Geri Nickelodeon AOL Chat

This is a transcript from a very short chat Geri did on AOL on Nickelodeon's Birthday Bash, late June 1999.

Note: NickEmcee was AOLs host, CsnSkeetr some other guest at the chat, Geri's answers are bold

NickNite1: Geri's here!!!
NickEmcee: Thanks for coming by Meagan
NickNite1: Hi, Geri!!!!
NickNite1: You look GREAT!
NickNite1: How are you feeling tonight?
StarAtNick: Geri: Great!! I'm excited to be here in America and to be able to see
StarAtNick: you guys!
CsnSkeetr: Yo, Geri, what's up?
NickEmcee: Geri: You're my favorite singer and I love your new CD!
NickEmcee: What are you going to do this summer?
StarAtNick: Geri: I think I'll be coming back to America promoting this album
StarAtNick: and coming around your house for a cup of tea!
NickEmcee: Geri, how did you come up with a cool song like look at me?
StarAtNick: Geri: I wrote that song how we shouldn't be obsessed what we look like
StarAtNick: it's more important what's on the inside!
CsnSkeetr: Geri, I'm huge in the States. You ever seen my show?
StarAtNick: Geri: Nope.
StarAtNick: Geri: Sorry!
NickEmcee: Geri, do you still have all your shoes?
StarAtNick: Geri: I sold them all off to raise money for kids with cancer.
StarAtNick: I've got maybe a couple of pairs left.
CsnSkeetr: You don't know what you're missin. I'll teach you to dance.
StarAtNick: Flat is a little bit more practical.
NickEmcee: We have time for one more question....
StarAtNick: Geri: Thank you, I need all the help I can get!
StarAtNick: Geri: A good friend of mine bought me a watch.
CsnSkeetr: Yo, Geri, I'm from Atlanta, but I can speak British.
StarAtNick: It was my favorite birthday present.
StarAtNick: Geri: What's the difference, Skeeter? I can speak Atlantic!
NickEmcee: Geri, how long did your latest album take u to make?
StarAtNick: Geri: I wrote it from start to finish from the beginning of last summer
StarAtNick: up until Christmas and I put my heart and soul into it. And the idea
StarAtNick: is that it should keep you company if you feel lonely or need a lift up
StarAtNick: hopefully even your mothers will like this because I sing about women's things.
NickEmcee: Do you ever become friends with fans??Like actual friends!!!
StarAtNick: Geri: Yes, the other day there were some kids outside my house
StarAtNick: and I invited them in for a cup of tea and we had a chat.
StarAtNick: I consider all of my fans my friends.
StarAtNick: Geri: Maybe Skeeter will be my friend!
CsnSkeetr: You sound like a nice person. I'm a fan. Even if you've never seen me
NickEmcee: Skeeter and Geri: What kind of music do you guys like?
StarAtNick: Geri: Anything that has got a good heart and good rhythm and a good melody.
StarAtNick: I like my music!
CsnSkeetr: I like Geri's music. Make sure she knows I said that.
StarAtNick: i like the rug rats ive go to go now so i want to send everyone a big fat kiss
CsnSkeetr: Send me one!
StarAtNick: goodbye and thanks to all that have supported me ciao
NickEmcee: Thanks Geri