- It's raining men : From Dotmusic

Imagine if it did really rain men. Or women. Either way it would bloody hurt. Slightly less painful than getting caught in a downpour of twelve stone humans without an umbrella is Geri's watered down rendition of of the Weather Girls' camp disco classic, as featured on the soundtrack to Bridget Jones's Diary.

The strings swoop and stab, the Hi-NRG disco beats bounce along with just enough oomph and the gospelly backing singers do their bit. It's just that Geri's vocals -as sassy as she likes to think she is- are flat and lifeless compared to the gutsy soulful delivery of the original.

A pretty pointless exercise really, but no doubt those who haven't heard the 1983 original will lap this up. It's a shame really cos Geri's first post-Spice single 'Look At Me' was a classic pop tune which promised so much.

Cyd Jaymes