Smash Hits Article/Interview August 25th 1999

What jolly holidays has Geri Halliwell been on over past few summers?
She tells all to a bikini-clad Jordan Paramor...

We join Geri on a scorching hot day as she lies on a big picnic blanket in her back
garden, basking in the sun. Next to her lies her friend Denise - who's just touched
up Geri's roots - and her devoted dog Harry. Catching some rays in the garden with
her mates is Geri's favourite way to spend a day. But have all the summer holidays
she's had been fab? Does she go topless on the beach? And what's all this about
her and Mel G tying men up?

Where did you go on holiday as a nipper?
Ooh, we used to go to my grandma's house in Spain. We'd go for about
six weeks and get really fat because my gran used to cook us fantastic
food. And we'd climb the mountains, which was lovely. And my dad
always used to take me down to Southend and he'd always get lost on
the way, hahaha.

What kinda holidays do you prefer - wild and crazy or lovely
and relaxing?
I like to lie there and be a complete flop. I can go out, but I like tacky
nightclubs where you don't have to be cool. I like places that don't try
hard. The problem with going on busy holidays is that you need another
holiday to get over them.

If you could jet off anywhere right now, where would you go?
I normally go to George's (that's George Michael, don'tcha know!) in St
Tropez. It's lovely and I know it's safe, I can relax and not worry about
photographers and stuff.

What's been your best holiday ever?
I had a really great one... um... (pauses) I had a really great one with
Mel B actually. We went to Gran Canaria many years ago and that was
really nice. It was really fun, we had a good time. I had another really
good one with the rest of the Spice Girls as well. We went to Maui and it
was my birthday. We were just hanging out like a girl gang. (Smiles.) It
was nice.

Who'd be your ideal companion?
Someone who's got the right attitude. Someone that's really easy-going
and you don't have to speak to all the time. (Excited) I'll tell you who is
brilliant to be with, George's boyfriend Kenny. If you want to be loud he
can be loud, but if you want to just lie there, he'll just lie there and chill
out with you. He's great.

Have you ever had a holiday disaster?
Yep, I went to Barbados and they told me that the hotel would be really
secluded. But when I got there and the balcony was 100 yards from the
main road and I had someone filming me on my balcony and it was just
so awful. I mean can you imagine it? You're just sitting there in your
bikini and... (gasps) oh my goooood, someone's filming you. I came
home after two days holiday because I didn't like it. It totally spoilt it for

Do you go topless on the beach?
I have to be a little bit wary and because of photographers and stuff like
that. But it's not just that, I don't actually find going topless very
practical. You know, if you're running around and that. I think being
topless can look fantastic if you've got small breasts, but if you're well
endowed it's not very good if you want to move about. So I'd rather just
strap them up, to be honest with you!

Is it true you tied a club promoter to a tree an holiday?
Yes, that is true, but he was actually a hotel manager. That was on the
holiday with Mel B. This guy said he'd keep the disco open until 2am, but
he tried to close it at midnight, so we handcuffed him to the nearest tree.
We were quite wild then.

Can you build good sandcastles?
I'm not bad. But I prefer burying people, and I like being buried. It may
holiday sound a bit twisted, but I like it!

What do you love about lying on the beach?
I like watching people walk up and down the beach. I don't really go in
the sea anymore because I'm a bit frightened of it these days. Ever
since I nearly drowned last year (Geri was whitewater rafting for Comic
Relief), I've got a fear of water. When I shot , the video for Mi Chico
Latino the sea was really rough but I had to try stay still while they
filmed, which was really difficult. And also they kept on raking the sand
and when I asked why they said it was because of litter but they told me
afterwards was because of (shocked) jellyfish.

What are your five holiday essentials?
Some sunblock to put on my nose otherwise it goes bright red. A really
good novel, so if your flight is delayed you can get absorbed in it. I
always take a long linen shirt that can double up as a nightie and,
suntan lotion. And I'd better take a bikini, hadn't I?

Who would you most like to kiss in the summer sun?
(Goes uncharacteristically coy) I'm not telling you. There someone but
I'm not going to tell you who. I have to have some secrets you know,