If you missed Geri Halliwell's recent exclusive chat with Ant, Dec and Cat or if you just fancy seeing such a top bit of telly all over again, you can read the interview in full right here.

Cat: Why did you decide to release a cover of The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men?
Geri: Well, I actually didn't decide. It was really odd because I was all ready to go with my new album. I had the single, I had the video idea all ready and then the producers of the movie said to me, 'do you want to record It's Raining Men for the soundtrack?' I thought it would be fun and I love Bridget Jones cos I've read both books and so I just did it really quickly. They all loved it and wanted it to be a single and I thought it was a bit of a gift, so I released it.

Ant: Is there anything else you'd like to achieve before you turn 30?
Geri: Well, I've got two years to do it! Let me see, get married at least twice, have 10 kids, be happily divorced and another few albums and a world tour ... and maybe have a day off in between!

Dec: We've had an anonymous question sent in for you saying, 'My 13 year-old daughter is obsessed with her weight to the point that I am worried she may have developed an eating disorder. You've admitted to having battled with this yourself when you were younger. What advice, if any, would you have for her?
Geri: Oh, it's such a tough one because I think for girls it's really common, the whole 'does my bum look big in this?' thing. But it's whether you take it to an extreme. There's no right or wrong but for me, I've struggled with this for years and so now what I do is just eat three meals a day and I cut out sugar cos that sort of sets me off a bit. But just eat healthily. Diets for me do not work because then you can swing from dieting to over-eating. The best thing is to be honest about it, that's the key. Just talk about it with your friends or your mum.

Dec: But starvation certainly isn't the answer.
Geri: It does not work because you're on your way to the other end so I really wouldn't do that. Starving makes you fat in the end because your metabolism changes.

Cat: It's rumoured that you used a body double for parts of your new video. Is this true?
Geri: OK right. I'm going to show you that I can do the splits so that everyone can make their own minds up. I might have had a little help here and there but that's it.

Ant: At the premier for Bridget Jones's Diary it was reported you took a fan along as your date. What actually happened?
Geri: A girlfriend was meant to come with me and she couldn't at the last minute so I had this spare ticket in my bag. Do you remember Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? Well I just thought, 'How cool would it be if I turned up and said to someone, 'do you want to come?'' I just saw this little guy there and his eyes were all shining and I said, 'Do you want to come with me?'

Ant: Was he over the moon?
Geri: He certainly was! He was a bit gobsmacked. He had a great time.
Dec: Did he buy you a hotdog or anything?
Geri: No, he didn't actually.
Dec: What a lousy date!

Interview: Courtesy of cd:uk

It's Raining Men is currently No 1 in the official worldpop-sponsored charts. Geri Halliwell's second solo album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster is out on Monday 14 May.