"My earliest memory is of being in my buggy and saying 'hello' to people on the other side of the road as I was being pushed down the street. One of my first words was 'actually' and everyone really laughed at me when I said it. and my nickname when I was very young was Cacitas, which means 'little poos' in spanish, because i was always on the toilet'

" I was friends with loads of kids in the street. I often played with a little spanish boy up the road called Robert. We used to satre at page 3 together and giggle. I played knock down Ginger with the street kids and i was in a gang with my brother and my friends, called the Daredevil Gang. We used to climb on the neighbours roofs and then jum off them. One day I saw one of my neighbours naked while I was standing on his coal bunker. I often sat on the doorstep outside my house and wrote poems. I was very good at rhyming. In school , we all had to write our own little store and I created a character MB out of two letters and a smile. After that, I began to see the letters everywhere and MB became a kind of imaginary friend. It's funny to think that his initials were the same as Melanie Brown's"

"Because my mother was a Jehovah's witness when i was younger and we didn't celebrate Christmas. It felt a little weird at schools becasue everyone else was celebrating Christmas and we weren't. I never believed in Father Christmas from the start because no-one really told me about him"

"When the Spice Girls first started out. I didn't really say much about it to my friends and family. They'd been through my past plans and schemes with me and I just thought it would be better to see where it went, although I moved straight down to Maidenhead and though myslef into it."