- Bag it up: From Dotmusic

The track from 'Schizophonic' that dotmusic originally tipped as the album's biggest hit, Geri's Brits performance did justice to this big, brassy, 'Boogie Nights' pastiche.

The most obvious disco dance floor filler of the lot, 'Bag It Up' contains the usual tarnished girl power exclamations and exhortations to 'the girls' that Geri clings to against all odds. It is amazing that someone who as an artist is so seemingly directionless still maintains such scary devotion from her disciples - hey we've got the emails to prove it.

When she finally buries the ghost of Ginger, rather than crimping the life out of her hair, then she may be able to finally launch her solo career proper as a grown-up woman. That will be a great day for Geri. At the moment we're stuck with the oldest teenager in town doing what she used to do best - and people buying it by the bucketload.

Still not as good as 'Boogie Nights' though.

Andy Strickland