- Lift me up : From Dotmusic

Imagine fresh faced youngsters, bathed in sunshine, waving at their neighbours as a smiling woman is pulled along a breezy, but spotlessly clean pavement by her dog while the local bus driver beeps his horn and waves and the mean old hag across the road tuts before slamming her door in disgust. Yes It's daytime TV opening credits land and the opening strains of 'Lift Me Up' fit it perfectly.

Meanwhile Geri takes a deep breath and delivers a smokers' octave, husky drawl that is pleasant, nice, lovely - all those words they hate you using in English lessons at school. 'Lift Me Up' won't see its chart chances harmed any by the burst of publicity this week surrounding the biggest Ginger sex fest since Steve Davis got it on with Bianca from Eastenders (I might have dreamt that), so expect a huge hit.

When are they going to release 'Bag It Up' as a single incidentally?

Andy Strickland