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Geri Halliwell releases her yoga video

Ever since Geri ‘did a Geri’ she’s provided a worthy conversation topic for girls nights out and gossip mags across the nation. And just as public feeling reaches an all-time ‘Geri in minute pants and vest combo’ boredom low... she gets the video out. Welcome to Geri Yoga. 

Indeed, as if we needed anymore reminding, a certain Ms. Halliwell shed a few pounds a while back and smartened up her act a touch. And now she’s all sleek and shiny it’s only right that she cashes in, sorry shares the secrets of her skinny success. Geri Yoga to the rescue (because like, honest that’s how she got this way. Daily six-mile runs and freaky diets? No, no, no). 

To cut to the chase the divine ex-Ginger (also found in the spoken word (well if she isn’t she should be) section of Virgin Megastores, HMV and other fine music retailers) has streamlined her regime into an easy to follow 90-minute tape. Devised by Geri’s personal yoga teacher, Katy Appleton this is an excellent, general introduction to Hatha Yoga with step-by-step explanations of the postures. It also includes an interview with the incredible shrinking woman on the amazing effect yoga has had on her life, self-esteem and confidence. 

Cue hundreds of girls warming up for their asanas and a conspicuous lack of men buying it for their birds a la Cindy Crawford’s effort – seems they liked Halliwell more when she had tits. Never mind Gezza, you can’t win ‘em all. 

Available to buy from 29th October. 

Emma Howarth.