Geri's philosophy into catchy phrases

" GIRL POWER!!!!!! "

"Every accomplished ambition is a dream that's dying."

"Sometimes I am crap! But as you get older you learn that you really can't make everybody like you"

"I'm so into dogs. They're such good company. I do dog speak to them. I go, Arf arf; and Harry goes, Arf arf; back to me. I've become that sad!"

"If anybody can connect with me, that's great and I'm flattered. But I'm not the most beautiful girl, I'm not the smartest, and I'm going to make mistakes so I wouldn't want anyone to think they should do everything I do!"

"People shouldn't cave in to demands to lose their virginity - your mind needs to be ready and it's something you should really think about."

"Sometimes I think I'd really like some love in my life, and sometimes I think I want sex, but it's about more than that. It's about compassion, affection, company and someone to cuddle. When I was 14 and girls would snog three boys in a night- I didn't - but as you become older you have more reservations about letting someone get close to you."

"When men are angry, they have a good old punch up. But women are so much more emotional, so much more internal. I think it's because our sex organs are on the inside and men's are on the outside."

"Look at Me is about how we're all obsessed with our public image and I think it's bullshit. We all get so caught up in how we look and we're all victims of that whole thing and I just think it's crap and we should be bigger than that."

"I'm not motivated all the time. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed. But then the next day you do something that makes you feel great - that's why you do it. Performing is the thing that does it for me. You are normally too tired to do stuff after a show."

"If you walk into an environment and think that you're equal then you will be. But if you feel slightly inadequate and inhibited by the opposite sex than that's something you have to deal with."

"Imperfection is a sign of individuality."

"Some time ago someone compared me to Fergie - what a cheekiness. I don't look like Miss Piggie!"

"I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body"

"Many women just want to keep their image and don't want to make any mistakes - the others are the lucky ones!"

"Music is the soundtrack to our lives"

"When I left the Spice Girls I suffered from depressions. I cried every weekend because nobody was there - except my dog Harry!"

"If anyone you know says something negative about you, of course if hurts because you want everyone to like you."

"As long as you're a good person and you have integrity, you will always get what you deserve."

"The best speakers, the best actors, the best performers, the best politicians aren't necessarily the most qualified. They are the ones who are just honest. That's what I think."

"My idea of luck means complete inner peace. Prejudices and narrow-mindedness are the worst things I can imagine."

"No two people see events the same way"

"If only there was a world with no pain, only love... If only there was no fear, If Only"