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Read all about Geri as a judge in popstars. The release of Just for the record and more. Click Here.
AUGUST 2002:
Geri as a judge in Popstars. Geri's 30th birthday celebration and more. Click Here
JULY 2002:
Geri and George Michael are friends again according to the press. Click Here
JUNE 2002:
Geri attends an UN meeting in New York. Rumours about Geri pursuing a Hollywood career and more. Click Here
MAY 2002:
Rumours about Geri and Mel B being friends again...Geri has the best abs according to a poll. Click Here
APRIL 2002:
First reports of Geri's new book coming out. Geri's fashion frenzy at Britannia Awards and some rumours about the Spice Girls. Click Here
MARCH 2002:
Geri says she'd be teaching if she wasn't a singer... Posh claws Geri in a song. Geri buying a new house and more. Click Here
Some information about Geri's dog... Enrique Iglesias snubs Geri?? and More. Click Here.
Geri says she won't be at Brits. Spice Girls scooter promotion raised on appeal. .Rumors about the Spice Girls coming back together and much more. Click Here
Calling enters the charts at #7. Robbie snubs Geri. Some rumours about Geri being paid for Oman trip and more. Click Here
Calling was released. Geri was nominated for the song of the year. Ginger spice quit without warning, court hears and more. Click Here
Geri's interview for G.A.Y.  Geri's concert in Oman for the British troops. Geri Yoga and all about Geri's exclusive sex chat online. Click Here
Geri launches breast cancer awareness month, Geri heading for the middle east. Victoria blames Geri for her eating disorder and more. Click Here
AUGUST 2001:
Scream if you wanna go faster is released and hits the #8. Geri is the hottest Spice on the net according to Lycos. Geri celebrates 29th Birthday with closer friends. Click Here
JULY 2001:
Geri goes to war, Geri's Rome rope, Geri's pooch to get a TV ad role, Geri steals Victoria's video idea?? and more. Click Here
JUNE 2001:
Geri on top of the world. Geri attacks photographer, Geri is waiting to get into therapy and more. Click Here
MAY 2001:
Geri's second album is released and hits the #5 spot.  George Michael's furious attack, Geri goes into politics and sings at Blair's bash. More and More.. Click Here
APRIL 2001:
Geri's number one with It's raining men. her new single also featured in Bridget Jones' Diary soundtrack, Geri lives in a hotel. Geri's new single snubbed by radio dj's and more.. Click Here
MARCH 2001:
Geri is selling her country mansion,  the dirty past of the bodyguard, Geri's London house was ransacked. Geri admits speeding in court and is banned from driving. More and more Click Here
Spice Girls, lose out and appeal,  Front page apology to Geri due to tabloid's mistake, Rumors about Geri's upcoming album and single and more. Click Here.
Geri's film-starring debut delayed, Geri is helping Robbie, Geri glides into swiss role and more. Click Here