t mind. I wrote verses when I was 16 years old and they’re still in my head.
To me this is the biggest track on the album. I’m really proud of it, because I think it’s some of the most mature writing I’ve done. The melody is really rich. It’s all about wanting.. romance, I suppose. I’m such a big romantic. I was looking at the moon in Ibiza, and I was thinking somewhere, someone is looking up at that moon, and that person is my soul-mate, with the same will and desires. It’s like a wish, an affirmation. I wrote this with Peter Vetesse, who is a genius on the piano. Some of the chords he came up with were amazing, which were really good for me to be inspired by and get melodies off.
Feels Like Sex
I said to the Absolute boys, ‘I want to write a record about sex.’ Because no one’s talked about sex for ages. But I wanted it to have a positive message. The chorus bridge is: ‘If the mood is rude, then you’ve got the right attitude/ you better get down, you don’t have to get undressed/ just because it feels like sex.’ You know when you get on top of someone, but you keep your clothes on? To me, that’s sexier. For me the anticipation of what’s to come is far sexier, and it’s safe sex as well. 
Circles Round the Moon
I soak up whatever I’m reading at the time. I read all four of the Harry Potter books in one go, and off I went, completely obsessed. So this song is inspired by that. It’s just a loving song, a good MOR record for women. I write for women, and the gay guys come along for the ride. They’re the people I make my records for. And if anyone else comes along, then cool. Again, it’s romantic. My lyrics are never throwaway. Some are deep as a puddle, but then the next line will be so expressive. 
Love Is the Only Light
I wrote this in my kitchen with Jorgen Elofsson. This little girl asked to meet a ‘star’ – me – but I felt I met an angel. She looked like Audrey Hepburn, and she was waiting for a heart and lung transplant. I wrote it after seeing her a few times – I was really inspired, I felt strength from her. She had serenity. She knew she was here for a moment. And she was so smart. Then she died, and I was devastated. I was so angry with God. What I learned from it is, you have no control. There’s no point trying to manipulate relationships, work, anything – the only way to win is to give up the fight, and just go with it.
Strength of a Woman
I wrote this in the back of a taxi-cab in Los Angeles. This Iranian taxi was driving me like a nutter and I just wrote it in the back. I worked with Rick Nowells to make it sound really 60s. It had to go on the album because it’s all about my relationship with women, which is so important. The second verse goes ‘Hey girl I remember you, you’re not alone because I feel it too../ We’re running out of heroes, a good guy’s hard to find/ Mr Perfect Wonderful is not on my mind./ You’ve got to do it.’ We girls all think some guy’s going to come and fix us, we can’t help it. We live, love and learn, but we can’t do it alone. I can’t do it alone. I need female solidarity. I’ve really learned that. This is our song: the Serenity Sunday Sisterhood. 
Don’t Call Me Baby
When I wrote this song in October 2000, I was in such a depressed mood. It’s a bitter-sweet song. It’s a cliché, but all that pain that some people – some men – cause me, I use productively. Thank God I can do that. Then the Madison track came out, and I was gutted. I thought about changing it to ‘Don’t Kill Me Baby’, which I thought was quite funny, but then I decided to stick with it. The Absolute boys produced it, but I knew how I wanted it to sound. I heard this David Bowie track on the radio, and I wanted it to sound as crusty as that. I wrote the chorus to the Spice Girls ‘Stop’, and for me this is the next song on from that. 
Lovey Dovey Stuff
When I went to the Absolute boys and said I wanted to do a reggae song, they cringed. But I explored lots of different reggae beats, and came up with one that worked. The lyrics are very simple, sweet and intimate things about a partnership, but it’s also talking about the differences between boys and girls: ‘I do smooth and you do rough, I used to think that you are tough – but you’re not.’ 
It’s Raining Men 
I loved Bridget Jones. I read both books. In fact I am Bridget Jones. So many of us are. So when they asked me to do this for the film, it was like a gift. I thought it was just for the soundtrack album, but then when they heard it, they wanted it to be a single. We were ready to go with ‘Feels Like Sex’ as the first single, but this was just such a great excuse to put leg-warmers on! And it’s fun. Normally doing a cover would be scary, but I do think this is as good if not better than the original. Steve Lipson has done a great job, and I love the string arrangement. We rushed the vocal, because they needed it really fast. It’s ironic: we spent a year of blood sweat and tears on my album, then put out a boshed-down vocal for my first single. The video was done really quickly too. I had this idea about Fame and Flashdance, because I was into Fame especially growing up. And we used directors [Jake & Jim] who’d never even worked with a big budget like this before. So it was quite a risk. But we totally pulled it off. I love giving new talent a chance they were editors in my Look At Me Video. They showed me what they’d done for seven thousand pounds and I was really impressed.
It’s Heaven It’s Hell (Being Geri Halliwell)
I wrote this with Jorgen Elofsson, who I worked with on ‘Love Is The Only Light’. One’s really spiritual, the other all about ego – you couldn’t get more opposite ends of the spectrum! He came up with the backing track and the concept. It was his idea, not mine. I sat in the vocal booth and just talked and talked about fame. It’s using my experiences to examine what it’s like being famous today. Rob [Williams] loves it. ‘Have a drink – alcoholic./ Grab your coat – shopaholic./ Have a bite – anorexic./ Intelligent? I’m dyslexic./ Feeling happy – Could be gay. / Maybe, not today./ So you think you want to be famous, so you think you want to drive my car/ Don’t you know you’ve got to be shameless if you want to be a star?/ 15 minutes show me what you’re made of/ 15 minutes what are you afraid of? / 15 minutes I’ll show you the trade-off / It’s heaven, it’s hell being Geri Halliwell.’
I Was Made That Way
This is a song to my audience, almost. It’s admitting my moods and contradictions, but saying I hope you love me anyway. But it’s also addressed to a man, to a partner. It’s a really lush little song that says, ‘I’m just like the weather/ Never the same / I can’t help it / I was made that way.’ And there’s another bit that says ‘when I say goodbye I want you to stay’. We all do that. I can’t say what I mean sometimes – I’m saying no but I mean yes. And I hope other women identify with that. 

27.04.01 WILL GERI WEATHER THE STORM? From Dotmusic

Geri Halliwell's record company bosses at EMI are said to have little faith in her latest single, a cover of The Weathergirls' 1984 smash hit 'It's raining Men'.
The company is reported to have dismissed the former Spice Girls' version for being below the standard of the original.
To try and boost support for the single the label are putting the singer through gruelling promotional campaign while also admitting to the singles' faults.
"The truth is, Geri's version of the song is weak," explains a source. "Everyone remembers the original and is comparing it. And Geri's version just isn't very good."


Geri Halliwell has moved hotels to be nearer the home of Robbie Williams, according to press reports.
The former Spice Girl has swapped her suite at the Lanesborough Hotel in central London for one at a hotel near Notting Hill.
Service at the hotel includes a butler to walk Geri's pet dog.
The hotel also has gym facilities, but Geri brought her own skiing fitness machine to install in her new suite, the Daily Express reports


Geri Halliwell said yesterday she wouldn't pose naked for less than £10million. You'll be glad to hear Penthouse magazine have now offered her just that! 

25.04.01 GERI ON MEL B AND RAW SPICE From Daily Record

Geri Halliwell has lifted the lid on the fame game - and her volatile relationship with Scary Spice Mel B. The former Ginger Spice admits: "We behaved like we were famous before we were famous." In a candid interview, she tells how her father's death led to her lust for stardom - and her eating disorder. Geri's tempestuous friendship with Mel B has been blamed as partly responsible for her departure from the Spice Girls. In an interview in next month's Maxim magazine, Geri admits: "Melanie and I had a very intense relationship. We would have been buddies whether we were in a band or not. I would have picked her as my club-going friend. 
One of the other girls made a comment about us being a force to be reckoned with whenever we were in a room together and we had that vitality and tenacity of youth. We almost encouraged each other and that energy got very strong, kind of frightening and we thought we could do anything. 
The 28-year-old singer said her father's death gave her the burning ambition to succeed as a pop star. He died six months before she joined the Spice Girls. Talking about the Raw Spice documentary which was recently screening showing footage of the Spice Girls before they were famous, she said: "The thing for me, personally, was looking at myself because my father had died six months before that and I saw a girl in so much pain. You know the way I was like, 'I want it now' because I was so conscious of the fact that I was going to die now. I saw the pain in my own eyes. I don't believe I would be where I am today if my father hadn't died ... although I became anorexic."


Video moves were not all hers
Geri Halliwell has finally admitted that she got some professional help with the dancing on her latest video. Rumours have been circulating for the past weeks that the gingery former Spice Girl did not perform all of the moves in her energetic routine for It's Raining Men. Now she has come clean. ‘I did the point work myself and I learnt to do the splits, but there was one acrobatic move that I had to get a little bit of help with,' admitted Geri. Speculation had been rife that even the new, slimmed and toned Geri would be incapable of doing all the things she was seen to do. Some had suggested that a body double had been employed, because many of the dance sequences are shot below head height. Geri denied that there was any duplicity involved. However, some insiders are sceptical that Geri had any part in the routine. ‘Some of those moves take years to learn,’ said a choreographer, ‘and if you see the Spice Girls, you can see that Geri struggles even in that company. I doubt if all that dancing is really her.’


Geri Halliwell says she wore Bridget Jones-style big pants with one of her most notorious outfits when she popped out at the Brit Awards.
The singer said she donned the "sexy" tummy-control knickers under her red sequined dress at the 1997 Brits.
And she told GMTV viewers that it was the shiny material which contributed to her dress slipping down and her breasts being exposed.
"I think they're quite sexy," she said of the big knickers.
"I have worn those kind of pants once or twice before, absolutely. I remember those, holding your tummy in.
"Do you remember the first time the Spice Girls were at the Brit Awards? When I went to get the award I had this dress, a bright red sequin dress, and I had a kind of girdle-y thing on.
"That's why the dress was slipping down, they were kind of satiny."
Geri's new single It's Raining Men was recorded for the Bridget Jones's Diary soundtrack. She insisted it was her dancing lithely in the video, despite internet gossip that a double had done most of the complicated moves.
"I do go up on points, I did the splits," she said, although she admitted a double was seen doing the back flips.
"Always in the Spice Girls I felt like I couldn't dance, but that just shows you it's all up here," she added, pointing to her head. 

24.04.01 GERI EXPENSIVE From Daily star

The pop singer Robbie Williams spent the huge sum in just one hour to make it up with sexy Geri after she flew into a fury with him for revealing their bedroom secrets.
And she fumed even more when the chart-topper went on a date with Rod Stewart's daughter.
The former Spice Girl told pals: "I'm so mad. He's gone too far."
Now Robbie, 27, is determined to win Geri back and chose the exclusive Fred Segal boutique in Los Angeles - where Madonna also shops - to hunt for goodies.
First he bagged a pair of £800 blue rhinestone-studded jeans.
He then splashed out a £300 black silk undies with a red heart emblazoned on the front and the back. 
Robbie's eye was then drawn to a £5,000 white-gold necklace with a single diamond-studded star. Robbie also bought outfits from top designer Chloe, a cashmere sweater with a camouflage print, numerous T-shirts and a handbag. 
He told a chum: "Geri's furious with me and I need to say Sorry.
"I can't screw this up so I've got to get the very best for her. Money is no object."


Geri Halliwell insists she is happy with her skinny new figure.
the ex-Spice Girl has previously admitted suffering eating disorders such as bulimia in the past.
She says she still has to deal with food as a problem every day.
Geri told Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper: "You can't triumph over eating disorders so fast, of course I have to deal with it day by day.
"But I am trying to look after myself better now. I try to eat healthily and not to bolt it down. And I don't throw up after eating or go for days without food any more. "
Geri added: "I have good friends who look out for me. It is a bloody hard process and I will probably never be perfect with it. But I have learned to talk about my feelings instead of stuffing myself with food and, later, bringing it back up.
"There are of course many women who thought I was just right before and would happily have swapped with me. Everyone says I am thin now - before, they used to say I was fat. But now I like myself. I have found my centre. The most important aim is to be happy inside. And although you cannot be happy every day, I am OK.
"I see on these old photos from when I was first with the Spice Girls, that I was unhappy, because my father had just died. I barely notice how I looked, rather I remember how I felt. For me it is now kind of a freedom not
to have to squeeze myself into trousers any more.".

22.04.01 GERI ON CD:UK From Worlpop

She may not have performed this week but there's no doubt about it, Geri Halliwell was the star of the show. After her hard work in SM:tv and cd:uk she revealed to worldpop she was overjoyed to be back in the studio. 'cd:uk is always fantastic,' she grinned. 'I love hanging out with Ant, Dec and Cat!' Someone else who enjoyed the show was Geri's pet pooch Harry, he spent the whole morning watching her in the studio and the well-behaved pup didn't bark once! 
S Club 7 might be some of the busiest people in pop but they still had plenty of time to shake hands with one of their biggest fans who had come along especially to meet them. Afterwards she told us she's never going to wash her hand again! 
Starsailor loitered about, eager to check out pint sized popstrell Geri Halliwell who was heard to point out during their set, 'This band is damn fine'.
Geri Halliwell's dog Harry was just as fashionable as his famous owner - he sported a top of the range camouflage lead!
Overheard: Geri Halliwell telling off one of her team for missing her performance in Anty and Decky. 'You missed me as a fairy? That was the highlight!' she chuckled.
If you're wondering who provided the laughter for Chums we can tell you. It was the S Club girls! The four of them were in hysterics at Geri's tip-top performance!


Geri Halliwell is supposed to be on the Party In The Park concert for Prince's Trust this year. The artist is among many music celebrities, including the Spice Girls, who were invited to join the Party. But her participation has not been confirmed yet. 
Geri performed at the Party's 99 concert when she was just about to release her solo career with the album "Schizophonic". But now, after 3 number one hits, she's ready for a second round and will perform songs from her forthcoming album "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster", including the new single "It's Raining Men". 
Organizers say that Geri will be the Party's queen as they're preparing many attractions around her. Beside the spotlight on her second album, Geri's new lover Robbie Williams is also a guest of the the Party. Although they'll not sing together, it's a good promotion for them both and for the fans. 
And it's not all. The big deal is not between the couple. It's on her past. Guess what... The Spice Girls! The girls won't promote the group as they're standing in their solo careers. So that's the point. Spice Girl MelC, who has already performed in the Party's 2K, will perform her top hits as the other Mel will be playing the new single from her album "Hot". Baby Spice Emma Bunton will be performing her second solo single from her new album "A Girl Like Me" and Victoria Beckham, who performed last year her top chart hit with Truesteppers and Dane Bowers, will be launching her solo album. Do you want more?! 
The real plan is to reunite the five girls again but it can be kinda impossible, a source from their record company can confirm. Anyway, it doesn't stop the ideal of reunit the four girls to perform their greatest hits. "If we got to bring the four of them together on stage the whole world would stop to watch them, 'cause they're one of the best groups ever and are still very important for British Music Industry. So that's the point we're thinking of this idea. We're gonna try, but at least one Spice Girl will stand to the event - and that's for sure!" - says one of the Party's organizer Paul T. Andewrson. 
Is it a dream?! Maybe it is.. maybe it's not as the Spice Girl Emma Bunton revealed last night: "The group won't stop forever. The group is not over. We just took a break to do our own projects. But we may accept any back project at anytime. It just depends on what we will be doing." 

21.04.01 GERI From SGIW

In public Geri seems to be the picture of confidence and health. Even though she has her detractors who accuse her of encouraging teenage anorexia with her new ironing board stomach, (achieved through boiled fish and steamed vegetables we hear), and those who say that singing really isn't her strong point, her ability to glow for the cameras is probably only matched by Posh Spice Victoria Adams. And while Posh has Becks, Geri doesn't let not having a boyfriend hold her back - she takes hugely talented sex-symbol Robbie out on the town. And even though it seems they don't get biblical on occasion as he once declared to the press, she still gets close enough for all of the female population in Britain to get extremely jealous.
But when she's not shining like a bright star, and when Robbie is out of town, we wonder if she's still the little girl lost portrayed in this documentary. Made by film-maker Molly Dineen, the film was made, at Geri's instigation, just two weeks after she astounded her fans by leaving the Spice Girls.
The result is an eccentric portrait of a funny, attractive, confused and sometimes sad individual, which follows her through the turbulent days prior to the launch of her successful solo career. A must for Geri fans everywhere.

21.04.01 RONAN AND GERI HEAD UP CD:UK From Worldpop

As usual, there's something for everyone on this week's cd:uk. Pop fans will be delighted to hear that Ronan Keating will be back in the studio to perform his new single Lovin' Each Day which is set to be a huge new entry in the Saturday chart. S Club 7 will also be popping down for the morning to join in with all the fun on SM:tv and to play their new single Don't Stop Movin'. And Geri Halliwell will be making her first appearance on the show this year! Geri will be in the studio all morning for SM:tv and will be sticking around for an exclusive interview in cd:uk.
Ronan, S Club and Geri will be joined on SM:tv by Coronation Street star Jane Danson. SM:tv kicks off at 9.25am with cd:uk following at 11.30am. For all the backstage gossip, check out worldpop's cd:uk pages after the show.

21.04.01 "I MISS MY BOOBS" From People news

Super-slim Geri's confession 'I miss my boobs' - she moans.
Geri Halliwell has confessed that there is one thing she misses about her once-curvy figure - her voluptuous breasts. The singer has lost two stone and plunged several dress sizes due to a strict diet and exercise regime. She said: 'I think breasts look good with clothes off and big boobs look good - you always want what you haven't got though.' But Halliwell told chat show host Graham Norton that having a big chest is not without its problems. 'When you're jogging, it's uncomfortable and when I was doing yoga and putting my legs over my head, I couldn't breathe.' She added her new figure was 'nice' because she could 'fit into little tops and look more delicate'.

21.04.01 GERI BLASTED IN ROLLER ROW From The sun

GERI HALLIWELL has been attacked as irresponsible by road safety campaigners who say her new CD could be putting children's lives at risk. 
They hit out at the cover of Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, which shows the grinning star on rollerskates holding on to the back of a speeding Cadillac. 
The shot, seen above and revealed in yesterday's Sun, has outraged safety groups worried that kids will try to copy her stunt. 
Jane Eason, of the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents - Europe's biggest safety group - said: "This seems to be very irresponsible behaviour for someone like Geri Halliwell. 
"We are very concerned about kids playing with rollerskates, micro scooters or skateboards anywhere near roads, never mind hanging on to the back of cars. We had a lot of problems a few years ago with the film Back To The Future when similar tricks were used. 
"Considering Geri Halliwell has only recently been banned from driving, I think it is very wrong of her to encourage this kind of thing." 
British road safety organisation Brake echoed the society's views. 
Director Mary Williams told me: "We have most accidents of this type in the ten to 14 age range, and particularly among 12 year olds who play on in-line skates and micro scooters. 
"Kids playing in the road is probably the most neglected area of road safety and it is causing fatal accidents every year. 
"Geri Halliwell is an icon for young children and our worry is that kids will be tempted to copy her. I would have hoped Geri and her advisers would have had a little foresight into the possible consequences of such a message." 
Geri was banned from the road for six weeks in March after a speed camera snapped her travelling at 60mph in a 30mph zone in her luxurious Aston Martin. 
In 1999, the last year for which records are available, 119 under-14s were killed while playing on UK roads. 
A spokesman for Geri said: "It's amazing the cover is being taken so seriously. It's just meant to be a bright, fun image." 
My advice is, don't try it at home. 
Geri is about to jet off around the world on a whirlwind promotional tour. 
She will be stopping off in Spain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Scotland and Belgium to coincide with the release of her single, It's Raining Men, which comes out here on April 30. 
The song is out at the same time in most countries so she's going for global domination. The controversial album is due to be released onMay 14. 


Geri Halliwell has revealed that far from having a fling with Robbie Williams, she is "not getting any".
The singer told Graham Norton she was "abstaining" from sex for a while.
Last week Robbie apologised for giving the impression he was sleeping with Geri.
Speaking on So Graham Norton, to be screened tomorrow night, Geri said: "You can tell I'm not getting any, I just can't stop talking about it."
Norton asked whether the pair were having a sexual relationship, to which Halliwell replied: "For me sex is in the head. It's all there."
"He visits here," said the singer as she pointed at her head, "and here (as she pointed to her heart), but not there (pointing to her crotch)."
Halliwell, whose new single It's Raining Men is taken from the Bridget Jones's Diary soundtrack, added: "I'm abstaining from sex for the minute. Yes, I've decided just for a little while."
The singer said she was "proud" that her old bandmate Emma Bunton is at number one in the charts with solo single What Took You So Long?
"I feel dead proud and so she should. We've come out of the great school of pop. We've had great training.
"I wouldn't expect anything less for Baby. It's a great record as well."


The Sun newspaper, today claims that the sleeve to Geri Halliwell's new album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster is setting a bad example to children.
The album sleeve pictures Geri on roller skates, holding onto the back of a Cadillac. But road safety campaigners argue that the image could put children's lives at risk, according to the newspaper. 
Jane Eason of the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents said, 'This seems like very irresponsible behaviour from someone like Geri Halliwell. We are very concerned about kids playing with roller skates, micro scooters or skateboards anywhere near roads, never mind hanging onto the back of cars. We had a lot of problems a few years ago with the film Back To The Future when similar tricks were used. Considering Geri Halliwell has only recently been banned from driving, I think it is very wrong of her to encourage this kind of thing.'
Jane Eason's words were echoed by Mary Williams of road safety organisation Brake. 'We have most accidents of this type in the ten to 14-year-old age range, and particularly among 12-year-olds who play on in-line skates and micro scooters,' she said. 'Kids playing in the road is probably the most neglected area of road safety and it is causing fatal accidents every year. Geri Halliwell is an icon for young children and our worry is that kids will be tempted to copy her. I would have hoped that Geri and her advisers would have had a little foresight into the possible consequences of such a message.'
A spokesman for Geri said, 'It's amazing the cover is being taken so seriously. It's just meant to be a bright, fun image.'


Into every generation a little man must rain. It's been on more dance and disco compilations than you can shake a stick at, covered by RuPaul, featured in Queer As Folk and probably a few million male strip clubs. And now "It's Raining Men" is getting the ex-Spice treatment thanks to Geri Halliwell (and her newfound abs). Currently featured on the Bridget Jones Diary soundtrack, Miss Halliwell's cheeky cover of the infamous Weather Girls song is also the first single off of her forthcoming sophomore album, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster.
Armed with the so-bad-it's-good song and a so-bad-it's... bad video, Geri is poised to lead the next wave of men-raining invasion. With her Fame-inspired, Flashdance-esque video already in high rotation as the "Choice Cut" on MuchMusic, Halliwell is exposing a whole new generation of women (and gay men) to this cult classic.
Unfortunately, with each new appreciation society comes a new generation of people who just don't get it. Not everyone can appreciate a song that tells the story of Mother Nature as a bad-ass hero who goes up to heaven, fights the angels and rearranges the sky so that it will rain perfect guys for all of the single women of the world.
They'll see it as an intolerable piece of trash brought to you by the same woman who thought that all of those horrible trumpet farts in "Look At Me" were such a good idea. There'll be no convincing them of the merits of going outside and letting themselves get absolutely soaking wet.
For those who have never rejoiced in the final glorious scenes of Queer As Folk series one, go-go danced like a fool while fantasizing of skies full of men, or felt the need to indulge in the most inane of disco hits, this song will forever remain a mystery. The rest of us crazy kids will be treating Geri like the new savior of our "It's Raining Men" cult and awaiting the May 15 release of her new album with almost disturbing anticipation.

20.04.01 GERI'S A ROCK 'N ROLLER BABE From The sun

CLEVER Geri Halliwell seems to be beating her recent driving ban - by getting her skates on and clinging to the back of a car. 
But the singer, barred for speeding last month, was just shooting the cover for her new album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - out May 14. 
Geri, 28, was towed by a 1958 Cadillac down Miami's Ocean Drive. Luckily, she selected the perfect gear.
Click picture to enlarge


Rumours that George Michael is to make a guest appearance on Geri Halliwell's album have been denied. An unofficial Geri website claimed the former Wham! star was set to join her on a track called Over The Moon. But a spokesman for the former Spice Girl said the rumours were unfounded. Geri's album, Scream If You Want To Go Faster!, is released in the UK on May 14.


Are you a real Geri fanatic? Come to the MTV studios in London and have a chat with Geri! Can you belt out a rendition of 'It's Raining Men' in world championship style? Do you own a Union Jack dress just like hers? Do you know every little detail of her life? If that sounds like you, then we want to know about it. We're offering you the chance to win the title of the No 1 Geri Halliwell fan of all time and you'll also get to meet and hang with Geri, interview her up close and personal and become the star of our brand new show, MTV FANatic! We'll arrange for both you and your mate to travel to the MTV studios in London, sort out your accommodation, and get you face to face with the lovely Geri Halliwell herself. 
Step one to winning this great prize is to fill in the details requested below (visit website), telling us in 50 words or less why you think you're the numero uno Geri fan. Step two is to send us a recorded message on VHS telling us why we should pick you as our Geri FANatic. Now get busy! Step two, send us a VHS cassette to us telling us why you're her greatest fan. Send it to 'Geri FANatic' 17-29 Hawley Crescent London, NW1 8TT. Don't forget to put your contact details on it: address and preferably a daytime phone number and email address. 

20.04.01 TIGERI HALLIWELL From Daily Star

Pop babe Geri Halliwell looks g-r-r-reat as she lounges in a tiger-print bikini while on holiday in Monaco. The super-fit sex kitten napped up the sunshine as she read the novel Tales Of The City, by American writer Armistead Maupin. Them she went for a stroll, tightly clutching one of the secrets behind her new slimline figure a packet of cigs.


Geri Halliwell has fiercely denied using a body double in the video for her new single It's Raining Men. Rumours were rife that technical wizards had superimposed Geri's head onto a dancer's body in a tricky frame by frame process. But Halliwell, 28, has told friends: "It's rubbish. That video is all me." Her video is a pastiche of scenes from the two films - Fame and Flashdance - and features some stunning dance moves. Her cover version of the Weather Girls' 1980s hit will be released on April 30 and features in the new Bridget Jones's Diary film. 


Geri Halliwell is skilled at the art of reinvention. From her origins as a self-confessed “jumble-sale kid” she transformed herself into the curvaceous Ginger, cheekiest member of the Spice Girls. And now the 28-year-old is making the headlines again with her lean body and sleek blonde bob, set off to perfection by a vast variety of fashionable outfits. 
But it’s not just her physique that is attracting interest – Geri’s close relationship with singer Robbie Williams has also been a source of much speculation. He last week talked of having been intimate with her, but Geri maintains she’s single. When asked for the truth about their relationship, she said: “If you knew, you’d be so bored it’s unbelievable.” 
Meanwhile Geri is still finding time to work. Her second album, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, is due out in May and her single It’s Raining Men, a cover version of the Weather Girls’ hit, is used on the soundtrack of Bridget Jones’s Diary. The original of that song was first released in the 1980s, when fame was a faraway dream for Geri. She was being raised in Watford by her English father, at the time, and she had a long way to go on her journey to the top. Here she talks of the road to the Spice Girls – and beyond. 
Geri, you’ve hit hit the headlines again because of your new look. What do you put it down to? “It’s mostly down to yoga. When I started doing yoga I knew it was something that I’d continue doing. It’s not just about the exercise, it’s a way of life. It’s taught me a lot and it’s made me calmer and happier. Looking better is a bonus.” 
Since you left the Spice Girls they seem to have lost their Girl Power. So was it you all along? “Hand on my heart, I totally believed in the ‘Girl Power’ thing. It worked for me – I’m living proof that if you put your mind to something and you feel strong then you can achieve anything. And I always draw from it.” 
How did you feel when you left what was probably the biggest band in the world at the time? “The day I left the Spice Girls – and I wasn’t planning to leave that day- I wanted to do an interview for the Breast Cancer Campaign, but I was meant to be doing the National Lottery on TV and the schedule wouldn’t allow me to do both. I thought, ‘Hold on, what are your principles?’ I had to question what I was about. Things got very complicated. That’s why I left on that day. I’m not saying that’s the reason I left the Spice Girls – I was going to leave in September and the girls knew that. It was my personal decision and not to do with any of the girls. It is still tender in my heart. It was just something I had to do for my own spiritual and mental growth. I’d have felt like a hypocrite if I’d stayed. I’m meant to stand for Girl Power and it’s not just about singing songs. I had to do it.” 
Geri is also in there on the Bridget Jones Premiere page and here is what they said: "An impressive array of celebrities were there to witness her debut on both sides of the Atlantic. Most notable was former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, whose hit record It’s Raining Men is on the movie’s soundtrack. Wearing a backless Julien MacDonald dress, she stalked the red carpet outside Leicester Square’s Empire challenging the crowd with the statement: “I am looking for a man.” Shortly afterwards she had one – beaming 15-year-old Edward Spencer, who was pulled out of the throng by Geri’s minders and walked alongside his idol into the star-strewn auditorium. 
After the screening, Geri confessed to being a big fan of Bridget Jones. “I’ve had many Bridget moments,” she told reporters. “I identify with her talking about boys, sex, overeating and all that.” As for the film, she raved, “Renee Zellweger is brilliant and it is the best performance Hugh Grant has ever given.”"


Geri Halliwell's record company have denied rumours that the video for her forthcoming single features a body double. It had been claimed that Geri's head was superimposed onto a dancer's body for scenes in the promo for her cover of the Weather Girls' 'It's Raining Men'. But an EMI spokesman told ananova, "Those claims are categorically not true. You only have to look at her in recent photos to see that it is her body." 
Geri herself has described the video as a "tongue-in-cheek tribute to Fame and Flashdance." The single is released on April 30 and also features on the soundtrack to the film version of 'Bridget Jones's Diary'. Geri's new album, 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster', is slated for release on May 14th. .


Superthin Geri now has a solo career .. but wants something she can fall back on. Geri knows what she really, really wants - a bigger bottom. The former Ginger Spice needs a softer landing when she falls off her horse and for when she's sitting down doing yoga. The singer has lost 28lbs in only 18 months and is missing the curvaceous figure she had in the Spice Girls. Now she says: "I want a bigger bottom, especially for when I am horse riding - because it's a soft landing when you fall off. Big bums are good to sit on. I have been doing a bit of yoga to keep fit, so I miss having one." 
If she continues with her low-carbohydrate diet and strict yoga and fitness regime it is doubtful whether Geri will get back the rear she wants. Nowadays she's as thin as Victoria Beckham, which helps her fit into miniskirts and glamorous dresses. Long gone is the image of the bouncy Spice Girl whose bum and boobs used to hang out of her garish costumes. For the moment Geri, 28, is unwilling to pile on the pounds to make her bottom back into a fluffy pillow. She adds: "I feel better now having discovered yoga, fish and salad. Yoga means unity of mind and body. I was potty for some time, but I'm okay now. And I couldn't touch my toes two years ago." 
She has become the latest celebrity to join the yoga mantra and, last year, was pictured in St Tropez running through her yoga exercises. Geri says: "It relieves stress and it can make you flexible - which is great for sex. It is also very good for the digestive system as well, because we all get moody if you aren't regular. Also, when I stand on my head I get a fantastic head rush from it. Sometimes I fall over on my head and, sometimes, I can stay there forever." 
Who is benefiting from Geri's newly-improved suppleness she won't say. Robbie Williams is meant to be the man in her life, but daily they play an "are they, aren't they" game. Geri practises Ashtanga Yoga which employs breathing control. She is taught by yoga guru Kisen - but the man in her life everyone wants to know about is Robbie. He was there for her when the flat she'd bought just round the corner from him in Notting Hill was broken into and ransacked. Since the burglary she's been staying at the Lanesborough Hotel, but moved into a pounds 1500-a- week, three-bedroom apartment overlooking the Thames this week. Robbie is the latest of her celeb pals, who include George Michael and Geri says: "In life we all need, people to give you advice and a shoulder to lean on. 
"They don't have to be famous, or role models, but George offered me help when I needed it and gave great advice about the music business. I don't claim to be the best singer in the world. I like to make people smile. I write songs that everybody can sing along to and there is always a good melody. I hadn't enough confidence to go it alone and George gave me that. He did really encourage me. Robbie and I share something in common, too - he left his band and I left mine, both to go solo. No-one else can know what it feels like to leave a band. We have been friends for a long time. We bonded when I spent time with him after a warm-up gig he did in Watford, where I'm from. I think Robbie is a lovely fella." 
As for a boyfriend, Geri claims all she's doing is cyber dating - because it's safer than the real thing. She admits to logging on to Internet chat rooms whenever she's got some free time and finding herself a nice guy. She adds: "That's safe sex, isn't it? They ask me what I look like and I tell them I'm quite little, with blonde hair and big boobs - a bit like Geri Halliwell.'" That lonely and cautious approach to life is a far cry from the happy, bubbly, confident girl who pinched Prince Charles' bottom - and that is the legacy of her break with the Spice Girls. Ever since the split the remaining Spices have been truly nasty to Geri. There have been no veiled, barbed comments - everything they've said has been clear and poisonous. 
Mel C seems to have been the worst, once claiming that Geri "can't dance and can't sing either". Geri has always maintained a dignified distance from the barrage of abuse, but is now worried at how Mel C seems to be flying off the handle about everyone she comes in close proximity with. She admits: "I don't know why she would say those things, to be honest. That's not the Mel C that I know." 
The former Ginger Spice, who stunned the world in 1998 when she quit the group, has also had run-ins with Baby Spice, Emma Bunton. Geri's solo single, Lift Me Up pipped Emma's solo debut What I Am to the Number One spot, promoting Spice Girls At War headlines. Now Emma's had her own, first Number One with What Took You So Long?, so perhaps the Spice Girls can begin to forgive and forget. Geri says: "We didn't want the songs out at the same time in the first place. I really like Emma's music and it was by accident that they came out together. I just wish her the best of luck with her music." 
Geri is back herself with a new single It's Raining Men, a remake of the Eighties classic by The Weather Girls, now part of the soundtrack to the film Bridget Jones's Diary. The singer, who is working on her second album, also reveals her business side. She was the instigator in two management oustings during the Spice Girls - first of their pre-fame management team led by Chris Herbert, now steering Hear'Say and then getting rid of Simon Fuller, now managing S Club 7. Now Geri is organising her first solo tour and adds: "I'm managing myself. The Leo in me won't let go. I wish there were two of me. It is very hard to find a good man, another person I can trust with my life and career."


GERI Halliwell has transformed herself from Ginger Spice into Baby Spice. 
As she walked her dog in London yesterday, she could have been mistaken for Emma Bunton with her blonde pigtails. 
It makes a change from her mission to mimic another Spice girl. In the past two years, Geri's shed two stone and had hair extensions fitted - just like Victoria Beckham.


GERI HALLIWELL has revealed the man she fancies most is Arsenal defender Tony Adams. 
Asked which men she would most like to fall from the sky, Geri, pictured right, replied: "We'll go for an ugly/handsome Tony Adams. 
"Then Prince Charles because he's quite dapper, or a swotty type like Hugh Grant. 
"And we need someone funny, don't we? I'd better say Rob and George or they'll beat me up. They're both very kind and very funny."


Geri Halliwell has moved into an ultra-secure flat to ensure she never again has to suffer the terror of being burgled. The luxury London apartment, which overlooks the Thames, is surrounded by brick walls and security cameras and is patrolled around the clock by security guards. The former Spice Girl pays pounds 1,500 a week to rent the three-bedroom apartment, which has been fitted with a state-of-the-art alarm system. Geri, 28, moved out of her flat in Notting Hill, West London, after it was ransacked by burglars in February. More than pounds 80,000 worth of property was stolen. 
She initially moved to London's Lanesborough Hotel where she is said to have spent pounds 20,000 renting a suite. A friend said: "Geri was quite disturbed by the burglary and wanted to find somewhere she felt really safe and secure. The Lanesborough provided a real sanctuary, but not even a wealthy pop star wants to live permanently in a hotel. She has spent weeks looking for somewhere to move to. As soon as she saw this flat complex she was impressed by the security it offered. If it had been up for sale she would probably have bought it." 
Despite the burglary, Geri still plans eventually to move back to Notting Hill and has commissioned an estate agent to find a house for her. She has also put her Berkshire country mansion up for sale. Speaking about the burglary recently Geri said: "It was a terrifying experience. I just felt so violated by it."


Geri Halliwell has fiercely denied using a body double in the video for her new single It's Raining Men. Rumours were rife that technical wizards had superimposed Geri's head onto a dancer's body in a tricky frame by frame process. But Halliwell, 28, has told friends: 'It's rubbish. That video is all me.' Her video is a pastiche of scenes from the two films - Fame and Flashdance - and features some stunning dance moves. Her cover version of the Weather Girls' 1980s hit will be released on April 30 and features in the new Bridget Jones's Diary film. Meanwhile, Robbie Williams has apologised for fuelling another rumour about Halliwell. He told an interviewer that they occasionally slept together. But Williams, 27, has confessed that Halliwell was hurt by his comments. He admitted: 'I think she's a bit upset. I've got to make serious amends. We have never slept together.'


Robbie Williams has apologised for upsetting his pal Geri Halliwell after claiming he had slept with her. The 27-year-old heart-throb said in an interview last week that they were friends who occasionally slept together. But when he attended the Capital Awards he said she had been "upset" by his comments and pointed out that he was always saying the wrong thing. "I've got to make amends to Geri. I've really got to make serious amends. We have never slept together," he told London radio station Capital FM. "I think she's a bit upset. I've got foot in mouth disease. "The thing is I come to these ceremonies and I'm constantly putting fires out with people I've offended or upset by me and my loose mouth." Williams, who picked up the best album prize for Sing When You're Winning, added: "I've been going around tables here saying `I'm very sorry, I'm very sorry'." Williams said of their relationship during an interview on BBC1's Parkinson at the weekend: "She's my friend ... we keep you all guessing." The two stars holidayed together in the south of France last year. At the Brit Awards in February, Halliwell presented Williams with one of his awards and told the audience: "According to press reports he has been giving me one so now it's my turn to give him one."


"GERI Halliwell: From 'jumble-sale kid' to style leader - how she transformed herself." Well, 'She's got the whole world, in her hands...' that's one way of looking at it. 
According to Hello!'s version of events, Geri is "skilled at the art of self-invention", and is now "making the headlines again with her lean body and sleek blonde bob, set off to perfection by a vast variety of fashionable outfits". 
Hello!'s interview is mainly concerned with setting the record straight about Geri's career to date, and she replies philosophically to questions about the Spice Girls ("It was a massive learning experience"), singing to Prince Charles ("It was a big learning experience"), and her involvement in the Breast Cancer Campaign ("It was a huge learning..." oh, sorry, "We must give back a little").


PALS ROBBIE WILLIAMS and GERI HALLIWELL turned out in matching denim outfits. 
Picking up his award for Best Must Have Album, Rob sent fans wild with the invite: "I'll see you later. I only live in Notting Hill." 
EMMA BUNTON and Geri hugged in front of party-goers, showing their Spice war is now over. 
Emma, with boyfriend JADE JONES, later stuck up for Posh Spice's hubby DAVID BECKHAM. 
The Man Utd star got a gong for London's Favourite Sporting Contribution and Emma tried to quell the giggles that started when his high-pitched taped acceptance speech started rolling.


Former Spice Girl angry at buddy Robbie. Robbie Williams is said to be in the dog house with platonic pal Geri Halliwell. His comments that he and Geri 'have the occasional shag' have upset the former Spice Girl. Speaking after the Capital Awards Robbie said: "I've got to make amends to Geri. I've really got to make serious amends. We have never slept together. I think she's a bit upset. I've got foot in mouth disease. The thing is I come to these ceremonies and I'm constantly putting fires out with people I've offended or upset by me and my loose mouth."
Geri had more bad news this week when Radio 1 announced that Geri's new single, 'It's Raining Men' has not made it to the 'A' playlist although the single will probably make it to at least the 'B' list closer to the release date of April 30th.


Former Spice Girl angry at buddy Robbie. Robbie Williams is said to be in the dog house with platonic pal Geri Halliwell. His comments that he and Geri 'have the occasional shag' have upset the former Spice Girl. Speaking after the Capital Awards Robbie said: "I've got to make amends to Geri. I've really got to make serious amends. We have never slept together. I think she's a bit upset. I've got foot in mouth disease. The thing is I come to these ceremonies and I'm constantly putting fires out with people I've offended or upset by me and my loose mouth."
Geri had more bad news this week when Radio 1 announced that Geri's new single, 'It's Raining Men' has not made it to the 'A' playlist although the single will probably make it to at least the 'B' list closer to the release date of April 30th.


GERI HALLIWELL'S new single is being SNUBBED by radio stations. BBC Radio 1 and 2 and Virgin have all failed to include It's Raining Men on their playlists of most popular songs. London's Capital FM has B-listed the track - meaning it gets just 15 plays A WEEK. On the A-list it would get twice that. 
A source at Geri's record label EMI tells me: "It's difficult to understand why the single is not being played more. It's a fast-paced classic - ideal for radio. The film will be massive. We have real worries this could scupper her chances of a No1 single.
But Geri has not given up hope. Her spokesman told me: "We have got four weeks until the song is out and we're hoping it will be on the playlist by then."

04.13.01 IDENTICAL CRISIS From Anorak

THE similarities between Liz Hurley and Pamela Anderson are nothing compared with the parallels between Geri Halliwell and Bridget Jones. 
OK! considers the likeness "almost astounding, from their complicated love lives and their reliance on self-analysis to their constant battle with their weight and eccentric family lives". 
Forget the new film with Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth - Bridget Jones really ought to be starring Geri, Chris Evans, Robbie Williams and George Michael. 
Bridget falls for and is cheated on by her boss, "the dashing but dastardly Daniel Cleaver". Geri had been let down by men before, "but it wasn't until her path crossed with media mogul Chris Evans that she met her very own 'Daniel Cleaver'," babbles OK! "Only three weeks later, Chris reportedly cheated on his new girlfriend." 
Meanwhile, "Geri's relationship with Robbie seems to mirror that of Bridget's with Mark Darcy". Although they're merely friends, "just like Bridget and Mark Darcy, Geri and Robbie might wake up one day and realise that true love and happiness have been right under their noses all along". 
"When things get rough for Bridget she often turns to her gay friend Tom for chardonnay and support," continues OK! "For Geri, that role is fulfilled by multi-millionaire singer George Michael." 
Again, Bridget and Geri are like twins separated at birth. 
Or could the real similarity between them be that the public is sick to death of the pair of them, and is hoping they'll both come to grief in some freak Stepmaster incident? . 


Well I guess you might have caught sight of me last week at the Premiere of the film "Bridget Jones’s Diary". I picked a date out of the crowd to accompany me to the film and lucky for me I was privileged to spend the evening with Edward. We had loads of fun at the after show party which was packed full of famous people and supermodels. You must go and see the film when it’s released on Friday. It’s absolutely hysterical and stars the gorgeous Colin Firth (Mr Darcy!) and Hugh Grant. Can’t make my mind up which is more lovely, but I think Hugh probably steals my heart. 
My new single, "It’s Raining Men" is in the film too and comes during the scene where the guys are fighting over Bridget, played by the beautiful Renee. If you want to hear the single and see my fab new video it's on my website - www.geri-halliwell.com. Plug plug I know, but it 's pretty good even if I say so myself!
Talking of which the single is out in 3 weeks time so between now and then you’ll be able to catch me out and about doing loads of interviews and photoshoots. In fact I’m actually doing a shoot right now for Top Of The Pops Magazine as I type. I’m dressed in some really funky gear - feel like I’m on a desert island so you’ll have to buy the mag to see more.
And now here's something that you can all get involved in. If you're a bit of a budding photographer, then here's a competiton that might suit you. If over the years you've taken pictures of me then now's your chance to show them off to us all. Just scan in your pics*, attach them to a mail and send it to news@geri-halliwell.com. We'll be putting the best one's up on the screensaver, which you can download from my website, and the best four will win a special "It's Raining Men" umbrella and a signed picture. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.
Anyway, must dash - see you soon and take care
Geri xxx
* Images should be jpeg's, preferably no larger than 100k - Please don't send prints as we cannot return them.


Geri to spend ?.5 million on new pad Geri Halliwell is hunting for a new ?.5 million home in London. Estate agents have been told to draw up a shortlist of several palatial residences in west London for the singer. They have been ordered to ensure the houses are in the Notting Hill and Holland Park areas, close to the ? million home of her close pal Robbie Williams. ‘They did tell her about one property in Highgate,?said a source. 'But the serious contenders are all in Notting Hill. She loves the area and wants to stay there - even after the burglary at her current flat.' Halliwell, 28, was distraught after the break-in at her rented flat above a shop in Notting Hill. She has not spent a night there since it was ransacked by thieves last month. According to her friend she was particularly upset by the smashing of a framed photograph of herself and Robbie Williams. ‘It wasn’t so much the burglary that made her decide to leave,continues the friend. ‘It was the fact that all the newspaper pictures of her home included the street name and plainly showed the shop that it was above. Thanks to them, there is no way that she could ever feel safe there again. 


According to the Daily Star today (April 9), Geri Halliwell, who also doubles as a 'guardian angel' for Robbie Williams, is about to save ¢G65 a day moving from the Lanesborough to the ¢G245-a-night Franklin. With the money saved, she could buy some food and maybe even a nice frock. Meanwhile, Ginger will be pleased to learn that Robbie thinks about her all the time. The Daily Star reports exclusively (it is a slow, slow morning) that while recording a performance of his new single for future broadcast on popular Saturday morning music show 'CD:UK', mad Robbie (he's a joker, you see) spied a woman in the crowd who was a "Ginger Spice lookalike". Robbie "just turned to her and asked, 'What are you doing afterwards? Do you fancy coming back to mine for a shag?'" The woman declined. It is unclear just exactly how this woman looked. The Star casually reveals she was an "older" Bendy-alike. 
While she manages to make the papers for the 130,287th consecutive day, it is another of Ginger's former Spice colleagues whose picture receives the biggest splash. A photo of Chunky Spice Mel C, taken onstage at a weekend show in LA, shows that she certainly has not been avoiding the fish suppers. With extra fries. And extra fish. 

04.11.01 GERI IS HAVING SINGING LESSONS From Sunday Mirror

Talk about six years too late. Geri Halliwell has finally swallowed her pride and admitted she's having singing lessons. "I'm learning how to go up and down at the moment," she says. Such a way with words. 


Robbie Williams mooned at teenage fans and asked an older Geri Halliwell lookalike for "a shag" as he recorded an appearance for kids TV show cd:UK. He might have been almost on his best behaviour during his candid chat on Parkinson on BBC1. But before that programme went out on Saturday night, he'd left a younger audience shocked by pulling down his trousers and underpants during the Friday afternoon taping of the top ITV kids' show which is due for screening next weekend. 
That, though, was not the end of the troubled 27-year-old's eccentric behaviour as co-hosts Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley looked on. During Robbie's performance of his latest single Let Love Be Your Energy, one particular female member of the crowd attracted his attention. Robbie has been dating Geri Halliwell since last summer. And, according to the witness, the woman was the image of his "guardian angel". But she was gobsmacked when he simply asked her if she wanted "a shag". 
The onlooker said: "She was just like Geri and that obviously suited Robbie. He didn't waste any time in telling her exactly what was on his mind. Robbie just turned to her and asked, 'What are you doing afterwards? Do you fancy coming back to mine for a shag?'" 
Although the mystery woman turned down his offer, the news is sure to irritate Geri while she's doing her best to curb Robbie's wild instincts. Her influence has helped her pal in his battles against booze and drugs. But just days ago AAA revealed how Robbie visited Stringfellows lap-dancing club in central London twice in the last fortnight. As for the mooning, that has long been a trait of Robbie's. 

04.09.01 GERI TOO LATE TO BECOME A VIRGIN From This is London

There seems to be some confusion in London's trendy Notting Hill area about what "having sex" means. Robbie Williams reckons he has had sex with Geri Halliwell. 
Geri Halliwell reckons they don't at all, or rather, I assumed that's what she meant earlier this week, when she was asked what went on between them, and replied, "If you knew, you would be so bored, it's unbelievable". But perhaps she just means he's a rubbish lay, and every time they have the "occasional shag" (his claim) she could have done with 15 minutes more sleep. 
Let's take it as read that Robbie's the fount of truth here - nobody pretends to have boned women they haven't these days. It's so 19th century. 
Well, that seems like a perfectly reasonable way to carry on. I heard that all celebrities had unspoken agreements to sleep with each other all the time, to protect one another from the evil clutches of self-serving, kiss'n'tell scheming normal people. Mind you, I also heard that Geri's definitely had liposuction, and you can tell because her tummy button was stretched where the pipe went in, and now it's really big. So maybe I shouldn't believe everything I hear. 
To return to the point - why is Geri Halliwell constantly denying any possible sexual activity? It seems like only yesterday that she was denying having sex with Chris Evans, which she only had to deny because she'd spent the week before pretending to be having sex with him, for publicity reasons which remain unclear (why would nobbing Chris Evans make people buy your new single? Sympathy?). Before that, while denying no one in particular, she conducted all interviews in a fog of pitiful excuses for celibacy, the worst of which was "I don't have time for a boyfriend". What kind of nonsense is that? How long do boyfriends take? A quick shag, as any fool knows, can be dispatched in under half an hour, and if you're famous, you don't even have to go to all the trouble of stalking anyone first.
What we're listening to here is a bad case of born-again virginity coming, naturally enough, from the only girl-band girlie with a dodgy past involving porn mags and petty criminals. Geri has a kind of sexuality-as-status thing going on, which works like this: "I had to play on my pneumatic sexuality incessantly to get famous - ergo, now that I am at the top of my career curve, I am famous enough to deny my sexuality altogether, up to and including the actual sex. Which I will still have, by the way. I will just staunchly deny it."
Am I the only one who is annoyed by this? Basically, Geri flashes her fictional celibacy like a Prada bag - as something she can afford, because of how A-list she is. And if celibacy is Prada, then having sex is, by implication, a bit high street, and having a lot of sex is Top Shop. 
And actually, she's got that all wrong. Celibacy is not Prada, it's weird. And sex is not Top Shop, it's what the whole thing's supposed to be about.

04.07.01 KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES From Anorak 

SHE struggles with her weight and has been known to binge disgracefully on lardy snacks. She can't for the life of her give up smoking. And she's a certified singleton. Sound familiar? 
If you think it's Bridget Jones, you'd be close - it's the woman who starred at last night's premiere of Bridget Jones' Diary. 
Geri Halliwell's youthful shoplifting exploits have already been covered by the tabloids, but now it's the limelight she's stealing. 
But the singer can't seem to decide whether she's Bridget Jones or Liz Hurley - at the premiere in Leicester Square, she upstaged the film's lead actress Renee Zellweger in a revealing designer number, then clung on to Hugh Grant's arm. 
Geri, whose new single It's Raining Men features in the film, tells the Express she could relate closely to Bridget. 
"At the moment I'm very much a singleton," she says. "I have so many Bridget moments. It's in the way that I talk about boys, food, exercise, dieting and just about everything else." 
Her friendship with Robbie Williams having proven she has a taste for immature men, Geri's date for the evening was a boy half her age. The Mirror reports that Geri "plucked 14-year-old Edward Spencer from the crowd to be her date". 
"I'm gobsmacked," said the student from Leicestershire. "I don't know what to say when I get back to school." 
If he's anything like most 14-year-old schoolboys, he'll be making up stories about taking Geri behind the bike shed.


GERI HALLIWELL has shed the SPICE GIRLS, some serious weight, and gone platinum! Only on ET can you catch the flavorful diva in the WORLD PREMIERE of "It's Raining Men," -- her new video from the soundtrack of the upcoming feature 'Bridget Jones's Diary,' in theaters April 13.


Edward Spencer had travelled all the way from Kibworth in Leicestershire to see the stars. 
And then he got lucky, "She was walking about shouting to the crowd `who wants a date' and I suppose I must have shouted the loudest." 
"It was amazing. I sat next to her and close to Hugh Grant and Colin Firth." 
"We spoke about the film and she was really nice. It was a great pleasure to meet her. I am a big fan of the Spice Girls." 
Halliwell's single It's Raining Men features in the film. 


GERI HALLIWELL took time out from the bash to tell me she is still on the lookout for a new pad after her burglary nightmare last month. The former Spice Girl said: "I'm homeless and I feel really insecure and paranoid about it. "I'm not going back there and I'm selling my other house so I'm still living in a hotel and it's unpleasant." Geri hugged Bridget actress Renée at the party and showed off her new Jaguar tattoo. She explained: "I had it done because my dad used to sell Jags and it reminds me of him."


Geri Halliwell gave a young fan the night of his life in London yesterday. She plucked 14-year-old Edward Spencer from the crowd outside London's Empire cinema and whisked him off on her arm to the glitzy Bridget Jones's Diary premiere inside. The young fan had travelled to the capital with his mum from Leicestershire in the hope of catching a glimpse of the stars arriving at the exclusive bash. However 28-year-old Halliwell had other ideas. Dressed in a stunning, backless, green sequined dress designed by Julien MacDonald, the singer announced to the onlookers, 'I'm looking for a man. Who wants to escort me tonight?' Clocking Edward in among the screaming crowd she pointed him out and invited him to join her. 'I'm gobsmacked,' a stunned Edward told UK tabloid The Mirror. 'I don't know what to say when I get back to school. Geri helped me over the barrier and said Let's go.' Anyone wanting to know what gossip he exchanged with Geri - Robbie Williams' very very close friend - will be disappointed. 'We didn't say much,' added Edward. 'We just watched the film.' Once inside Halliwell, who sings one of the film's songs It's Raining Men, stole the spotlight from the movie's leading stars as she was photographed with Rene Zellweger who plays Bridget and Hugh Grant who plays the dastardly Daniel. However, it wasn't all good news for the ex-Spice Girl yesterday. Fellow singer-songwriter Sonique branded her a bad example to young fans. The DJ insisted that Halliwell's new ultra-slim physique is likely to encourage girls to copy her controversial no-carbs diet. The special diet, along with a vigorous exercise routine, led to her losing over two stone in 18 months. 'It's up to Geri how she lives her life,' commented Sonique, 'but I do worry that her fans will see her as a role model and try to crash diet as well.' Sonique scoffed at claims that Halliwell has had liposuction on various parts of her body including her chin and neck. 'If Geri's done that then it's her choice but you can rest assured I won't be having any fat sucked out of my face.' Halliwell, however, is proud of her new look and shows off her slimline body dressed in a very skimpy outfit in her new Fame-inspired video. And finally, Robbie Williams, who has been romantically linked with Halliwell ever since they were first spotted together, now admits that he and Geri have enjoyed nights of passion. During yesterday's press conference to announce the items on offer at his Give It Sum auction next Tuesday, Williams jokingly told reporters, 'We are friends and we have the occasional sh*g.'

04.06.01 GERI AND ROBBIE HAVE SEX From Dotmusic

Robbie Williams has admitted his close friendship with Geri Halliwell extends to the couple occasionally having sex. 
The 27-year-old pop singer made the revelation on a radio programme while speaking frankly about other issues. 
During the programme Robbie said: "We are just friends...who have the occasional shag". 
His comments follow Geri talking candidly about sex in a recent interview, in which she said her love life goes "in fits and spurts" and that she put "quality over quantity". 
Geri also recently bought a new home near to Robbie's Notting Hill pad. 
Last summer the pair were the centre of speculation when they went on holiday in St Tropez. 
At the time they said they were just friends and shortly afterwards Robbie told a Parisian audience he was gay.

04.06.01 IT'S DRAINING MEN From The mirror

Geri Halliwell has confessed to feeling sorry for men when it comes to relationships. The former Spice Girl says sex for women is a more emotional experience than it is for blokes who are driven by animal-like desires. Geri, who has spoken out after two years in the sexual wilderness, said: "Instinctively, man was created to sow his seed and reproduce. "I think falling love is God's little trick he plays on us. " 
Although I understand sex for the sake of sex. It could and it can satisfy me but the problem with women is that our organs are in the inside, so sex is more internalised and emotional. And I do feel sorry for men." In a candid interview with next month's GQ magazine singer Geri, who lost has 28lbs in 18 months, also reveals she is entering a "sexual, spiritual revolution" and says life is "great" after the ups and down of a roller coaster few years. The star said: "I feel blessed and lucky and privileged." Talking of her celibacy she added: "It wasn't enforced. But I'd rather have a meal than a cracker. "Without going into detail about my sex life, I believe in quality not quantity. I go in fits and spurts. All or nothing. Anticipation and imagination are everything. Sex is in the head." 
Geri, who admitted in the interview that seeing the Queen naked would be "interesting", also confessed to weeing in the shower. She said: "And I peed in a cup once, left it in a dressing room and thought: 'All you liggers who are going to come backstage looking for cheap champagne can drink that.'" Geri's single It's Raining Men has has been chosen as the signature tune for the upcoming Bridget Jones film. 
The May issue of GQ is on sale tomorrow.

04.06.01 BED'N' BOARD From Daily star

Geri Halliwell trim new figure is down to sex and snowboarding. Gorgeous Geri, who is dating Robbie Williams, also believes lovemaking gets you feeling and looking good. But she had to change the title of one of the songs on her album from Feels Like Sex to Feels Like ... 
She says: "I came up against opposition from people afraid for children to hear the word sex. "And I'm using it in such a positive way! "The line goes: 'You don't have to get undressed, just because it feels like sex.' Geri, whose new single It's Raining Men is release later this month, has revealed the other activities which help keep her trim. 
She tells Marie Claire: "I've been in Switzerland, snowboarding. I've turned into a bit of a speed freak. "That was my first time. I had a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my arse. I fell over so many times and was gripped by a lot of fear. "Then I thought: 'There's different ways of getting down the mountain - let's try snowboarding.' "I love yoga because it doesn't matter what size or shape you are. "Saying that, I'm a hypocrite, because I stand in front of the mirror with weights and try and get cute abs." 
And fresh controversy has sprung up with the news that Geri won't let anyone mention the name Victoria...because she can't bear to hear about Posh. A source at a photo session for Marie Claire magazine revealed that staff were stunned when Geri told them that they were not to say the name. Geri also insisted that there were no cakes or sweets around, as she only eats steamed rice and vegetables. . 

04.06.01 GERI'S BUILT From Anorak

Billie's new six-bedroom pad could well put her old north London flat in the shade. And Jordan's new looks do cast a shadow over her former self - and much of the German airbase the Star watches her visit. 
But Geri Halliwell appears less certain. The Mail shows Geri through the ages, and concludes that "Shrinking Spice" has lost her curves. 
Weight watchers, concerned mothers of teenage girls and hormonally-charged boys are treated to a frame-by-frame montage of Geri's body through the eras. 
From that famous 1998 Stars and Stripes outfit, through the bikini in Mauritius, right up to her muscular torso of today, Geri has certainly altered. 
But is it all really a big enough deal for the Mail to beg for the return of voluptuous Geri? "Come back the bubbly, curvy Spice Girl we all loved so much," it pines. 
Perhaps at least then the paper will finally get another story - and Geri's publicity agent will have done a good job. 


"The problem with women is that their genitals are in the inside" - Geri Halliwell 
Geri Halliwell's modelling tips: instead of smiling, let out a big sigh instead to give a "natural" look. 
Geri and Posh Spice could pick up some useful tips from South American beauty queens, who make no bones about using surgery to "get that look": 

04.06.01 GERI'S CLAWS ARE OUT From ananova 

After missing out on a part in ‘Charlie’s Angels’, Geri Halliwell is determined to net a major film role and has set her sights on playing Ashley Judd`s sidekick in the recently announced ‘Catwoman’ movie. A close friend told Ananova: "Geri is desperate to start work on some good movies as soon as possible. 
"She has told her agents to concentrate on that above all else. She thinks this chance in `Catwoman` is tailormade for her."


Geri Halliwell turned heads at the premiere of Bridget Jones's Diary with a daring backless dress. And she made one young fan's night by handing over a ticket to the screening in London's Leicester Square. Stars Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger were at the European launch for the screen version of Helen Fielding's novel. Halliwell arrived in a backless, one shoulder Julien MacDonald creation and wandered around greeting fans outside the Empire cinema before handing over a spare ticket. Inside the cinema, Halliwell - who provides the song It's Raining Men for the soundtrack - embraced Zellweger and handed over a handmade bracelet. The actress looked delighted with the beaded bangle, which she showed off and was inscribed with the words "so hip it hurts". Halliwell's appearance conjured up memories of earlier Hugh Grant premieres where his ex-lover Liz Hurley stole the show with her incredible outfits. Seven years ago, she wore a Versace dress at the launch of Four Weddings and a Funeral and five years later repeated the feat for Notting Hill. Halliwell says she is a big fan of the Bridget Jones books: "I completely identify with the girl. I have read both books."

04.06.01 GERI AS CAT GIRL? 

Geri Halliwell is keen to don a leather cat suit to play Catwoman's sidekick in a new movie, according to reports. The role of Catwoman will be played by Ashley Judd, and the former Spice Girl is said to be keen to audition for the role of her sidekick. The ?0 million 'Batman' spin-off will be filmed in California later this year, meaning Geri would have to take time out from promoting her new album, should she be successful. Geri's comeback single, a cover of 'It's Raining Men' features on the soundtrack to 'Bridget Jones' Diary', and is released on April 30. It will be followed by her second solo album, 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster'.

04.05.01 ALL'S WELL THAT HALLLIWELL From Anorak and Geri Italia

AN in-depth interview with Geri Halliwell might seem something of an oxymoron. 
But here she is in this week's edition of OK! talking all about motherhood, the Spice Girls, fame and naked photos - while posing astride a pile of boxers (the athletes, not the underwear). 
When her Notting Hill flat was burgled recently, Geri was said to be "terrified that the burglary was the work of a crazed stalker, as the intruders scrawled obscene messages on the star's walls and drenched furniture in Ribena and milk". Clearly the work of a crazed stalker and not, say, of a hyperactive toddler. 
While recovering from the invasion of her treasured personal space, Geri lets the OK! journalists ransack her brain. "Emotionally I'm so underdeveloped, but in other ways I'm overdeveloped," she says. 
Perhaps referring to one of these ways, she acknowledges the role naked photography has played in her rise to fame: "It shaped me and got me where I am." 
Being emotionally immature, Geri says she's not ready for children and is practicing for parenthood on her dog Harry. "Get a plant, then a dog, then a baby," she recommends. Does this mean that Robbie Williams, as Harry's predecessor, qualifies as some kind of vegetable? 
The former Spice Girl also admits to being "unconfident as a singer" but believes she has a God-given gift for songwriting. 
"If God had wanted me to be an accountant, he would have made me good at numbers, but I think I'm good at writing pop songs."
Burglaries aside, things are going well for the songstress. "I'm starting to feel a bit respected, which is unbelievable," she says. You said it, Geri.

04.05.01 GERI'S £2.5 MILLION FORT From Megastar

SINGER Geri Halliwell is to splash out £2.5m on a new home close to her boyfriend Robbie Williams. 
But before moving in, she will make sure the house is fitted with the toughest security systems her fortune can buy. 
The former Spice Girl was a burglary victim at her rented flat in the trendy Notting Hill area of west London two weeks ago. 
Despite that, 28-year-old Geri wants to buy a town house in the same area and has put her Berkshire country mansion up for sale. 
She has already started looking at properties and wants to buy as soon as possible so she can move out of her temporary home at a swish hotel. 
The singer is desperate to be in Notting Hill so she can be close to Robbie, the most important man in her life. 
But she is determined not to be hit by burglars again and will be splashing out on the best security systems money can buy, including video surveillance equipment, lighting and alarms. 
Last night one of her pals said: "Geri still wants to buy in Notting Hill - to be near Robbie. 
"But as a result of the break-in, she's going to make sure her new home has the most up-to-date security equipment on the market. It will be absolutely top-notch." 
Geri's current flat is a quarter of a mile from Robbie's and just 100 yards from the huge house he is having renovated before moving in. 
Geri has rented the apartment since the autumn, but moved out after it was raided last month while she was away in Paris. Gear worth £80,000 was taken. 
Her computer and hi-fi systems were nicked, along with a diamond necklace which had previously belonged to screen legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor. 
Afterwards, Geri spoke of her horror at finding her flat trashed. She said: "It was a truly terrifying experience. My heart dropped when I realised what had happened. I just felt so violated by it." 
But the experience hasn't put her off the area. 
The pal said: "Despite the break-in, Geri does love that part of London and obviously she wants to remain as close as possible to Robbie. 
"He's the most important man in her life and she's his guardian angel, so it's no wonder they want to be near each other. 
"Ideally, she wants to buy a place in Notting Hill to be near Robbie. But if she doesn't find anything she likes, she will also look at homes in Hampstead." 
If Geri had to settle for the Hampstead area, two miles to the east of Notting Hill, it could lead to a spot of embarrassment between her and the neighbours. 
The singer, who quit the Spice Girls in May 1998, could find herself bumping into two of her former bandmates. 
Sporty Spice Mel C and Baby Spice Emma Bunton both have homes in the area and are regularly seen out and about in Hampstead's chic shops and restaurants. 
Last week, Emma revealed how she and Geri had not spoken since she quit the band almost three years ago. 
Other celebs living in the Hampstead area include Nicole Appleton, her boyfriend Liam Gallagher and her sister Natalie. 

04.05.01 YOGA KILLS!!!! From Biz Bits

SUPER-SLIM Geri Halliwell is cheekily getting her own back on critics who have said her dieting is too severe. She's been seen around London sporting a T-shirt saying: "Yoga Kills."

04.05.01 TALES FROM THE TABLOIDS From Music 365

NOTW claims GERI HALLIWELL has had over £10,000 worth of fat-reducing plastic surgery on her chin, neck, tummy and legs... 
Since her London home was burgled, GERI HALLIWELL is scared to stay at home and has booked herself into a ultra-chic London hotel which will cost her £1,600 a night... 


Singer addicted to tobacco 
Geri Halliwell has taken up chain-smoking in order to check her appetite and stay slim. She has been spotted in a number of top London nightspots smoking pack after pack of cigarettes, which are known to act as an appetite suppressant. The waif-like singer has battled in the past with bulimia and has attended Overeaters Anonymous meetings. Halliwell has recently become a fitness fanatic and has been seen in a number of newspapers flaunting her newly skinny body. But, like many others obsessed with their weight, the former Spice Girl is said to have taken to ‘puffing away like a chimney’, according to fellow diners at London’s Nobu. Chain-smoking is popular among those concerned about their weight, especially young women. Experts are concerned that Geri has simply switched from one compulsion, overeating, to another, tobacco. And her friend Robbie Williams is doing nothing to help his pal cut down – he is said to have a 40-a-day habit. A source close to Geri said: ‘It’s possible that she’s got a problem; her smoking really does seem to be getting out of hand.' 

04.03.01 GERI'S HOTEL BILLS From News Of The World

Geri Halliwell has to spend over £200,000 on bills for the hotel she has been staying in due to the fear she now has to stay in her own home. She is terified by the recent burglary at her Notting Hill place so she's booked herself into an ultra-chic London hotel for three months. The one-bedroom suite she shares with her dog Harry costs £1,600 a night, which doesn't include other necessities such as laundry, cleaning, and other everday services. The hotel bill might seem a little expensive but Geri take advantage of the 24 hour butler service, personalized stationary, computer, cd player, dvd player, hotel gym and health club, use of a digital film and music library, and fresh fruit sent up to her room each day. 
A close pal said: "She's got more than enough money for the hotel. And it makes more sense than buying another home".